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  1. Ashley Cole

    Arsenal are perilously short in cover in defence and appear to be in need of cash to bolster it. Reyes is a goner and will probably pull in £12 Million (but will it be a single payment ?) and they can't afford to give Cole the sort of contract he wants. So if he doesn't leave, they have a disgruntled player that will pick up his wages and run down his contract. Whether he does this on the bench or not is irrelevant. He's costing them money by being there (existing wages and a decreasing sale value) and his presence will surely cause disruption if he has to be picked because of the injuries to Clichy and the need to have Flamini in a more central midfield position (due to lack of cover). Injuries could hit them hard if they come quickly. And I hope they do.
  2. John Terry

    quote:Originally posted by nickfootie5How on earth did this post past the mods?! id="quote"> id="quote"> Care to expand on that ?
  3. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by MARK KELLYHmmm tough one to call this. ...other supporters slag us off (not that I'm bothered) about spending silly amounts on players and now the gooners are all slagging us off for digging our heels in! They can't have it both ways. id="quote"> id="quote">The Football 365 Mailbox is filled with idiots moaning that we spend a fortune on players so should spend a fortune on Ashley Cole. Just because we bought SWP, Essien and Drogba for +£20 Million doesn't mean that Arsely Cole is worth that. Don't these people realise that he's a left-back ? He's not a 20 goal a season striker or a flair player or a midfield power house, so why should we pay over-the-odds simply because we are Chelsea ? I still think he'll come though. This ain't over by a long shot and I love it that David Dein has probably ground his teeth down to the roots. Also nice to see Antonio 'Club Record' Reyes is off to Real. Holes in the crowd and on the pitch at Cashburden Grave. Brilliant.
  4. John Terry

    Well done JT. You deserve it. quote:Originally posted by RedwhiteandnotblueI hope Gerrard announces his international retirement soon. id="quote"> id="quote">I hope the self-orientated, incoherent idiot retires from football permanently. And he can take that tw*t Jamie "Eh?" Carragher with him.
  5. John Terry

    quote:Originally posted by Richard RedmondThe only "complete" player I ever saw was Winston Bogarde. id="quote"> id="quote">You actually saw him ! Now that is a rare occurence ; ) I heard he was allergic to grass...........but he's Dutch : D.
  6. New Kits

    quote:Originally posted by KezzaHate to say it but Liverpool's look much better than ours. I really like their polo tee styled collar. Never liked the collar of our kits. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y161/sale...fchomeshirt.jpg id="quote"> id="quote">Carlsberg: Possibly The Most Disgusting 'Beer' In The World
  7. John Terry

    JT is Chelsea but he's certainly not 'the complete player' (a highly over-used phrase in my opinion). Ronaldinho is certainly not one either (if such a thing exists).
  8. Ashley Cole

    This has been mentioned before. Could it be true ? Well, lets hope England are knocked out in Round 2 so we don't have to wait to long.
  9. John Terry

    Sorry Robbie but that was about 2/3 days ago.
  10. Frank Arnesen

    Total trash.
  11. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by Duffo The Bear...we may even recoup the money we spent on him when we sell him. That would be a first for the Abramovich era. id="quote"> id="quote">We made money on Kezman.
  12. Chelsea Finances Thread

    quote:Originally posted by Toby BrownThey are looking to line their pockets, Roman has no need. id="quote"> id="quote">That pretty much nails it.
  13. Didier Drogba

    Bazza not posted yet ? I'm sure he'll have a few tuppence to share about this story.
  14. Chelsea Finances Thread

    quote:Originally posted by fradWhy do Liverpool fans travel through Europe with flags like "18+5"? id="quote"> id="quote">I hear its an IQ thing.
  15. Chelsea Finances Thread

    quote:Originally posted by DonkeysEars Ballack for example is supposed to be on around £200k a week which works out as £10m alone on his salary. id="quote"> id="quote">Surely the best yet ! Do we have any takers for £250k ? £250k, Ladies and Gentlemen. Going once..... quote: As I say, I'm not trying to claim anything about your wage bill.... id="quote"> id="quote">Evidently !