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  1. Official: Frank Lampard Sacked As Chelsea Head Coach

    Nothing to do with left-wing philosophy, ( I don't think you really meant theology did you)? No, I only meant that, as Mark said, if it eventually comes to dismissals, then that will result in another very large post-managerial payoff and, given that Frank would certainly name Chelsea as his favourite club, then he might, if he were the unquestionably honourable man some take him to be, and if he privately felt that he had been a significant contributor to his own downfall, not hang out for a large severance package himself, since he clearly doesn’t need the money. There could also be an agreed, honourable, payoff package by the two parties of course. Just a thought and definitely nothing to do with theology! Where did you get that from?
  2. Official: Frank Lampard Sacked As Chelsea Head Coach

    If it does come to having to dismissing Frank and his team Mark, then given that Frank is very wealthy, ( practically 70 million I believe), then, given that he also has a reputation for being an honourable person, should he actually resign, rather than go down the well worn “I'm not a quitter” route, as a ruse to securing his pay-off? What d'ya think?
  3. Official: Frank Lampard Sacked As Chelsea Head Coach

    Indeed! Ex-Wolves man. Was always a very reliable finisher for them in fact.
  4. Official: Frank Lampard Sacked As Chelsea Head Coach

    Excellent! Thanks Asva..
  5. Media / Press

    Yes indeed.
  6. Media / Press

    And which is an “argument” with no underlying logical basis.
  7. Media / Press

    Well I clearly didn’t say that. I only made the observation that the idea of a woman coach managing a men’s team was not out of the question. If not now, then eventually.
  8. Media / Press

    OK, I agree that changes the question by making it more specific. If we make it absolutely specific to our current situation then that amounts to us asking the question might it be possible for Emma to be better as a coach than Frank. I don't know, but she does have a good track record in her own domain obviously. If it were to happen now then it would be groundbreaking clearly and, therefore, likely to be confronted by a reactionary response from our team. But over time and in a more general sense? The game has adjusted to the idea of women officiating in the men's senior sport, so maybe it's not out of the question that a woman might one day become a coach?
  9. Media / Press

    I didn’t introduce it. With respect to the central point I see no reason in principal why a woman couldn't be talented enough in terms of tactical acumen and strategic nous to manage a man's team. The differences between men and women in sport are predominately to do with physicality rather than anything else. If you look at Track & Field Athletics, an Olympic champion in the men’s event is obviously likely to beat his female counterpart and the difference will be because of the physically superior male organism and not the quality of the coaching they've received. But we're not talking about a woman playing in the men's sport here. We're thinking about the idea of a suitably clued-up woman coaching and/or managing a team of men and therefore the same physical barriers needn't apply.
  10. Media / Press

    Yep, and even more so Australia.
  11. Media / Press

    Netball is the far bigger sport globally for women
  12. Media / Press

    It's an interesting observation m'lord and I do agree that ability with respect to team management and strategic deployment need not require experience of having played the game personally, whether as a man or a woman. After all, wasn't that the case for JM and others, who had no significant experience as players and yet made successful managers?
  13. Media / Press

    Yep! Well done Roman.
  14. Official: Frank Lampard Sacked As Chelsea Head Coach

    Well here's an article from The Independent this morning to add to the speculation: And here's another of somewhat more speculative nature I'd say. Mind you, it is en Francais:
  15. Media / Press

    Yeh, great character was Tommy. He also managed Derby for a while and in one season, by the time it got to a game over Xmas, he'd already used nearly 20 different players in the team. As they were leaving the dressing room he allegedly said, “well good luck lads, whoever you are”.