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  1. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    That's going to be a full house then.
  2. Media / Press

    I need a cliche like I need hole in the head. ๐Ÿ˜œ
  3. New Kits

    No I'm Sparticus.
  4. New Kits

    Not keen myself.
  5. Squad Status: 2021/22 Season

    I must admit to not being a fan of RLC so we have a difference of opinion. The rest about the academy is just wrong for me. Who have we let through our fingers from the academy? No one. They are all playing at a decent level but below ours. No problem letting them go. We have got some good prospects at the moment. It'll be interesting if any of them make it big at a top team without getting a go here first. If they're good enough they will make it here. IMO.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    In your opinion.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    We all know that you are a fan of JOM Droy and a lot a what you say is correct. But you never highlight his deficiencies, his lack of mobility, he let the play pass him by regularly. He often just jogged back instead of getting back quickly. I'm not anti Mikel and I like him as a player, he could protect the ball well, but his time was up. Not the best DM we've had but not the worst either.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    That was the best and most entertaining page of this entire thread. Cheers boys. Take a bow!
  9. Musical Tastes

    Not a typo I hope.๐Ÿ˜ฌ
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Isn't that the definition of a wink?
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    After yesterday's performance I'm not even sure Morata is. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    My thoughts on this,and it is only my view, is that the appointment of Sarri marks a shift in the way we work as a club. Since RA arrived we've appointed top managers who have been been told that success is their raisin d'รชtre and if they fall short of that then off you pop. I think that Sarri has been told that his priority is to get us to change our way of playing to get a more attractive attacking style without the pressure of winning everything. I don't think (unless we totally bomb) that he will be sacked this year. If RA sees an improvement in our play even if we come up short in results I reckon we will see him back the manager with players who will fit the system as it will be then. When that happens then Sarri is gonna have to really work for his job. Just my happy clappy take on things you understand. Hippy out.โœŒ
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I've said on many occasions that I find the transfer window with its endless rumours/click bait as boring as watching paint dry. What is worse is the post after post stating that we have no plan B. We as mere mortals have no idea, have never had any idea and probably will never have any idea what is going on. That does not mean that there is nothing going on. I am happy to wait until we something concrete to chat about. It may go well, it may well not but its not worth my time trying to blame anyone for it. I'll probably be called a happy clappy happy clappy type by boringboring but I'd rather that than go with the vitriol aimed at Marina or latterly Emalano.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    I do believe every word the Mail print. It's just when they put them together in some sort of order is when I have a problem.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Fantastic typo Ham. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    I like Nick Pope of Burnley. English and would be relatively cheap.
  18. Media / Press

    That's going too far Droy!
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Only you I'd expect. Nothing in what he said could tell you anything like that IMO.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    A good quality marine ply would be much better, MDF might look good and do a very decent job but doesn't last half as well.
  21. Media / Press

    I don't understand your post Droy.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    I find it a bit amusing that we get calls to get the next big thing early but then lack the patience when we do.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Someone like Michael Emelano you mean?