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  1. New Stadium Plans

    I understand what you say about SS but I was replying to Marks post saying it could be a reason to stop the rebuild. The increased revenue from a bigger stadium moves us up the match day revenue ladder but SS keeps us level with everyone.
  2. New Stadium Plans

    I like it he idea of safe standing but if all clubs do it then any increased revenue would be negated surely.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not in my opinion.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Under Roman's tenure, we won 5 titles in 13 years. Calling for him to go is insane imho.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Until, that is, we announce a deal like that, these boards would be going nuts about how we have no ambition and the penny pinching board are bringing us to relegation.
  6. New Stadium Plans

    Nice one Sciatika.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Be careful what you wish for. Buy the club then move City down here. 😅
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sorry. Just can't get all riled up about things that I don't know about or things that I have no control over. Doesn't mean I'm over the moon with our dealings over the last few windows but I'll be happy or p***ed off when the new season starts and I know what we have. But if it makes me a proper fan then...... Grrr Abramovic can't even organise his own visa. Grrr Conte, what does he know. Grrr why aren't we even looking at players, what are we playing at. Grrr don't even get me started on our inept board. Wow, I've never felt like a truer fan.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Doesn't mean we have to be depressed every window though does it.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Every year this thread reads exactly the same. We don't know what we're doing. Everyone else is signing all the best players. We don't even seem to be looking at anyone. We are going on a quick downward spiral. We we are one of the most successful clubs in England. Nobody stays at the very top season after season. Why do we have to suffer all this negativity every bloody window. We don't know what is going on behind the scenes. We never know what is going on behind the scenes. So why always focus on the "oh woe is us" attitude.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    No worries.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not my quote mate!
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Of course. I'll go back to bed.😳
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Is that Ashley Cole in defence or did you mean Gary Cahill?
  15. Khobar's Legacy

    Apparently, according to (I think) Roy Evans on 5 live, Ramos should have been sent off for the "wrestling tackle" on Salah. Linking arms is now a red card offence. Always the victim.
  16. Khobar's Legacy

    So it's only us and the runaway Chitey that have anything to show for the season. What's in yer trophy cabinet lads? Ha bloody ha. 😂
  17. Khobar's Legacy

    @ Droy. Would probably be a bit better.
  18. Khobar's Legacy

    And breathe! 😄
  19. Morning Zaffo

    I enjoy reading your posts, they are well thought out and reasoned arguments. I can't say that I agree with a lot of them but that is the way of forums is it not. 

    One thing I'd like to point out in a pm other than publicly as I don't want it to sound like a put down is that the term is actually per se not per say. I wouldn't normally bother mentioning it but you do use it a lot and I'm sure you'd like to be correct.

    All the best. 





  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Get in!
  21. New Kits

    It's not that bad. Hideous and horrid? There have been a lot worse in my opinion. I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I've never liked any of the kits from the 80s and 90s, big and baggy with horrible patterns. This new one isn't as good as the last one (the first one I've bought in years) but it's not bad at all. You're not on your own MbiB.
  22. Squad Status: 2021/22 Season

    🎶 Like a circle in a circle, like a wheel within a wheel. Never ending or beginning, like an ever spinning wheel.🎶
  23. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    Villa for me.
  24. Khobar's Legacy

    Does anyone know if there is an online petition or something that I could sign in support of Colin Mafham. Signing petitions is not something that I would normally do but this deifying of that club and the treatment dished out if you dare suggest anything other than whiter than white in relation to them is getting out of hand.