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  1. Injury News

    Always sad news when a player is forced to quit the game like this. Good luck for the future lad.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Wouldn't think twice.
  3. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Could he get a retrospective ban for that? Something like banning him from his next three films or tv appearances.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    You could omit the word only. We've lost 3 games when he has played 90 minutes. Works both ways.
  5. Media / Press

    Carragher has to be the most boring pundit on the planet. Glad I don't pay for Sky.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    They have also shown us why you shouldn't hold on to a player who doesn't want to be there.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Did anyone ever read that rag?
  8. Olivier Giroud Departs

    Cheers cobber!😉
  9. Olivier Giroud Departs

    Any chance that we can at least get his name spelt right In the title of his thread?
  10. Olivier Giroud Departs

    Welcome Olivier. Get ready for the booing from your old best mates when we play them next season.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Didn't take us too long with Ashley did it?
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Three very usable players for around 50mil. Not bad, not brilliant but not too shabby at all.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    It's on the OCWS. Welcome Giroud. You'll look better in blue.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Possibly, but only the elite don't tend to go missing in a game sometimes. Perhaps because the Arsenal way of overplaying the ball didn't fit his style. We have Alonso, Zappacosta and Azpilicueta that can put a decent cross in.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    I've always liked Giroud. My mate is a gooner ( I know I know) but we've both wondered why whinger doesn't seem to fancy him. I reckon he would work well as a change of tactics for us. Gives us options that we've missed since Costa's departure.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'll be glad when tomorrow comes and we can get on worrying about the game of football again. My only wish is that Luiz does not go to l'arse. Must not help their defence again.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Did you read this back before you posted. Confirmation bias at it's best.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Tbf though most "children's fiction" introduces children to the"wider world" does it not. Whether it be social , moral or political (with a small p). The problem is where is the cut off point that after a certain age we are not supposed to be seen enjoying these (generally well written and constructed) kiddy books. Plus..... I'd be happy with Dzeko.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Oooh! How very superior of you. Lofty thoughts considering we all get exited watching grown men kicking a ball around a field.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    I've read the lot Bob. Great books and not embarrassed in the slightest. Most so called "children's books" written these days are written with adults in mind. We've come a long way since the days of Just William mate.🙂
  22. It doesn't matter what position he's playing in, the examples shown show him with the player and not staying with him. You would expect Drogba or Morata to track the man if they were in the same position so why not Baka. Or is it just to put the alternative view.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Cough Cahill cough
  24. New Stadium Plans

    Down here on the south coast of Ireland would be cheap plus a couple of brown envelopes to the government and you could do whatever you want. 😉
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    You see James, it's posts like your last few that really put me off the transfer window. I like hearing the rumours of possible signings and enjoy the discussions of their merits or deficiencies but the rantings about our imminent demise just turn me off the whole month. You were crying out for us to get Drinkwater and Barkley, we did and yet we are still a joke club. Do us a favour and take ten deep breaths before you approach the keyboard.