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  1. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    The PL is just too big. Too many games for teams like us who compete in all compts. And too many yoyo clubs. I 'd lose 4 teams from it and have a one month winter break. End of season one team goes down and another comes up.
  2. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    I don't live far from Brightons ground....where on earth did they park you that was 30 mins away??? Must have been nearly in Worthing!
  3. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Yep sorry it was BM...Same scenario different team!
  4. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Gemma Collins would beat him in a straight 60 yard dash.
  5. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    23 games is a lot. They are playing like it's the end of a long season and they are just trying to fall over the line. I'm rather hoping we get knocked out the FA Cup first round and not progress in CL. Let's face it, chances of retaining that are slim and none. Top 4 should be our one and only target. Very disappointing from where we were not so long ago.
  6. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    And he's 97 and played more games than most. Speaks volumes.
  7. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    I have tried not to get embroiled in the Lukaku debate because my opinion of him is tainted by one 20 minute performance about 10 years ago. Seeing as I can't seem to shake it out of my system I figured that my narrative that he is a lazy SOB is my agenda and I need to keep it to myself. But now the genie is out of the bottle so here goes. It was the super cup final with A.Madrid. It wasn't a nothing game, we really needed that trophy. Lukaku had been banging them in for other teams while on loan but as soon as he pulled on the shirt of the club that was paying him he went from "fox in the box to "fat Labradoor having a snooze by the fire". Anyway the final game of the season arrived as it was brutal. The season had been long and hard ( although Luka had not played many games) but other players had. Luka was a sub. At some point we had a man sent off but we got to extra time with 10 men. Players had fun their feet to bloody stumps but we needed a goal. So on came the 18 year old boy wonder with 20 mins to go. I'm not kidding you, he ambled around that pitch with a gait that suggested he'd just shat himself. He was a discrace. The game went to pens. Up he lazily strolled ,as he had all game , and rolled it into the keepers arms ( or did he miss...can't remember but it was a shocking pen). We lost the shoot out and went home with nothing. Anyone can miss a pen, I know that, but he just looked like he didn't want to be at this club. Same kind of look he has now ten years later. Would we have been any worse keeping Giroux and Tammy and saving our 100 mill for Halland next season? Apparently all the Luka dreams about is playing for Milan again. Let's hope someone from the " make a wish" foundation is listening.
  8. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Do we have one coming? We are only half way through the season and Tuchel is saying the players were too tired to even celebrate Zyechs first half goal!! He is rotating but no one comes on with a spring in their step and their hat at a jaunty angle. Normally there's a couple of players dragging the team forward when bad form or bad fitness takes hold. I have seen Hazard do it, I have even seen Willian try to do it single handidly, but I looked through the team and subs yesterday and saw no one. Actually tbf Silva played well, but a CB can't change a game. My concern is that you are right and this is fatigue, because that's the worse case scenario. Form can return but fatigue can only get worse. I don't want to scare anyone but we are in all compts and entering the meat and drink part of the season. And If they suddenly start playing well the accusation will be " well what the hell happened to the last 12 games...did you all just drink a can of red bull? " ( but a happy New year to you anyway!)
  9. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    So what are our prospects of getting less tired as we enter this hyper busy part of the season? Zero I would have thought .If we are to maintain our position some miracle second wind will be needed would you not agree?
  10. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    I really like Tuchel. He seems a genuine person, serious work ethic, handles media brilliantly...oh and won CL! But then so did Roberto Di Mateo I fear for him. That performance stunk out the joint and it followed on from some other very poor performances that have taken us from top of the league title contenders to long shots for top 4 in a pretty short period. And I say long shots because the consensus seems to be that injuries and fatigue are the main cuprits. Well here's a newsflash. We are still in January. We've got nearly 4 months of football to play and it's going to be busier than ever. We got FA Cup, CL, League Cup Final and a lot more Prem games all over this period ...and Chilwell and James ain't coming back anytime soon. If we are honestly physically knackered now then I'm afraid we are fckd. I'm hoping that's not the case because Tuchel needs to fix this. I've no idea how. He's the one earning millions a year at one of the world's biggest clubs. Lampard didn't have the goodwill of a CL behind him , but he had blue blood in his veins. When he got that prolonged bad spell ( and without a 100mill striker) he was gone. I'm hoping Tuchel has got a very dark bastard side to him because my feeling is that these players can do a lot better than they are doing and need to be told that in no uncertain terms.
  11. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    On the positive side, at least we got Tuchel and not Rafa 2.0. He is absolutely stinking out the joint at Everton. Beaten by Norwich now! 😁 Surely the most over rated coach in the history of the Prem.
  12. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    As he was lining that up I turned to the other half and said " six foot over the bar".
  13. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    Marina G will be having a nice glass of prosecco with a little smile on her face.
  14. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    Jesus , Conte sounds like he wants to slit his wrist!!
  15. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    TTs post game interviews are superb. Always gets balance right.