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  1. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    Unfortunately not Jane. I’m not sure our Sarr has that sort of ability in his locker!
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    They really do appear to be up a certain creek with no means of propulsion. Surely if this is true it’s got to be illegal?
  3. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    Sarr has just scored an absolute belter from the half way line against WBA! Take a boo son, take a boo! (in the voice of Andy Gray)
  4. Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Oh ffs! Here come the dodgy penalties for them and the dodgy offside calls against us. We’re doomed I tells ya, doomed!
  5. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    It would seem that taking a knee before every game is ending with only certain matches such as cup finals where it will still happen. I can’t say I’m disappointed by this as personally I thought it lost its impact a long time ago.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Or for Barcelona to suddenly appear out of the bushes to offer him a contract!
  7. Non Chelsea: Domestic Cup Competitions

    Nicely put Jane. Personally I’d have had to have used far more asterisks to express my feelings about that bunch of bin dipping vermin.
  8. Udinese 1 Chelsea 3

    Would have been great goal if that had come off.
  9. Udinese 1 Chelsea 3

    Good start to the second half. Although Havertz looks injured!
  10. Udinese 1 Chelsea 3

    Sterling with his first goal, a bit lucky but hey, they all count!
  11. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    I see what you did there! 😂 I’m sure if that were to happen a certain Martin Tyler will probably sound like he’s on his!
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    I’m with you, I just can’t see it happening now. Too many conflicting reports and the fact that it seems to be dragging on after (apparently) agreeing a fee and personal terms some weeks ago.
  13. Udinese 1 Chelsea 3

    Yay! A match day thread! Ah, how I’ve missed you. Must win game.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Back in the olden days before the tinterweb and Scouse sports there were never these issues! Good old Ceefax was relied upon to report stuff, and you had to wait 10 minutes while it scrolled through 12 pages! Ahh, thems were the days!
  15. Sterling, Silva and Mount jewelers!
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    I would imagine the leather would be in pretty poor shape by now!
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Come back matchday thread, all is forgiven! (Although this thread is quite entertaining.)
  18. Non Chelsea: International Football

    I’ll see what I can do!
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Absolutely, will be interesting to see what happens with that pair in Europe.
  20. Non Chelsea: International Football

    Think I’ll watch the live feed from my Ring doorbell. There’s some grass I’ve been meaning to watch grow and the slim chance of seeing a bus go by.
  21. Absolutely, I have the physique of a Greek god. I can’t remember his name but he’s the one with the beer belly and skinny legs.
  22. To clear things up I was talking about what should be said to Mr Lukaku!
  23. Very true. It’s like splitting up with a partner. At the start you’re all excited for what the future might hold but after a few months you realise that actually it’s not working out at all and you have to say “On your bike you tubby git, you’re just not what I expected, you’re not trying and I really can’t see a future for us.” I can’t remember exactly what I said to my ex-partner though.