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  1. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    With basically zero information on the group themselves. This is not the endless pit of money that Newcastle have access to through the sovereign state fund. This is a private business not linked to the government (supposedly). Sheffield United are owned by Saudis but that doesn't automatically mean they will plough money into the business. There is very little information on how much the SMG is worth.
  2. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    I'm not so sure. He seems to be talking a lot for someone who is a serious bidder. Most likely trying to drum up attention for a joint investment. I'd urge you to read the thread here posted by Andy Saunders (Host of the Chels podcast) on his interaction with Candy.
  3. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2022/03/15/premier-league-rivals-concerned-chelsea-will-gain-unfair-advantage/?utm_content=football&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1647339055-1 Behind a paywall however if you have chrome just turn off javascript in site settings. What should be the actual headline is Bruce Buck saying "Chelsea have enough cash to end the season without administration". Bit bizarre that this quote hasn't done the rounds however it doesn't quite sell clicks. Not quite as eye-catching as Chelsea will go out of business in 2 weeks. On the Saudi Media Group, I personally would be uneasy about them taking over. On the one hand continued success and wealth would be great and it would really wind people up. Especially those ready to dance on our graves would be furious and I'm sure everyone would suddenly have a massive problem with Oil money. With Boris currently in bed with the Saudis I'm sure it could probably go ahead however I would be very cautious. Obviously the human rights issues over there are awful and I'm very dubious over the indirect links to the government. In Russia you don't become a successful, living Oligarch without being a Putin ally. I'm pretty sure you don't become a billionaire in Saudi without links to the government. Especially as the proposed bid is a consortium it will be tough to know where exactly the money comes from. Seen many on twitter gunning for this bid to win but whose to say in 15 years the Tories aren't in power and suddenly the new government targets them with sanctions. The last week has been very worrying and I've had genuine fear for my club continuing. I'm now slightly more relaxed that this will get sorted and will blow over very quickly. Ultimately I can't impact anything so happy to just sit back and see who takes over. Whoever does, I believe the stadium will be a priority. I think it's difficult to grow the business much further without that so for any investor that must be key to the plan. If we come out of this with a stable top 6 club, a new stadium in the picture and an uncontroversial owner I think that's a win.
  4. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    I guess if there is a quick sale but then the money is frozen, perhaps Roman can challenge that in court at a later date to try to reclaim that money? If that's not the case then he really has 2 options. 1. He agrees to the sale but receives none of the proceeds. 2. He challenges in court which will be a lengthy process. Its also unclear whether he can even pay for a lawyer. Option 2 would be the death of the club. With an estimated £28million a month due in wages we would likely be in big trouble very quickly. At this point, I can't see any scenario in which Roman sees a penny of that money. He's been backed into a corner now and the stakes are very high.
  5. Thank You Roman

    It sounds like he'll be staying as a silent owner although I doubt he will be able to pump any more money into the club. I guess we will now need to become self-suffient.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm honestly not sure we actually need to buy anyone, providing we don't lose any players. I'd really love if we could get Tammy to sign a new contract and integrate him back in. Giroud will go and I'd expect an Aguero type replacement. I wouldn't turn down a Haaland/Lukaku however really not sure its needed with Havertz playing so well. The fluid front three is a nightmare for defenders and we'd lose this quality with pure 9. Perhaps Zouma goes and Tomori returns, I'd be fine with that. Possibly a new back up LB but we've really struggled to get rid of Alonso and Emerson for a long time now. Either is fine as back up. Gilmour surely goes on loan so maybe we are a bit light there. Whoever we bring in however is probably going to play a similar amount of minutes. Mount as the 4th choice CM is fine anyway. Gallagher would be great for us in the double 6 however coming back now wouldn't be great for his development.
  7. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    He's certainly looked sharp the last 3 or 4 games and seems to have that explosive ability to beat his man back again. It has also coincided with him getting a few games off the left hand side where I think he looks so much more comfortable. All of the forwards now are showing form and as they spend more time under TT they should start to understand better each others movements and timings.
  8. Champions League 2020/21

    We are also in the best shape we've been in a long time. As you say Porto won't be a walkover, but I think it's okay to get excited at our prospects. Another Liverpool semi would be very intense.
  9. Champions League 2020/21

    Great draw. Porto won't be pushovers but certainly more desirable than Bayern or PSG. A potential semi against flawed Liverpool and Real sides, this could be fun.
  10. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    It does feel that way. Since he pulled his hamstring going full speed in the FA cup final we've not seen him go full speed again. There's clearly a great player in there because he's been absolutely brilliant in patches for us. I don't like him playing from the right and I do think there are big question marks whether he and Werner fit in the same team. He's had various comebacks and setbacks but not for a little while now. I was watching him closely when he came on against Liverpool and I didn't see him sprint, not on the ball or whilst pressing. His best form came after the sustained Covid break so maybe he just needs to be carefully managed. I definitely don't see him as ever being a 50/60 game player. Just reiterates what a force of nature Hazard was.
  11. Official: Ross Barkley Departs And Signs For Aston Villa On Loan

    His first 5 or 6 games he was genuinely brilliant. He then got injured and since he's come back has been terrible. His ups are really not worth the downs.
  12. Excellent record and huge gains on all of our rivals. 2 goals conceded, 1 of which was a ridiculous OG and the other in the only game that Thiago and Christensen missed. Once our attack clicks this should be fun. Still not sure if that will come this season but I think there's something to be said for playing cautious in the current climate. Loads of games, tired players, no fans and teams around us struggling. It's certainly the ideal approach in big games/Europe. Besides City we arguably have the strongest squad in the league and I think that's really going to help carry us through.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Exactly this. Morata needed to go and we needed a replacement in January. Higuain didn't pull up any trees but he was solid. Rather than panic buy a third/fourth choice target we signed him on a short term deal and were able to reassess in the summer. Unfortunately we had the transfer ban so the big striker signing had to be delayed for a year.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    A 6 month loan deal and we finished 3rd with a trophy. Morata was absolutely shot mentally and we needed someone to come in and do a job. Doubt there were many complaints all round.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think Tammy is seriously underrated but would still welcome Haaland because he looks like a very good player already. Playing for Chelsea will always mean strong competition, if you're Lampard, Drogba, Willian, Ivanovic that just means you step up a level to keep your spot. Salah, KDB, Lukaku, ect weren't ready to fight at that point of their careers. Not saying Tammy is at that level but he's been given, and will continue to get chances. It's up to him if he nails down his place, I expect he'll continue to be a key member of our squad for the foreseeable future.