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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Massive fan of De Ligt, a proper leader and at only 22 still has so much potential. I think it will be him AND Kounde though with Sterling/Richarlison and Dembele to come in too. Be pretty happy with that personally.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Richarlison averages a goal every three games, playing for a particularly poor side who have been nothing short of a disaster the last few years. I haven't seen that much of him at Everton but I really wanted us to sign him from Watford, I thought he had the potential to go and play for one of the really big clubs and do well for himself. I would be all for his signing and Sterling's, even though I personally don't rate him it's pretty obvious, if the rumours are to be believed what Tuchel is trying to do with our front three. I also like the fact that they are both Pricks, we are far too nice as a team and could do with a few like them. Havertz, Werner, Pulisic, Richarlison and Sterling can all play out wide or through the middle and yes some might not like Sterling as a 'false 9' but they are all able to play there or make up a very fluid front line if played together. The most interesting thing with all these links, for me is what happens to Mount. I'm convinced he will end up as a cm but would need the right players alongside him and we have the perfect players to help him move into that role and it means we don't have to try and find a top class cm, of whom there are very few, much like the lack of strikers in today's game there is a lack of any genuine world class players in pretty much every position. Also with us loosing almost our entire back line the chances of continuing with a back 5 are slim in my opinion and with Gallagher coming back I don't see why we wouldn't want a three man midfield
  3. Transfer Talk Topic
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    One last thing, got trains to drive today , some will be aware that I have an old mate that works withing the club, I always say he gets as much wrong as right but has been right on a number of occasions, including us signing Morata when everyone thought he would go to United and we would sign Lukaku. Anyway, he says that Dembele will be finalised shortly after Lukaku, everything is in place, the idea was we will offset his wages by not having Lukaku on the books anymore. Although he is on a free his singing on fee and wages would have cost a fair amount but the Lukaku loan fee and getting rid of his wages basically means one in, one out with negligible difference in cost as opposed to a 'free' signing that actually cost a fortune.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    And I never thought I'd say this, ever, but let's hope we get Sterling in as soon as possible.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Can not be over stated enough. £100m signing sent out on loan 12 months after joining when clearly the manager does not want him. A very bold move by everyone involved and hopefully a sign that the new owners will allow Tommy the tools to to his job. In fairness you've only got to look at City and Liverpool to see how clubs should be run, it's not rocket science but most clubs have gone so far away from this since the days of Ferguson and Wenger. Everyone thought the days of managers running football clubs were long gone but it appears that some are now realising of you have the right person in charge it really is best to let them do the job they are paid to do. Even Daniel Levy is doing it. The premier league has 4 of the top 5 managers in the world and it looks like all 4 clubs are going to allow them to run the team how they see fit. I can see some of the best title races the footballing world has ever seen coming up in the next few years, only downside is Tottenham will be involved.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Think you'd have to ask the manager. It appears both are available for very similar prices and we prefer Sterling. Personally I don't but can concede that the manager probably knows a bit more than I do.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    I am not a big fan of Sterling at all, in fact if I could use one word to describe him it would be, rubbish. However his stats are phenomenal especially as he has spent the vast, vast majority of his time at City as a winger. He may have been used, at times through the middle but it is not the norm. Transfermarkt, who are very good at that sort of thing have him playing 39 of his 339 games as a centre forward/number 10. I have a good feeling about this, which is strange as like I say I've always thought he was rubbish but what I like is it feels like the manager has been given a big say in who we sign. Sterling and Dembele in one window is basically ripping up our front line and starting again and I do not think Sterling is the sort of player the club would have even considered but I can see Tuchel really liking him. The other thing that gets me excited by these potential two signings is I am convinced we are looking to change the system to a back 4 with Kounde coming in too. There is no way we are going to buy enough centre backs to continue with a back 5. We would need at least 3 and it is just not going to happen. So, hopefully this gives us the chance to move to a 433 with Mount dropping into the middle 3 and also bringing back Gallagher, so it's almost like signing two new centre mids being bought in too. For what it's worth I hope both Jorginho and Kante stay , we'd be better off keeping them and letting them go for free next year and I very much suspect the manager wants them both to stay, at least for one more season. As for the centre forward position I do not see anyone, other than Martinez remotely worth buying, there is literally no one. Havertz has shown more than enough to be given another go there and personally I'd happily keep Werner as back up. Werner in between Sterling and Dembele is a different animal to what we have previously seen. Two signings, one for free could change everything and see our front six look something like this. Kante Jorginho Mount Dembele Havertz Sterling Or Gallagher Kovacic RLC Ziyech Werner Pulisic Options and depth and as far as I'm concerned an abundance of quality, a complete change to the system and style with a very reasonable outlay.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Mental isn't it? I'm not a big fan of his but there is absolutely no doubt he will score more goals than any of our current wide players, probably more than all of them put together. It's fairly obvious what the manager wants when the two players we look most likely to sign are Sterling and Dembele, both completely different to what we already have. I think Havertz will start as first choice up front with Werner as back up as I can't see us bringing in a whole new front three in one summer, especially when we have so much to do on the defensive side, and I'd be more than happy with that. There are very few strikers out there that I would even consider and Havertz has shown enough that he's potentially better, by far, than anyone we could realistically get. I saw something earlier that he was the 4th, I think, highest scorer in the last 5 years if you don't include penalties. He's a goal every 190 minutes and a goal or assist every 110 minutes for City. That's in 339 games so not just a one off. All were gonna get now though is that it's because he plays for City and Werner or Pulisic or Ziyech would produce those sort of numbers if they played for them.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Played 47 games last season.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Doesn't matter if they want to sell him. We make him and them the right offer and he will come. No one is turning us down to stay in Italy. Those days are long gone.
  13. Richarlison has a goal or assist every 180 minutes for Everton and one every 105 minutes for Brazil. Pretty impressive stats if you ask me. I've not seen much of him the last couple of years, I refuse to watch them unless they play us but I used to think he had the potential to go to one of the top, elite clubs and do well for himself. Conte could turn him into an absolute monster.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not often you and I agree but I'm in complete agreement with all of this. Personally I think Thiago Silva is more than capable of playing in a back 4, he spent the vast majority of this career doing it and has shown his age is not a problem, especially when we dominate possession 9 time spit of 10. A top quality center half, Kounde, to play alongside him and maybe one more to add depth and we will be fine. The midfielder is the biggest problem, as I'm not sure who we can get. A switch to a back 4 would alleviate this somewhat as perhaps Mount could fill that role. I'd rather try a three man midfield with Mount than sign just about any realistic midfielder out there, then concentrate on getting rid of Lukaku and getting in a proper centre forward, which quite simply has to be Lautaro Martinez. I don't care if he has said he wants to stay at Inter, we could easily make that deal happen, especially if they want Lukaku and sign Dybala. Add Dembele for free and I think we are more or less there. Enough to win the league? Probably not, look at what we are competing with but comfortably enough to be third and challenge in Europe and for the domestic cups, although listening to the fickleist of fickle football fans, Tottenham that is, who have once again crawled out from under their rock, they may well gazump not just us but City and Liverpool too to win the league.
  15. Injury News

    Sad but true. I think our biggest problem is we are so reliant on him. A fit, in form Kante is still the absolute best in the world at what he does and our only true elite player. He changes any team, anywhere and takes them up a level. The less he plays each season the more obvious it is that we can no longer rely on him being at his best when it matters, even with good management it's impossible. We had him at his very best, he's a true club legend but time to move on and move away from being as reliant as we are on one player.