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  1. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    The premier league will claim something along the lines of 'due to the restrictions placed on Chelsea Football Club by the British government we feel they are longer longer able to compete in our competition as they are unable to fulfill the sporting requirements set out by the league and agreed by every club upon entry into the league'.
  2. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    So, no away fans I assume. Big advantage for us. They won't have it, never in a million years
  3. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Can't even sell tickets!!! How is it competitive sport when one team is so handicapped? Think the premier league will have a big say in this. And UEFA. Could see a suspension from competing coming up.
  4. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Very difficult to understand how this will work. How on earth can we have a special operating license to carry on playing but have so many restrictions in place? Can't buy or sell players or renew contracts that are running out. Can't get a plane to European away games because it costs too much, can't even sell merchandise. I have absolutely no idea how these political sanctions work but I would imagine from a sporting integrity and potentially legal, once the premier league get involved, point of view it is a mind field, really we should be completely suspended as a club or be allowed to carry on as normal with no money from comimg Roman and vice versa.
  5. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Wouldn't be surprised if they now renewed, not sure how they can not be allowed and it would show great loyalty, which would not be too hard to expect from Azpi and Rudiger
  6. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Nice of the government to take the billions of pounds Roman was going to donate to the people most effected by the tragic events that are happening in the Ukraine. All because it's Chelsea.
  7. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Time as fans to really stand up and support our team, whatever happens. This will really sort out the proper Chelsea.
  8. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    I've witnessed us win everything in my life as a Chelsea fan, apart from the old division 1, which was before my time, maybe I'll get a chance now.
  9. Thank You Roman

    Thank you, thought I was going mad .
  10. Thank You Roman

    Moby, we often do not see eye to eye and have had our disagreements but I could not agree more with you here. I would add, and have said it previously, every fan at every stadium should be singing Romans name after the minutes applause as he is doing more for the people of Ukraine than any Individual will and probably far more than this government will do. He should be lauded and if he was the Liverpool owner he would be. Personally I, and I know a lot of other Chelsea fans, see what has happened, as an attack on us as a football club because it is us and it just undermines what the real issue is.
  11. Thank You Roman

    Not sure my attitude is anything like that of Putin's to be fair and don't appreciate that comment at all or thr fact that by association I am not a 'decent minded Chelsea fan' I am also very able to separate my support for Ukraine from what Roman gave us. I can not say it enough, it had absolutely nothing to do with what is going on in the Ukraine, it was 100% a statement against the disgusting government, media and all the self righteous, holier than thou football fans in this country, NOTHING to do with the Ukraine or Russia. Some started the chant 4 seconds early, that is all, it's shouldn't have happend, it wasn't supposed to happen but It will happen again after the next minutes applause and as I have said I will be singing it even louder next time.
  12. Thank You Roman

    I won't get into politics, on here or anywhere else. What happened on Saturday had absolutely nothing to do with what is happening in the Ukraine, it was a group of Chelsea fans who wanted to show their support for the greatest owner the world has ever seen who has been hounded out by the British media. That's how we see it. The timing was not great BUT it WAS NOT sung all the way through, far from it. It was a few seconds and if people, not necessarily you, bother to read what I wrote earlier rather than listening to the biased media they may get some context on what actually happened. I have heard it will happen again, if they intend to continue with the minutes applause and will happen every time, but hopefully it will be done afterwards next time. I will be there and I will be singing as loud as anyone.
  13. Thank You Roman

    Not sure what that has to do with anything?
  14. Thank You Roman

    And rightly so.
  15. Thank You Roman

    He has also said he will not want the loans repaid so as Dave has said could be around £2.9 billion as he paid something like £140 million for us. None of us know so pretty pointless but whatever the amount is it will probably be more than any individual donates and yet he's being crucified. It would actually be more apt, if people really cared about what was going on, if every football fan in every stadium around the country sung his name at the end of the minutes applause for what he is single handedly doing for the people of Ukraine.
  16. Thank You Roman

    You are actually comparing us fans that sang Romans name for 4 seconds before the minutes applause ended to some of those that went in the 80's, and by the tone of this discussion I know exactly the type of fan you.are alluding to? So I am as 'cretinous' as a far right, racist, hooligan because I sang our owners name, and I've admitted the timing wasn't great and explained why we did it, more of that in a second, because the media and all the fluffys are condemning a man and forcing him to sell HIS club because they are racist? Amazing. Honestly the abuse he has received is sickening. What this country has done to him is a disgrace and our own fans are calling out some of us that wanted to show him our support and gratitude for everything the great man, and he truly is a great man, has done for us as a club and us fans on a personal level. Embarrassing. Going back to the timing thing, I have it on very good authority that it started after some thought the minute was up. It had been timed, obviously slightly wrong. The idea was that the chant would start as the ref blew the whistle. Now, quite clearly it would have been better for the minute to have actually passed and the ref had blown the whistle but it went slightly wrong, by a few seconds.
  17. Thank You Roman

    Didn't want to mention it to be fair, but one loss, against City, in 22 games during a spell when we were decimated by injury and covid, becoming kings of the world for the first time ever, meaning we have now won every trophy in football, getting to another final, which we should have won and were clearly shafted but the positive side of that was we showed we are at least equal to Liverpool, as we have done three times this season, progressing nicely in the champions League and FA cup, cementing third place and having a very favourable run in for the rest of the season, I fully expect the gap to become less on both City and Liverpool, I will let the results do the talking and let the moaners moan.
  18. Thank You Roman

    Is it any worse than fans signing about the Munich air disaster or calling us rent boys or any number of the vile songs that get sung on a regular basis? We sung the name of our owner who happens to have been hounded out by the media for being Russian. That was it, it had absolutely nothing, NOTHING, to do with what is happening in the Ukraine. Always found it fascinating that it's ok to be racist in this country when the media allow it.
  19. Thank You Roman I count 4 seconds before the whistle. I can't hear anything before that and certainly didn't hear anything whilst I was there. The boos start almost instantly too, which is what happened so anyone saying it happened throughout are just plain wrong.
  20. Thank You Roman

    Very easy to say it was the wrong time to do it and in hindsight maybe it was BUT it was a spur of the moment thing, it started and got taken up by a section of us not by all and certainly no offense was intended. And to be fair, it wasn't as if it was sung all the way through, it's quite often the case that near the end of a minutes applause a song will break out and this was no different. Anyone would think we were signing Putin's name the way people have reacted.
  21. Thank You Roman

    I was there, I was chanting. The feeling was that he has been completely tucked up by the media because he is owner of Chelsea football club. The man has been forced to sell his club because we are not liked as a football team, if he had bought Liverpool this would never had happened, it would have all Benn how great the man is and all the good he has done, which he really has. Maybe it was not the best idea in the world but I don't regret it one bit.
  22. Thank You Roman

    If I was an opposition fan I would be incredibly worried by our sale. We are an elite global club, we have won more than anybody in this country and probably more than anyone other than Bayern, Madrid and Barcelona and they play in farmers leagues, in the last 20 years. We are European champions and kings of the world. Anyone expecting us not get get bought out by someone with even more money than Roman is hoping, at best. The man loves us, he has spent a fortune, wants no return on his investment and people really think we won't be sold to the right buyer? For quite a while now we have not relied on the owners money, things are about to change and it could be 2004 all over again,.the big difference being we are a completely different club to when he bought us. I feel numb and it will never be the same again but there is a little bit if excitement creeping in with me.
  23. Thank You Roman

    Sad times. Really sad. It is often said that no man is bigger than any club but for the last 20 years Roman has made a mockery of that. He IS Chelsea football club. He is the biggest legend the club has ever seen and will ever see. At a point in my life where my love for the game has never been lower I'm not sure how much longer I will bother. We could be bought out by the richest man in the world and win twice the amount of trophies in the next 20 years as we have under Roman and it will not be the same. The last 20 years will forever be the greatest 20 years in my footballing life and nothing will ever come close. Although I may not be as old as some I was still there when we were ****, not division 2 **** but not long after either and what we achieved as a club under Roman, what he gave us fans that never thought we would see us be championship of England let alone kings of Europe twice, kings of the ****ing world, will never, ever be replicated no matter what comes next. It's more than just a chapter in our history closing for me, it could well be the end of the book.
  24. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 (10 - 11 on penalties)

    I very much doubt he, the players, the staff or anyone else involved in the first team have really given it a second thought but it would be pretty stupid to say that and I can only imagine your reaction if he had said anything else. Keep digging though.
  25. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 (10 - 11 on penalties)

    I think he handles the situation perfectly, much like he always does Would have been far, far worse if he had said nothing about the situation. Anything to have a dig though.