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  1. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    What a fantastic performance! Before the pen/red the only thing that was lacking was the final pass, should have been 2 or 3 up. It's really encouraging how many times we are getting into those positions against top clubs though. Post sending off the determination of the players to still get something from the game was beautiful. My love for this club is the strongest it's ever been. Tuchel, a genius...and such a nice bloke too! Penalty: After sleeping on it because I felt very hard done by at the time, I think that if it had been the other way, I would have been convinced that it was a pen (although I'm not so sure Redknapp would have been singing from the same hymn sheet that he was that way round). Putting my blue tinted glasses back on though, VAR can slow down the footage as much as they like to show what they want but in real time can you really say that was a deliberate hand ball after it came off his knee? It all happened very quickly. If James' reactions really are that quick, for him to then deliberately save it with his arm, then maybe he should be plying his trade as a keeper. For me though, as others have said, the hardest part of the situation to justify was the ref only looking at the single frame of footage before he had seen what he wanted to see and awarded the pen/red. If it was the other way round, would he have arrived at that decision that quickly? I'm not so sure.
  2. Predictor: Match 2 Away vs Arsenal

    Arsenal 0-2 Chelsea Mount 23rd min
  3. Predictor: Match 1 H vs Crystal Palace

    Chelsea 2-0 Palace Havertz 53 mins
  4. Read Jose's Mind Challenge (Leicester 23/08/2014)

    Courtois Ivanovic Cahill Terry Luis Matic Fabregas Hazard Oscar Schurrle Costa
  5. Forecast The Result : Swansea City V Chelsea Apr 13th

    Swansea 2-2 Chelsea Bony Schurrle Routledge Cahill
  6. Chelsea 2:0 PSG (3:3 On Aggregate)

    Absolutely quality. So much passion showed by everyone out there tonight. Thought Luiz and Dave were the stand outs though. The celebrations at the end were immense and showed how much it meant to them all.
  7. PSG 2-1 Chelsea Hazard
  8. WBA 1-4 Chelsea Anichebe Hazard Oscar Oscar Torres
  9. Just watching "20 years of Champions League" being repeated on ITV4. Jose's past comments still crack me up. I think his comment, as Porto manager, after the Manure match is my favourite.
  10. New Kits

    Ah quality! I will have to take a stroll down there then!
  11. New Kits

    That's what I want too. The megastore should sell kits with it already printed on the back - like they did with the 'Champions of Europe 12' ones. Think the market would be pretty large for it!
  12. As last, I can say 'Welcome home, Jose'!!!!!!!!! :D Roll on August!!!!!!
  13. I really hope we are not all barking up the wrong tree, but that definitely sounded as though he wants to come back home. Well he probably did until that terrible ITV interview - what idiots, who cares if the news comes on a couple of minutes late as a result!!!!