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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    This. Is. Perfect.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Young man. He's 24 years old. He has all the quality to step up, he has to have the chance at some point, switch him and Bertrand.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm only new here, but I've made some crazy statements already in some peoples opinions. But PVA is far better than any of them, of course Shaw is 5 or 6 years younger, but going on the here and now he is definitely Chelsea quality imo, he should be in the team next season, atleast in the squad. Crazy if he isn't.
  4. Andre Schurrle

    and its impossible to be worse than our strikers.
  5. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Happy Arsenal didn't go out. Dortmund can't draw us now. Fantastic.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Also: If we resign Matic thats an embarrassing thing to happen. The club lacks transfer direction. Nothing is planned properly.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    PVA not only has a diamond left foot for crossing, he can score too. Now he's not the finished article yet, he does lack a little concentration here and there, but his attacking and defending qualities are better than Betrands, Coles and Shaw (who we were linked with)
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think players do better with better quality around them. If a player makes a pass, and the other players dont have a vision to come on to it it makes that player look bad. Now I'm not saying Josh is the new Kaka, but I'm sure he'd have some impact had he been here this season. Me neither, but I still think a home grown nucleus is important to success. Rightly so, and its something every team should strive to do. Exactly! Zouma. Awful player. Omeruo surely better than him.
  9. Non Chelsea: International Football

    A more objective view on the England matter for you guys. If England qualify from the group, then you have to put the entire burden of that on Jagielka. People will laugh but he is the player to carry England to the world cup, his leadership in defence (especially as JT has no desire to return) will be monumental. Furthermore, taking players like Cleverly, Lampard, Welbeck will hurt Englands chances. Lampard isn't good enough for that starting slot, and why should he sit on the bench? Whereas Cleverly and Welbeck are just terrible footballers. Think Hodgson should put trust in more youth and not just the names. Going to be a great tournament. Fancy England to come second in the group, Uruguay will top it.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Apart from that goal Willian scored, what has he done? You're right. At least Josh would hive us satisfaction in being a young, English chelsea player. Biggest problem with our club right now may be attributed to identity. I'm Irish, and very pro my country and its national team, but its embarrassing to see a squad of just Bertrand, Cole, Terry, Cahill and Lampard as English talent, with Moses (Nigeria declared) out on loan. Its lacking its identity and this needs to be solved. Big time.
  11. Official: Juan Mata Leaves For Man United

    This. If he needs to drop Oscar deeper so be it.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agree with the Piazon never being on the first team, but still quality Patrick Van Aanholt is the best player we have out on loan at the moment. He'd be excelling had he being kept. Omeruo wasn't registered I do believe? In terms of youth who could make it: Chalobah PVA Ake Omeruro Piazon Bamford (I believe he has a role to play, but if his chance isn't given.....) Van Ginkel (was bought in later than the others) McEachran (Don't think he will make it, but could) The thing is... probably none of them will be given a season here.
  13. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Could not agree more. Excited for the next game.
  14. Andre Schurrle

    I honestly wouldn't mind trying Schurrle as a striker, not like the game agains't Manchester United where we saw us sit so deep, but as a moving speedster infront of Oscar, Mata, Hazard, Willian, De Bruyne (whichever 2 or 3 are picked) He's our best finisher.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Would you rather we spent all our money on Rooney, or Falcao?