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  1. Thank You Roman

    Really? What exactly gives you the right to police this forum?
  2. Thank You Roman

    Interesting speculation. Id agree that those who shout loudest etc etc won’t be the one. Is it possible that in a weeks time RA becomes anointed by the british media? Unlikely but given the last 7 days, possible? wishful thinking? of course, but really can’t see beyond a USA buyer.
  3. Thank You Roman

    The treatment of RA is an utter disgrace on any measure. I’m very fearful, not so much about the near future, we are after all a very attractive ‘going concern’. RA was and will remain unique in terms of football ownership, what follows is likely to be a more leveraged type of ownership. However as someone who has seen us win it all including the ZDS! I’m just grateful for what has gone before. For the new fans however I fear that they have seen the best. It would also not surprise me if we are back in the ESL conversation very quickly after a takeover. PS. JT Captain Leader Legend. Kudos to him for his tweet today
  4. Thank You Roman

    Google Piers Morgan Iraq Soldiers fake photos. You’ll then have the facts straight and we know how much of stickler for that you are.
  5. Thank You Roman

    How about his faked photos of british soldiers torturing prisoners in Iraq your ladyship? Move on.
  6. Thank You Roman

    Wind my neck in?! I believe this is a type of passive aggressiveness? That’s the modern parlance isn’t it? Anyways, Names? Singleton Sunday 10.40 and 12.38 P23/24 and a special mention to Boratsbrother 12.48 P24 especially Boratsbrother where to start! I’m very happy to thank Roman for everything he has done for us on and off the pitch. Everything else is just noise.
  7. Thank You Roman

    Ham I won’t name names but take a look at this thread from page 20 onwards, to many to list regarding virtue signalling and grandstanding. It is irrelevant what side I’m on (regarding Ukraine) and equally none of anyone’s business. As for Roman? RA is a pawn in a very big game. He will only ever have my thanks for all that he has done for Chelsea both on and off the pitch. Outside forces have been after him since day one, unfortunately they now appear to have there man.
  8. Media / Press

    Of course no one likes us. We’re the wrong kind of winners. We’ve always been the pantomime villains. My basic take is that there are very few journalists of an age when CFC were the team to support. When I was at school it was the red mafia who won everything. The Vermin dominated. Since 2003 however we have had an owner who is ethnically fair game. City and Newcastle get a certain degree of criticism but a line is never crossed. I’ll let you work out why that might be!? Just remember that journalistic bias is not exclusive to football.
  9. Thank You Roman

    I think you may have missed my point. Yours is a very good one.
  10. Thank You Roman

    I suggest nothing mark only my contempt for virtue signallers. Plenty on here.
  11. Thank You Roman

    Take the time to read the thread. Pause, Think, reply if you like.
  12. Thank You Roman

    Well here we go again! The virtue signalling, cowardly nonsense projected by some on this board and the country at large is truly nauseating. Flag waving hypocrites the lot of you! The Ukrainian people deserve so much more. This is so much bigger than football or party politics.
  13. So here we are. Humble pie is choking me! Fair play to those not in the 'cult' it would appear that you were right? I have to say that the special one would appear to have become the has been one. Quite remarkable what has happened so far this season. Thought the sending off in itself was another example of refereeing nonsense but the result? Jose certainly doesn't appear to be the same manager that we had. Perhaps the game has moved on?
  14. Media / Press

    Indeed it is and should be. Unfortunately Bob has a history of intolerance toward those who do not share his views. A classic liberal/left standpoint. I'm sure he is equally appalled by Trumps win.
  15. Media / Press

    The word you are looking for is 'tolerance'. That would make for a far better forum.