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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes & No. I’m not for one minute advocating we go and buy a load of 30+ players, but if there were 1 or 2 with the right attitude, skillset etc then it might not be a bad thing. Would I take Mahrez over Werner for example? In a heartbeat!
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    I only used him as an example, but there are a fair few rumours he is fed up of being so heavily rotated and wants to play every week. Year left on his deal, feels a bit like the Pedro signing from 2015.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah highly unlikely Lukaku goes anywhere for the reasons that have already been mentioned. I think next season is basically him and Havertz again as the central focal points and I think the hope will be that Lukaku has a better season (with a proper pre-season), and Havertz continues to improve with age. We may try and add more firepower across our forward line more generally though. I'd be surprised if Ziyech, Werner, Pulisic and CHO are all here next season and if the likes of Nkunku, Dembele, Mahrez etc are genuinely available this summer, I'd be surprised if we weren't involved in some of those conversations.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah I basically had exactly the same list but Mount instead of Gallagher on the basis he’s not in the current squad (albeit I think we will retain him this season) Going to make for an interesting summer…
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I made this point in another thread recently but I can’t remember too many summers where there has been as much uncertainty over the futures of so many of the playing squad. There’s probably only 7-8 players that I think if I was backed into a corner, would say will definitely be here next season. So much to resolve, and unfortunately it’s not just the Kepa’s, Sarr’s and Barkley’s of the world, it’s a lot of first teamers too!!
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah I saw that on social media too. That one is all but done IMO.
  7. Andreas Christensen

    I agree with your general sentiment about the way the media cover things but let’s be honest, nothing new from the UK press there! I had read all of the quotes before posting and just feel like it would have been just as easy to bat it away and say he’s not sure on his availability on our last two games, but he’s actually gone into quite a bit of detail. Announcing to the world that he has what appears to be some form of mental health / anxiety / psychological condition seems a bit underhand to be honest. I get “giving a bad reference to new employer out of spite” kind of vibes and not sure how it helps anyone.
  8. Andreas Christensen

    No, they really don’t. I’m quite surprised Tuchel was an open as that though. Will be seen by many as unnecessary & even sour grapes against a player who will be gone in a few days. I’m sure he’s every right to be frustrated mind you…
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    We’d be mad not to bring back Gallagher IMO. Real legs in midfield and a goal threat we don’t currently have. The next ones that most people talk about are Broja, Ampadu and Maatson, but I would put forward the following three as ones to watch for possibly making next season’s squad: Dujon Sterling - kept around for pre-season last summer and rumoured that Tuchel is a fan. Was close to being brought back in January and has apparently been told to prepare for pre-season. Clearly we are short at the back so I think he could be next season’s Trevoh Chalobah if you like. Tino Anjorin - has now played abroad and championship but needs to stay fit. Was compared by Rangnick to Kevin De Bruyne! Very talented and we could have some leavers higher up the pitch. Mason Burstow - an outsider of the three, but a recent signing from Charlton and will be 19 in August. When he was signed, Nizaar Kinsella said do not expect him to go on loan. (Perhaps he will stay with the 23’s?)
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    And as I think about it, Man City have Kyle Walker, Stones, Ake, Grealish, Sterling, Mahrez, whereas we have Chilwell and Kante.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    As a general rule, and not commenting on any of the above players in particular, I wonder if we should be looking at the PL a bit more this summer and beyond? I know you pay more, but in recent years we’ve had Ziyech, Werner and Lukaku who were all up there with the very best in their respective leagues, yet haven’t really worked out as expected. Add the likes of Havertz, Kepa, Pulisic too where at best the jury is still very much out there and I think it is worth exploring a change of approach. (And Btw, I appreciate for every one of those above there is a Azpi, Mendy, Silva etc) If I think about Liverpool (who’s recruitment has been one of the best over the last 5+ years), they’ve taken Jota, Mane, VVD, Wijnaldum, Henderson, Milner, Robertson from PL / Lower league teams.
  12. It really isn’t. He gives off those vibes to me too. I just think his confidence is shot to bits and his head is elsewhere
  13. Was just going to post something similar actually. I’ll start by saying that I don’t think it will be the massive rebuild that some are hoping for. It rarely ever is, and if pushed, I think we’ll see probably 7-8 of the squad depart (two of them we know already) and probably 3-4 fringe players eg Sarr, Barkley, Kepa, followed by maybe 1-2 attackers that want more minutes eg Werner. What is absolutely staggering with where this squad finds itself though, is just how much uncertainty there is about the vast majority of the squad and their future here. I would say it’s completely feasible for any of the following to leave this summer and it wouldn’t surprise me: Azpi - rumoured to be going to Barcelona pre-sanctions. Still could, but they would need to buy him out of his year’s extension Alonso - also heavily rumoured with Barca Jorginho - coming into final year, wouldn’t surprise anyone if he went back to Italy Kante - as above, will have a lot of interest and club might decide to cash in Pulisic - his dad has spoken out in the media and he might want more playing time Ziyech - as above Werner - as above, hasn’t really worked for him in England Lukaku - I don’t personally believe anyone would pay the money, but could see him and the club wanting to do a deal if someone did Chalobah - played yesterday but really wouldn’t surprise me if all of a sudden the club announced a PL loan for him. Will stand a higher chance of staying due to other defenders moving mind you. CHO - same with Chalobah really. Can see the club wanting him to get regular game time Add these players to your Kepa’s, Sarr, Barkley, Saul’s etc and there really is a huge amount of uncertainty within the squad at the moment - probably 60% of the squad you couldnt say hand on heart say that they will be here next season!! The only ones I think that are all but guaranteed are: Mendy, Silva, James, Chilwell, Kovacic, Mount and Havertz. It’s going to be a really interesting summer.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agree with this. Tielemans is tidy but won’t take us to the next level like a Rice or Tchouameni does. In terms of cashing in on Kante this summer, I think under normal and more stable circumstances, we might have considered it. But given the situation with new ownership, and the likes of AC, Rudiger leaving, I think we’re already playing catch-up and it would leave us too much to do.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    I do agree with this as a general sentiment, although I won’t be surprised if we make a “Pedro” type signing in attack. Been a few rumours about Mahrez at City who will only have a year left on his deal and I think we were in for him when he was at Leicester. Or a Dembele (Barcelona) free transfer sort of deal perhaps.