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  1. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    This is a fantastic signing. Pulisic is good enough to walk into our team now, and he is only going to get better. He is an extremely direct player who wants to run at opposition fullbacks. Likes to play on the right side and through the middle. Intelligent presser who is sneakily quick. He is going to fit perfectly into Sarri's system. For those worried about a lack of goal return. in 2017 with the US national team he had 6 goals in 9 games. Those were during world cup qualifying so he clearly shows up when called upon. (the US didn't qualify for other reasons not him). For those saying he isn't even a nailed on starter at Dortmund. He actually got hurt in August which allowed Sancho the game time to show his stuff. Now that he is back he is starting more than Sancho is. 11 starts and 7 sub appearances for Pulisic who has missed about a month I believe and 13 starts and 11 sub appearances for Sancho. Pulisic is going to be a key player for us for years to come. Everyone should be over the moon with this signing
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Thanks for pointing that out. Moses instead of Zappa works fine for me, its really a coin flip between those 2 anyway. I still think Bakayoko could come good however, especially in a 3 man midfield. Not quite ready to write him off just yet
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Bit of a long post so bear with me here: So if we assume the 4-3-3 formation Sarri likes to use we have the following: GK (2): Courtois, Caballero RB (2): Azpi, Zappa, Moses CB (4): Rudiger, Christensen, Zouma, Cahill, Luiz LB (2): Alonso, Emerson CM (6): Kante, Jorginho, Fabregas, Bakayoko, RLC, Barkley, Drinkwater RW (2): Willian, Pedro ST (2): Morata, Giroud, Batshuayi LW (2): Hazard The numbers are the total numbers for a starter and backup at each spot (I.e. depth in every position) For me we are only really short 1 player and that's another winger (attacking mid call it whatever you like) I like the idea of keeping all 3 strikers as each offers something different but I don't know if they would all be content with the minute distribution there It looks to me that Luiz, Moses, and Drinkwater are excess and can be sold. I like both players but I don't see game time for them I have not taken into account any loanees returning (apart from Zouma who I believe could play a big role this year) or young players such as Ampadu, Hudson-Odoi, and Mount In short, the lack of transfer activity can be attributed to we don't actually need many players in. The only way I really see us adding more is if we sell some. The quality of each player is a different discussion but I think we can all agree that we have a very strong squad overall that should comfortably get us top 4 and see us push for the league title. The moves I would make: get in a young winger such as Leon Bailey or Christian Pulisic to round out the squad (I'm not saying we have been linked with these 2, they just fit the player profile) sell Courtois due to his constant whining about wanting to leave and replace him with Alison That's it. Maybe I am overly optimistic but there's no reason to believe that our squad isn't good enough to compete on all fronts and challenge for every piece of silverware available
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    I really like Van Dijk but to be honest I don't see a need for another CB. We will have Luiz, Azpi, Cahill, Zouma, and Christensen all wanting and deserving first team minutes. That's assuming that both JT and Ivanovic leave. I'd rather use someone from the Academy as the 6th CB or bring JT back and spend that money elsewhere
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm not sure how well he's done at Ajax this season but I think Traore is one who fits in perfectly in our front three. He was never really a wide man but never really a central striker. I'm not saying he should play over Pedro but imagine his pace and his ability to cut in onto his left and shoot. He could be big "addition" next season when he returns from loan
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Huge fan of David Luiz, excited for him to be back. Yes he has his moments but as others have said, he brings excitement and passion that this team sorely lacks. Looking at the CB situation now, we have JT, Cahill, Luiz, and Zouma. Next year Christensen will come into the mix. The ages of these 5 actually work out perfectly. JT is going to be gone in the next year or two, so he doesn't necessarily block Christensen from the first team. Then another year or two down the line Cahill will be gone and Luiz will be on the bench while we have Zouma and Christensen as our starters. If we stay with a 4 back then we are set at CB for years to come. If we switch to a 3 back then maybe need another one but you have to be excited about both the present and future of our backline
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    If we get James then we should all be ecstatic. I can't even begin to count the number of posts that have been clamoring for a player who can play on the right side and produce goals. Teams wouldn't be able to just focus on Hazard anymore, it would free up everything. Willian could move to the center and take Oscar's place so we don't lose any of the mobility and work rate that Oscar brings. Imagine this attacking group. Costa Hazard Willian Fabregas James We brought in Kante to shield the defense. Let the man do his job and let the attacking talents run free. If a player like James is available for the same amount of money that would supposedly get Lukaku, we would be fools not to try and sign the man. Really hoping James happens. If we can sign James and a defender, this transfer window will have been a great success
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Is there a need for a striker at all is a better question
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    The problem with this debate is that everyone is right. Yes he has a very good goal scoring rate in the PL. Yes his touch is not the greatest. There's no one true right answer with this guy. I'm looking more at our forward options now. I'm assuming that Hazard is going to play in the front two. So we already have Costa, Hazard, and Batshuayi. If Lukaku didn't want to fight for a place before he's certainly not going to want to fight for a place again. If Hazard is going to play on the wing then I can understand the deal. As we'd then have Costa, Lukaku, and Batshuayi. It only makes sense to bring in Lukaku if Hazard isn't in the front two which I believe is where he wants to play
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Just to throw my 2 cents into the CB debate here. Christensen is on a two year loan so we won't have him. Kalas I've always thought deserves a chance. Omeruo seems to be in the endless loan cycle that never seems to help players reach our first team so I think we can rule him out. Djilobodji had a solid season in the Bundesliga for a mid table side. Chalobah again I think deserves a shot. I've been watching Jamaica's games in the Copa America and Hector is awful. He was at fault for their loss against Venezuela. Miazga could also play apart but he's in the same boat as Kalas and Chalobah, a development guy who isn't quite there yet. Clarke-Salter is in the same category. Zouma will not be back to full speed until 2017. ACL tears are not something that you can come back from quickly (I would know) those counting on him being there at the start of the season are nuts. This leaves us with: First choice: Terry, Cahill, Ivanovic developmental guys: Kalas, Chalobah, Miazga, Clarke-Salter Now it is impossible to try and bed 4 young guys into 2 positions at once so I think at least two out of the 4 developmentals will be loaned. Terry is 35 he isn't going to be able to play every game forever. Ivanovic the less said about him the better. I was calling for him to be sold before the season started but no one seemed to like that idea then. Cahill is a solid player I'm not sure where all of the negativity about him comes from. Is he world class, no but he is fully capable of starting for us. So that leaves us with one guy we can count on to play every game in Cahill. So yes we have depth at CB, but the quality is not there all the way through it. So yes we need a CB
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    So ramires?
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Okay we are obviously not signing Vidal or Kante. We don't have champions league and both of them are key cogs in their champions league sides. Kante may be going to Arsenal but again he will be a key piece in a champions league side. If we do go to a three man midfield, we obviously need someone quality in addition to Fabregas and Nainggolan (assuming he comes). Van Ginkel could certainly come in and do a job but I don't know if he's right for a starting role. What about Imbula from Stoke? He looked very solid when they played us (I have to admit I don't watch alot of Stoke so thats all I've seen of him) We may be forced to look at players at that level because we aren't going to get the top notch guys (Vidal, Kante, Gundogan)
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    So a Ramires upgrade then
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Miazga is seen as the future of the US backline. While the MLS is by no means a good league, he has lots of talent. I'm not saying he's ready to be thrown into the fray right now, but the kid is a real solid player
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Love Ramires, hate this deal. Looking forward though I agree that someone needs to be recalled. Van Ginkel seems to fit the bill before he injured his knee he was in the squad starting to get games and he's played well for stoke this year. If Remy is leaving then I understand Pato, but don't agree with it. I doubt Bamford gets a loan now he needs to stay and be diego's backup because lord knows Falcao isn't going to play again