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  1. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    Well if Havertz continues to under perform will Broja get a chance?
  2. Timo Werner returns to RB Leipzig

    It is good that he has moved on I heard on another forum that some of our fans were losing patience with him last season. Sobering discount. Will be interesting to see if he can nail down a regular staring spot at Leipzig.
  3. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    Kind of surprised to see Chilwell starting yesterday assumed we bought Cucurella due to Ben being injured. Some some good things, Sterling and Cucurella and some concerning ones. James's corners why didn't someone else step up after the first few failed to threaten, mind boggling for me. Generally James and Mount quiet which killed us down the right side and made us one dimensional so not the match to judge Havertz. Everton threw the kitchen sink at us and we survived despite some awkward moments and good blocks from set pieces and Gray's effort late on. Don't see us beating Spurs though maybe a draw.
  4. Chelsea's forward issues

    Yes but Alonso ghosts into the box, strikers can't do that.
  5. Media / Press

    Still, enjoyed the dig at Klopp saying they had only had 63 days break before the charity shield or 9 weeks. What would he be like if had the Super Cup to play too? Suggests he is worried about City or again is it the press scraping the barrel?
  6. Chelsea Pre-Season Summer 2022

    Emerson has some good qualities though unfortunately does not seemed disciplined when holding the defensive line.
  7. Chelsea Pre-Season Summer 2022

    If we get both Chilwell and James injured together who is likely to be the replacements?
  8. Chelsea's forward issues

    Yes he has a good record and has been playing in better teams also having his family closer might bring added distractions. I wasn't keen initially yet on reviewing some of our more recent purchases think this is a step in the right direction.
  9. Chelsea Pre-Season Summer 2022

    Yep we were the third best team and not close to being in the top two. The rebuild Sleeping Dave alludes to is being able to challenge, I think there is a gulf from the top two. I think this season we might slip to 4th as Spurs under Conte are beginning to gel.
  10. Udinese 1 Chelsea 3

    Hopefully a confidence booster and not too much travelling. So another season looms where we largely draw a blank on our transfer targets and fail to move on several players that don't fit our game. It looks like we have applied the sticking plaster. It seems to me we have been hampered every season since we got that transfer ban and this one with the uncertainly over RA moving on has delayed us in the transfer market.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    For me Lukaku was not a striker for a posession based team, it is that simple.
  12. I have read Boehly wants value for money on Lukaku, worrying as we badly overpaid. Will he shpw flexibility?
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think if a reasonable offer materialises let him go. He is better than some others we have at scoring yet if his sale can enable us to strengthen generally then I m all for it.
  14. New Stadium Plans

    Interesting I had wondered if a move to Earls Court would have proceeded if the CPO had been given the same pitch ownership rights. I don't believe RA was willing to do that? Earls Court is still close to the SB area, if CPO transferal rights were guaranteed at a nearby venue do you think the CPO would be likely to approve?
  15. Khobar's Legacy

    Did both sets of clubs get just 20,000 tickets? I ask as pundits on the day said about twice as many Liverpool supporters.