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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Its all about the right balance isn’t it? We don’t want to spend a lot of money on short term solutions, but sometimes short term solutions benefit long term solutions. in my eyes it is a big gamble not to strengthen either in first team or depth, short or long term, because only a fine margin separates us from the rest of the top 4 candidates. We are 6 points ahead with many games to play and if we lose our starter in a number of positions, especially attack, we are in for a fight. In my eyes Many seasons we have been too thin in squad depth but this season is even more nerve wrecking. We have a lot of young players that have never played a full PL season, so we cannot say if they can keep up their level for the remaining season. On the other hand our more experienced players are also becoming older and may also drop in form/get injured. to me it seems a no brainer to try and get some depth as a precaution at least. In my eyes we can loose more than we gain from not doing this. If we don’t strengthen in depth and we suffer from injuries, we may lose our CL spot. That to me is the big gamble and the consequences are vast in the summer. No CL and we will be far less competitive in bringing in the game changing talents we need. when we won the CL Hazard chose us. Would a player like him choose us and europa league over Tottenham/united if they qualify for CL? my heart says yes cause we are the best club in the world, but my brain is less convinced. so it essentially comes down to do we want to increase our chances of top4 with a short term solution, and would that in essence help us long term (CL spot secured). - Yes, in my eyes. I don’t watch much football besides Chelsea, so I am not one to say whether quality from lesser teams is available or not. Our scouts must have eyes on good players in lesser teams that could either improve our first team or depth with potential to be a future first team player. if we only look at established players I imagine its difficult to do business in January without paying a premium, but a good player for depth and with potential to grow in for example Germany at a mid level club could potentially be a solution. Bayern always pick the best players from these teams with great success, so in January we may beat them to the punch. I would also entertain the idea of a loan. There’s virtually no risk. Worst case they don’t play and best case we get new energy, more options and perhaps that in turn pushes our main starters to also do better. In the end we don’t know what has happened behind the curtains which makes it more frustrating, than knowing we really tried and just couldn’t make it work. That’s for me is the hardest, not knowing if we did indeed make an effort. From the sidelines it can feel a bit lazy from our club at times :) I would even say we should have taken a punt on Eriksen. We are desperate for some creativity from our midfielders! and he actually shoots from a distance. my last point is about Giroud. How he hasn’t gotten more game time is puzzling to me. I think he’s better than bats and could have gotten more minutes. Especially now where we finally have a good crosser of the ball in James, I feel Giroud could get on the end of a fair few. If we use him more for the remaining season I think he could offer us something still. Why aren’t we trying? It may be that we think bats is a longer term option than Giroud, but in the present he is not a better solution. oh, and have anyone thought of trying lamptey on the wing? He’s got so much speed and low Center of gravity. Now he is off anyway :( Edit; squad depth turned into squid depth 🦑
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    goal reporting that kante demands a transfer to Madrid. Desperate..
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Lot of talk about gabigol. Any opinions on him? Never seen him play.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Inter rumoured to negotiate with Eriksen. what are your thoughts on him? Not my first choice but PL experience And in a january window I Think its one of the higher quality players available.
  5. No new members for over a year

    Hi guys, I’ve been checking these forums on/off since 06 or so, rarely posting myself but enjoying the insights you all have to our club and the game itself. - oh and also the petty arguments are amusing sometimes :) anyway, I saw the issue with registration and gave it a go myself to see if I could register a new account. Voila :) basically this is silly but what seems to work is as follows: upon registration when you are notified that an email confirmation has been sent to your mail, it seems nothing is sent most of the time. But on that page you can select change email address. Press it, change it to another mail of yours or a bogus mail. Afterwards a new mail is sent to this email that you may or may not have. Keep doing this while changing your email back to your original email until finally a confirmation mail DOES arrive. - after that you’re in :) took me 3 changes to actually receive the mail. Being stubborn is the key is seems. anyway, hope it helps as a quick fix for now. Cheers, Jack