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  1. Chelsea vs Leeds United

    In more promising news
  2. Zenit St Petersburg vs Chelsea

    Hopefully this makes it a bit more bearable
  3. West Ham 3 Chelsea 2

    Think I've found your Twitter Diddymen haha
  4. Watford 1 Chelsea 2

    Liverpools 2 fixtures: Brentford (H), Palace (A) - Brentford looked woeful last night and Palace will have a few out themselves (Zaha, Kouyate, Ayew, Schlupp off the top of my head) so something tells me they'll be just fine
  5. Watford 1 Chelsea 2

    Sorry - what is this in response to? The number of injuries we currently have or the cardiac arrests happening in a short space of time recently? If the latter, this response doesn't explain the fact it was 3 fans of the general public (Newcastle, Watford, Southampton) and not elite sportsmen
  6. West Ham 3 Chelsea 2

    Yep - CHO, Jorginho, Werner all played 0 minutes midweek. James was in training on Tuesday but not in the squad yesterday so hopefully just rested? Rom played 20 last night too so a few options there and fresh legs. This one could also play into our hands I don't think they'll be a team to sit back at home and hopefully there is space to exploit
  7. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 1

    We sold him didn't loan him - have a £25m buyback on him so can't recall. Wouldn't be surprised if that buy back clause couldn't be exercised until a certain period as well to allow development/stop a loophole of clubs selling and buying back at end of season to get around the 1 player per club loan rule
  8. Media / Press

    A great watch this - a few nice touches throughout
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    If we were willing to spend 60-70m on Hakimi (and we didn't end up buying him), is there a pot of money sitting somewhere for a 'big' signing? I can't think of many LBs out there (if Chilwell diagnosis is ACL) if we wanted to spend big, Theo Hernandez maybe but would impede Maatsen's development, we have Emerson (on loan) and Alonso who have been proven to be difficult to sell, we could end up having 5 LBs at the club in summer!
  10. Chelsea 4 Juventus 0

    If we win by 2 or more tonight, it won't go to GD as we'll beat Juve on H2H
  11. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 3

    When was the last time a player scored 25+ goals, Salah 17/18? Feel goals have been distributed out more in recent years and we've made a good start at that!
  12. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 1

    Agreed - feels like it's been an age since we last beat them in the league, I think it was the Morata header. Need as many as we can get on the board before the congestion
  13. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 3

    TT coy in presser - said he can't give answers if he'll play against Juventus or Man Utd, hopefully he will be back soon but don't want to rush him back either! Kovacic also out - Rom to hopefully join the squad on Sunday and not 100% on Werner for tomorrow
  14. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 3

    Rom back training individually today, small steps. Hopefully back for Utd (?)
  15. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 3

    Tuchel said on the 5th stand the ones who have not been called up to their country have been given a week off to rest which is vital before the inevitable December congestion (9 games in 25 days) Saw this yesterday which bodes well - USMNT Head Coach in an interview saying that he will manage his minutes so he can push on with us