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  1. Non Chelsea: International Football

    Mount had a brilliant game, an assist and he made the chance for sterlins assist. As much as I hate him sterlin was my MOTM. He was really good on the ball and a real professional performance in the face of adversity from some deplorable behaviour from the Hungarian stands
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    🤣 But my "loophole" does include words. Anyway what have you got against children?
  3. Non Chelsea: International Football

    At halftime tonight both Lukaku and Werner have both scored in their respective games....come on Mason boy make it a hatrick
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    All good here buddy, things are finally cooling down a bit but that does mean I can't go around peeing on bushes "for the sake of the environment" you all good? Yeah we are allowed two emojis but we have to use words as well, I think I might of found a loophole though. For example instead of everything I have written I could of just put: " Peace emoji, strong emoji, thumb up emoji" Most people would of understood it and I didn't break any unwritten laws.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    But we are not allowed a sperate page where we can go and argue like obtuse children. That whole conversation could of been moved there and people that wanted to see arguments could of enjoyed and people who only wanted to see about transfers wouldn't of been interrupted. Of I course could of said that all in two emojis to save everyone's time but we are not allowed 🤣
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Oh yes you colud
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    ok we will keep arguing about things on unrelated topics. truth be told I am a bit disappointed in your response to my tongue in cheek comment about people arguing about things in the wrong topic. I thought that sort of thing annoyed you but obviously not and your pleas for taking things to the correct topic was nothing more than a way to get your content count up?
  8. Predictor: Match 3 Away vs Liverpool

  9. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    wrong topic, I am going to count it though
  10. Predictor: Match 3 Away vs Liverpool

    You got that dead right ✅
  11. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I like the way you think, anytime I need a dose of optimism I am coming to you
  12. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Well that certainly makes our performance against arsenal look relatively average, it is going to be difficult keeping up with them this season if they keep this up.