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  1. That's PR-talk in my opinion. Like a "text me any time" if you've just been sacked by your boss or dumped by your partner. Very much doubt she'll be involved in anything from now on.
  2. Sounds like Marina was sacked in that statement. Figured it would say she resigned but a rather blunt announcement of her departure suggests otherwise.
  3. Chelsea Football Club today announced a series of appointments to its Board of Directors and other leadership changes. 'As custodians of Chelsea FC, we now begin executing our long-term vision and plan for the Club, creating an outstanding experience for its passionate, loyal fans, and continuing to challenge for top honours in line with Chelsea FC’s decorated history,' said Todd Boehly, co-controlling owner of Chelsea FC, and chairman and CEO of Eldridge. 'Working together, side-by-side, we are firmly committed to winning, both on and off the pitch. For us, that effort has begun.' 'As the new era of the Boehly-Clearlake ownership begins, we are excited to build a championship organisation and grow Chelsea FC as a global platform,' said Behdad Eghbali and José E. Feliciano, co-controlling owners of Chelsea FC, and co-founders and managing partners of Clearlake Capital. 'We look forward to backing Thomas Tuchel, Emma Hayes and their teams, and will provide proactive, unbending support to make Chelsea’s loyal fans and our partners proud.' Boehly has been named chairman of the board of Chelsea FC effective immediately. Chelsea FC’s other confirmed board members include: • Behdad Eghbali and José E. Feliciano, co-controlling owners of Chelsea FC, and co-founders and managing partners of Clearlake Capital • Mark Walter, co-owner of Chelsea FC, co-founder and CEO of Guggenheim Partners, owner of Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Lakers, and Los Angeles Sparks • Hansjörg Wyss, co-owner of Chelsea FC, founder of the Wyss Foundation • Jonathan Goldstein, co-owner of Chelsea FC, co-founder and CEO of Cain International • Barbara Charone, director and co-founder of MBC PR • Lord Daniel Finkelstein OBE, columnist and former executive editor of The Times • James Pade, partner and managing director of Clearlake Capital The announcement includes the departure of Marina Granovskaia, director of Chelsea FC. Boehly will operate as interim sporting director until the Club names a full-time replacement, continuing the Club’s work towards its targets during the current transfer window. Chelsea FC and Ms. Granovskaia have agreed that she will remain available to Boehly and the Club for the duration of the current transfer window, to the extent required to support the transition. 'We thank Marina for her many years of excellent service to the Club and wish her all the best in her future ventures,' added Boehly. Official statement.
  4. Sounds like he's really pushing to return to Italy. According to reports his lawyer held meetings with Inter yesterday and Lukaku have apparently accepted a wage-cut to return to Inter. Problem however is that Inter can't afford to buy him. It would have to be a loan with a purchase option. Can't imagine Boehly or Tuchel wanting to keep a Lukaku who's desperate to leave but would we take a massive loss on him? We would certainly have too if we wanted to let him go at this point.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Think the lad may actually have anxiety and panic attacks. If that's the case I can fault him for that even though I'm disappointed he's leaving. But having had some experience with that kind of stuff myself on occasion I can't help but feel sorry for him. Unless he's not sick at all of course and just whimpered out of it. For that there would be no excuse.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    “It’s maybe impossible,” Tuchel remarked. “I have to say, maybe impossible. They are improving their squad in every transfer window they have. It seems like we are losing key player. We are losing, of course, Toni, we’re losing Andreas. So this is tough and we already have gap to close. Tuchel surprisingly blunt about our chances of closing the gap on Liverpool. I share his worries.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah, I definitly get the reservations. I do think we are desperate with someone with a littlebit of unpredictability in our side. We are predictable as hell to play against and need someone who's got the vision to see the passes and openings few others see. Like we've had previously with Mata, Cesc, Lampard and others. Pogba may not be the answer but if not I sure hope we look for someone of that ilk in the market.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Suspect many would disagree but I would 100% explore signing Paul Pogba. He's had a bit of a shite time at Manchester United but that club has been a complete mess since he arrived there. In my opinion we are in desperate, desperate need of someone with real creativity and Pogba got that in abundance. There are issues with him and he needs to be a bit protected by his teammates but on the ball he would give us something we are sorely lacking. He's also free of course and with us losing a few players for free on our way it would be shrewd business to bring someone in without having to pay a transfer-fee. Dembele is another one I would very much look to bring in if at all possible.
  9. True, I like Boehly the most out of anyone involved. But Clearlake is the majority owner at, at least 60% and the Boehly-consortium that includes at least four individuals share the remaining 40%. So not confident Boehly will have all that much influence in the end.
  10. At least we have a new owner and don't risk administration or relegation. Can't say I love the owners but hoping for the best. I don't think there would be much celebration if the true frontman of this bid (Eghbali/Clearlake) was the media frontman as well but clever from them. A bit interesting that the statement about what they would like to invest the £1.75bn in did not mention the first team or continuing to compete for biggest trophies in any way.
  11. Sounds like some of my biggest concerns with Clearlake are being adressed right now. Would not be surprised if Clearlake pulls out if we stick to these demands but that I'm all for.
  12. Absolutely not. But being majority owned by a Californian private equity firm fills me with absolutely zero confidence. It looks like it will be them in the now and there is nothing I can do about that but it's a terrible deal for this football club as far as I'm concerned. In my opinion we will be fully loaded up with expensive debt in a few short months and cost cuts, sales and normal people losing their jobs is on the horizon here.
  13. That's fine, but we are just as stupid if we go to bed with private equity over Ratcliffe. This article is worth reading for those who are seemingly fine with Clearlake becoming majority owner of our football club. Not particulary in depth but it brings up a few of the big problems with private equity.
  14. He is originally a Manchester United fan and would have "split loyalties" when the teams played He wants to turn Chelsea into a club of "the same stature as the city of London" The bid is not about making profit from Chelsea as Ineos makes "lots of money from chemicals" Stamford Bridge needs a "world-class capacity as well as a world-class stadium" and will not be renamed Significant investment would go into Chelsea's women's and academy teams His group "couldn't get comfortable" with Chelsea's valuation when they first expressed interest in buying the club in 2018 Come on Ratcliffe! We genuinely are idiots if we go with Clearlake over this.
  15. Last year we made £76.3 million in operating cash flow for example. We also have a whole lot of assets who's not directly involved with the first time now we could look to sell. Gallagher, Colwill, Broja, Gilmour etc etc. That quartet there would raise a significant amount of money for example. Now I don't think you can make a lot of money and compete with Chelsea FC right now but that is another question.