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  1. Salomon Kalou

    I hope we have not purchased another Kezman......
  2. John Terry

    Fully agree that record will never be broken. quote:Originally posted by True Blue GaryNobody is going to beat Chopper's total.... id="quote"> id="quote">
  3. Didier Drogba

    Pity he can't shrug off challenges like he does criticism !!!!!
  4. Michael Essien

    Fully agree, I think the special one made a mistake selling Parker, I think Essien is good but no better than Scotty. quote:Originally posted by greenawayHe's no better than Scott Parker and Parker cost £14 million less and will be an England regular sooner or later id="quote"> id="quote">
  5. John Terry

    Its not an over reaction at all mate, win lose or draw it only takes two seconds to come over to the fans and show some sort of thanks to those who have spent hard earned money to follow the team.Jose should make the players do it at the end of every game simple as that.They would not like it if at the end of a defeat if they turned round and we had all cleared off would they !!! quote:Originally posted by BlueRobboI think this is a massive over-reaction - let's get things into perspective. If we had won the game or even lost by a single goal then I think that they would have come over - this was different. They were well and truly beaten and because of that were highly embarrassed and just wanted to get out of the spotlight. It was not their intention to ignore us and too be totally honest, having them come over and clap me would not have made the loss any easier to bear. All things like this does is put our club on the back pages again - and all because a few of us had our 'feelings hurt'. I think we all need to grow up and as for writing letters to the players then in my opinion, that is way over the top! I know all the arguments that are going to come on the back of this post but as I said before, it was definitely an oversite on the players behalf and not intentional so why don't we behave like adults and not make our players grovel to us in the press. id="quote"> id="quote">