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  1. WOW . Do we now have the WISE one . Has he learnt from all the ranting to now focus on what he does best and that is managing Chelsea FC to new heights , focus on younger players and giving them a chance. To lose without blaming all and sundry .To be at the Bridge to build a force to be reckoned with for years to come. To be the best club manager for years in world football. He has won more trophies than any other manager in the EPL put together. I await the new season . BRING IT ON !!!!
  2. why can't I get a a little picture by my name

  3. John Terry

    TBH I belive Anton has been wrongly advised all through this. With his brothers hand well and truly up his bum.
  4. Should never been brought in the first place , Whoever recommened him on the board to Roman should be sacked, The Club I love has become a total farce hangers on and people knowing nothing about football, have taken over , Including Roman. Fine chuck your money in, let a good manager buy the players sit back watch and STFU. 2 major things have led to this outcome. Wilkins leaving last year. AVB saying this squad was good enough at the begining of the season . The players have nothing to do with this. It,s how good your manager is and AVB was crap.
  5. Ashley Cole

    Sorry Larsp .I,am not having that about Ekotto is better than Cole not in a pink fit . Cole has been the better left back for years Ekotto scores a couple of goals this season and all of a sudden he is a world beater give me a break . Was,nt it just last season that he was part of a defensive spuds unit that did,nt keep a clean sheet in the epl all season or close to it. I know Cole is not having the greatest of seasons far from it . But he is still a better left back than haircut 100. Baines is solid but not exceptional .
  6. Morning Bouncy I know great forwards ,But I was more thinking of your 20 goal a season man .Which I belive Drogba was the first forward to do that since Dixon in the league. I thought Zola was more of a no 10 type of player than a forward. Any way thats knit picking on my behalf. Its funny we bought Torres for that 20 goal a season reason . But his stats show he has only achived that once I think.
  7. Sorry complete and utter dud . I had so much faith in him ,still have him in my fantasy team . But he will be gone this weekend. Complete waste of space . What is it and forwards with us , Drogba and Dixon have been about it since the 80,s
  8. John Terry

    Please this is all really getting out of hand . The next time someone calls Ryan Giggs a Welsh C<<< Or Stevie G a Scouse [email protected]@@ . They will call the police in and hang them out to dry. Please give me a break . The poor sods that take corners at away grounds every week . Will there be a 50m exclusion Zone from now on . I feel they get called a lot worse than a Black [email protected]@? when preparing to take the kick . Stewards are there . Cameras are there and you can see the vile abuse being shouted at them . No one should have to put up with that doing a job . Any action taken against them I think not . If this was any other player or any other club it would,nt even mention a headline. Liverpool being my point. where one of their players not once but 10 tens until proven guilty called Evra The N word . Did JT say get to the Back of the Bus you Black C.... or you can't dine here whites only you black C.... No in the heat of the moment he called him a black C... Please if I offend anyone I am truly sorry as its not my intent . I dont think thats a racist remark at all
  9. Didier Drogba

    I think the whole point has been missed. (Unless I missed it being made earlier in the thread!) Torres was out for three games, Drogba had a chance to play himself into form and to shine. He did neither. Scored zip, played like a big baby again and got sent off for a dumb tackle when we were allready down to ten men. New contract why ? I have loved Drogba, but time this circus act was on the road and Chelsea move on.
  10. Michael Essien

    I think our strongest midfield is one without Essien in it.Total tosh this season and I can't belive he still gets a game. Has been a brilliant player for about 2-3 seasons . But well below par this season. The exit door is open. bye
  11. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Sorry Liverlad fines are not the answer because thay are always to small for the wages the players are on .It would just be like the scence from Quadrophenia . When the bellboy gets fine and says "I'll pay now if you don't mind." " Haven't got a pen, have you, your honour?" Yellow and red cards are the only way to go . It really would,nt take that long to clean it up .
  12. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    For a team that plays beautiful football.God they are a bunch of cheats and ref chasers, One sure thing to clear up the Ref baiting . If players surround the ref it is an automatic yellow card, go near them again its a red . It will soon stop. The only player who goes near the ref is the captain. Makes me laugh this respect campaign uefa has brought in its as much valid as Qatar winning the world cup bid.
  13. I reckon we should sign that lad from Bolton Scores lots of goal when he is given a run. I think Sturridge is his name.
  14. Didier Drogba

    I for one would like to see a Drogba ,Torres partnership flourish . For that to happen and happen effectivly we need some width and a midfield that can find them. Unfortunalty Drogba has always been that Love him hate him kind of player amongst the fans. Personally he has been awesome for us and it will be a sad day when he leaves. If we could just get him to play next season . But I feel he will be off.
  15. Just feel sorry for him . Having to play for a lot of gutless wonders that have,nt a clue at the moment .