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  1. Everton 1 Chelsea 0.

    The most predictable Chelsea performance of the season.
  2. Everton 1 Chelsea 0.

    They were slated because they were very physical and barely touched the ball.
  3. Everton 1 Chelsea 0.

    Everton got a pasting for playing like this at Anfield. Anyone think that'll happen after this?
  4. Everton 1 Chelsea 0.

    They weren't fears. We knew what was coming
  5. Everton 1 Chelsea 0.

    Which minute will we get our first red?
  6. Everton 1 Chelsea 0.

    Friend is shameless
  7. Everton 1 Chelsea 0.

    Everton players preventing Azpi talking to the ref
  8. Everton 1 Chelsea 0.

    Yes, but what will happen that doesn't happen every week?
  9. Khobar's Legacy

    or VAR
  10. Throw in the £60m they got for selling Ibe, Solanke and Brewster and another £90m odd for selling Suarez. They've made a hell of a lot in sales, as have we. And they haven't wasted vast sums on the likes of Lukaku, Kepa, Drinkwater and Bakayoko.
  11. Khobar's Legacy

    The Mirror is to print journalism what BT Sport is to TV coverage when it comes to History FC.
  12. Everton 1 Chelsea 0.

    Friend reffed us at Southampton. We scored enough to prevent him having any influence. We should try that more often.
  13. Khobar's Legacy

    I actually listened to the half-time and post-match discussion, and it was mercifully Liverpool-free. The Chelsea pundit in the box was, er, strangely not there, but to keep things balanced Sky had Roy Keane with Gary Neville doing co-commentary. Thankfully, there was no Carragher, but ex-Liverpool Jamie Redknapp was in his place. (Redknapp's cousin was, of course, our former player and manager, so that was enough for Sky). Both Keane and Redknapp were actually full of praise for our play (as was Neville), with Keane displaying a massive man-crush for Reece James.
  14. Khobar's Legacy

    Benitez's Liverpool were the ultimate proof. They finished about 35 points behind us in the league and literally just focused on a handful of matches from about Christmas onwards.
  15. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    I remember the Everton home game in December.
  16. Khobar's Legacy

    Totally agree. As to your question about the media's obsession with them, it has to be because so many football pundits are connected to them (Carjacker, Souness, Murphy, Owen, Lawrenson, Warnock. I've probably missed about 20 others). And a significant number of football journalists and producers grew up in the 70s and 80s when Liverpool were at their most dominant, so there is no doubt a disproportionate number of glory-hunting Liverpool lovers in their ranks.
  17. Khobar's Legacy

    Just sat through 'The Boot Room', the latest in a series of films in which BT indulges its obsession with all things Liverpool. When I say 'all things Liverpool', I was in fact struck by a curious omission. The documentary was supposedly about the windowless room where Shankly, Paisley and Fagan talked tactics and team selection from the early 60s to the mid 80s. In reality it was just a sort of greatest hits of Liverpool's glorious and unblemished history as everyone's favourite second team, with loads of goals, trophies and parades and very little talk of tactics. The retirement of Shankly, the promotion of Paisley, the retirement of Paisley and the promotion of Fagan were all covered on great detail, as were their 4 European Cup wins between '77 and ''84. That was the point at which they decided they would ignore the retirement of Joe Fagan and what was really the end of the legendary boot room. After 1984 they fast forwarded to Klopp, pictures of Liverpool winning the Champions League, and lots of cringe-worthy crap. It was strange how the retirement of Fagan after the 1985 European Cup Final against Juventus didn't warrant inclusion. I wonder why that was.
  18. Khobar's Legacy

    It's just extreme cynicism dripping with sarcasm.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    I can see why accusations of greed are being thrown at him, but I wonder at the economics of losing a player on a free. To replace him will cost several times more than the signing on fee of £10m he was supposedly demanding. Yes £200k a week is a hell of wage, but we are paying Lukaku a lot more than that, and there is no comparison when you consider their value to the team. Rudiger has been genuinely outstanding for the past 16 months and his departure will leave a massive hole at the back, and in the dressing room. I believe TT when he says we did everything to try and keep him, but events have conspired against us. Rudiger is justified in trying to maximise his earnings in the last few years of his career.
  20. Khobar's Legacy

    Being retrospectively punished for attempted eye-gouging will diminish his prospects. I wonder how long his ban will be.
  21. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    True. Who was the VaR?
  22. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    Fernandes should be banned, if you saw his challenge yesterday. Outrageous reffing from Pawson.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    He has offers on the table. The clubs who want him - like Real - can't wait for ever and might sign someone else and withdraw their offer. Rudiger has to do what's best for his future and as of now Chelsea are not in a position to extend/ improve his contract. Circumstances have brought this about. I hope it's not true but I can believe it is, sadly. He will be a MASSIVE loss to us.