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  1. John Terry

    That's my take on things. I sincerely hope we are right!
  2. John Terry

    "There is definitely a possibility...." was a phrase that caught my eye in BlueMoon Coop's post. He's apparently 100% certain that something might happen.
  3. John Terry

    I think JT is justified in renegotiating his contract. Chelsea have come out and said that he's not for sale at any price. This is because he is a vital figure on and off the field, so vital that we turn down megabucks from Citeh. So if he's so valuable, why (wonders an agent on commission) isn't he the highest paid player at the club?
  4. John Terry

    JT's a total legend. It's laughable how little respect he gets from the vast majority of football fans and pundits, given his phenomenal achievements as a player and captain and given his total dedication to the club. I don't expect them to like him, but they genuinely do not seem to recognise his ability as a player and leader.
  5. Didier Drogba

    That's a very good feature. I've read DD's autobiog and the bits Hayward quotes are the bits that stood out for me. He really is a complex individual - moody, awkward, self-pitying, very hard to handle. He's not an esay player to like, but my view with him is that you take the rough with the smooth. He's not a JT or a Lamps, in terms of his unquestioning commitment, but if he gets his head right he's worth persevering with. I know a lot of people disagree and have had enough of his moodiness and whining, but I still think he can do a hell of a lot for us.
  6. Gael Kakuta

    For those who want to skip the first 2 1/2 mins, try this: Adding the #t= bit at the end of a link takes you right there! (just a little trick I've learned that could be useful to some. I don't really advocate missing out watching our reserves)
  7. Best Live Albums

    Free Live, Lizzy's Live and Dangerous, Who Live at Leeds and Neil Young's Live Rust are all excellent, but the best I've heard is Neil Young's 'Weld'.
  8. John Terry

    Halsey could have reviewed the footage and admitted his error without any intervention or pressure from anyone. The fact that he made no admission of error at all is surely proof that he refused to acknowledge he'd made one. IMO all refs should do that when their decision might lead to an unwarranted suspension - it happened after Lamps' red card at West ham last season.
  9. John Terry

    Because Halsey wouldn't accept he was wrong even when the footage showed he was. He could have admitted the red was wrong and helped theb appeal process but refused. Because Halsey has an astonishing record of getting things wrong against us.
  10. John Terry

    If he had given the red for a the professional foul, could Halsey have looked at it after and admitted he'd got it wrong and then had the suspension ruled out? Pretty sure he could have.
  11. John Terry

    Apparently not. He told the 4th offical about the 'serious foul play' during the game.
  12. Didier Drogba

    Vialli said on TV a few months ago that DD had already signed for a top Italian side.
  13. John Terry

    I watched that footage over and over on Sky + in super slomo. As did UEFA. No snot left his mouth or his nose and landed on Tevez. You see what you want to see, but the footage itself reveals nothing. If it did, UEFA would have thrown the book at him.
  14. John Terry

    Just backing up the fact that the incident happened and the players confessed.
  15. John Terry
  16. John Terry

    I know JT is hated, but the reasons they give for this are: 1. He allegedly made a racist comment to King - total fabrication 2. He allegedly spat at Tevez - no he didn't 3. He allegedly stamped on Torres - total exaggeration. Though there was a liitle bit of deliberate contact. It was just a 'little dig', not a stamp. Not violent, just a wind-up. Nothing like Torres' deliberate stamp on JT's recently broken foot at Anfield in Aug 07 4. "He’s **** out of every penalty shoot out he’s ever been involved in' - totally untrue (took one for England) 5. He took the CL pen 'because he wanted the glory'. Er no, because DD had been sent off and Ex-LFC Anelka refused to take one 6. He has 'form' for crying after we lose massive games in heartbreaking circumstances. Scandalous. 7. The mocking of US tourists in 2001. Tasteless and yobbish behaviour, without doubt, but JT was 19 at the time and he's grown up a lot since then and apologised publicly for that. What a total joke of an article. They can hate and slag off JT all they like - no problem with that - but giving such pathetic justifications for doing so is laughable.
  17. John Terry

    So snide and sneaky that a TV camera on his face at the time didn't even pick it up. Clever chap, JT.
  18. John Terry The paper didn't see fit to give this news any prominence whatsoever, and I can't even find it on the Guardian site that accused him of "appearing to cover Tevez in phlegm", even though no video in existence showed any such thing. I even read one report saying Tevez was 'adamant he'd been spat at'. Please JT, sue all the [email protected] who've spread this unfounded allegation around the media. You can afford it.
  19. Didier Drogba

    The bit about Lamps' deflected goals was investigated by the Guardian earlier this season:,00.html That research was done last October, so he's banged in plenty more since then. Can't recall too many deflections, so the proportion should have fallen further.
  20. John Terry

    Great to see he's naming them Jan and Franco.