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  1. 2 hours ago, Mark Kelly said:

    Do you mean the chap who Boris Johnson and his charming wife also the ex leader of Tory friends of Russia , against the advice of the security services , raised to the Lords?

    That one?

    The one who is buddies with Labour MP Chris Bryant, who probably more than anyone put pressure on the UK Gov't to sanction RA? 

  2. 1 hour ago, asvaberg said:

    But they have had Champions League finals before, without "masshysteria" and trouble? 

    2005-06 Barcelona-Arsenal att. 79.610

    1999-00 Real Madrid-Valencia att. 80.000

    1980-81 Liverpool-Real Madrid att.48.360(Parc des Princes, European cup)


    Suddenly they can't cope with it? Or....... ??

    They also host sellout rugby internationals and Football internationals several times a year.

  3. 1 hour ago, Mark Kelly said:

    The other bloke on BT is as bad , can't recall his name but I think he's a United supporter , in fact we are so reviled by BT I cancelled my contract 

    Darren Fletcher. Usually pairs up with McManaman. I don't find Fletcher nearly as bad as Darke, but I can't stand McManaman. I suppose they need a token Liverpool fan, though. For balance.

  4. 28 minutes ago, Sleeping Dave said:

    It’s called scouting and making sure the players you sign actually fits in somewhere, that the teams general style of play suits them (or the other way around), or that these players actually have skills that transfers well to the PL. 

    Apparently we didn’t want Haaland because we are afraid he won’t suit the PL. but have no issue spunking 50m on Werner who only has speed. 

    We bid for him last summer

  5. 24 minutes ago, Bob Singleton said:

    I'm sure we'll all be glad when it is all done and dusted.


    ❝The government has proposed a two-stage process in which the £2.5bn from the sale to Boehly’s group would go into an escrow account, where it would be held until it is satisfied the funds will go to a charity for victims of the war in Ukraine.

    It is expected that the charity will be established after the sale has gone through and assurances have been made that the foundation will be independent from Abramovich, who was sanctioned following the invasion of Ukraine. Mike Penrose, the former Unicef UK executive director, has been asked to run the charity.❞

    Why was this not possible when it came to ticket sales, merchandise etc?

  6. 29 minutes ago, chara said:

    Agree Mark....but we were not always the baddy...thank basically RA and Jose for that but..a question....rather the baddy than the patronising music hall identity.

    We were the baddy dating back to the Headhunters and then Ken Bates. RA and José (and JT) were just more reasons for them to despise us.

  7. The Guardian, after keeping on as their Chelsea correspondent the guy who wished a career-ending injury on Lampard and who mocked the death of Matthew Harding, are now just trolling. Their five young players of the season: Saka, Foden, Gallagher, Kulusevski, Sessegnon.


  8. 53 minutes ago, Sciatika said:

    Schadenfreude (It's a German word, Jurgen)


    "I don't understand how the Wolverhampton supporters can celebrate when City score a goal. I don't understand these kind of feelings."

    His English his so good you'd think he'd know the English language has adopted the word from his native tongue.

  9. 3 hours ago, Sciatika said:

    Not criticising Bassey - I have no idea, I haven't watched him - but it reminds me of a comment about Carlton Cole. "He covers every blade of grass on the pitch...with a first-touch like that, he has to."

    Be nice if Lukaku covered as much ground after his first touch.

  10. 1 hour ago, Mark Kelly said:

    Anthony Taylor in charge for Liverpool so expect a rousing Liverpool victory , whether he'll slot one in himself remains to be seen. 

    He was on astonishing form last night. Let two players (Ayew and DCL) get away with dangerous scissor tackles and they both went on to score.

  11. 6 hours ago, Ham said:

    Got a coach to and from the game. Took so long to get back I missed the victory parade. 

    Flew on an early-morning flight from Birmingham to Frankfurt, then train to Stuttgart and then train to Munich. Saved a fortune compared to flying from any of the London airports.

    Spectacular atmosphere all over the city-centre. We were massively outnumbered. I remember the Bayern fans chanting "Chelsea, Chelsea, Who the **** are Chelsea?" but it was good humoured. The police seemed to be successful at shepherding Chelsea fans into squares on our own.

    Watched the game in a bar about two minutes from Marienplatz. It was 98% Chelsea, with a couple of very good-natured Germans, who seemed to enjoy the incredible atmosphere. It was just out of this world. Total and utter pandemonium by the end. The poor waitresses - who were phenomenal for the first 88 minutes, serving beers non-stop - were utterly terrified by the unreal celebrations and just buggered off, so you then had to queue at the bar, from  where you couldn't see the screen, so I don't think they sold much beer from the moment we equalised.

    By the end, dozens of cops lined up outside the bar and I was a bit worried they might storm the place to calm everything down, but they were very good and let everyone go mental.

    We then went round to the square by the Hofbrauhaus, which was also fantastic, with hundreds of Chelsea fans just going nuts.

    Marienplatz was rammed and seemed to be 90% Bayern fans, who were obviously gutted but I didn't witness any trouble.

    We had a few drinks in a bar by the station before catching the 2am train. One Bayern fan gave my young nephew his half-and -half scarf, which was a nice gesture.

    The crush at the station was not pleasant, but we managed to find seats in a packed train. They must have laid on extra carriages as the train went on for miles.

    Just a magical weekend in every way.