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  1. You mean he has to focus max to not look like an amateur? Yeah, I can definitely see what you’re trying to say here. Lukaku was playing senior football at Anderlect at 16 because he looked like a 25 year old at that time. Football wise or in terms of technique he was noting special at all. He had size and speed. Now he just has size.
  2. Chelsea's forward issues

    I don’t want to be a grinch, but I do not see Broja making it with us. Nor do I see Gallagher playing a part here. Most likely both will be sold this summer (unfortunately).
  3. Chelsea's forward issues

    None of our players have been overplayed. It’s only defensive players who has seen 2000+ mins. City and Liverpool have attacking players in that ballpark. I do agree regarding Lukaku though. He’s a lazy lump who has ruined the balance completely. I much prefer us with Mount and Werner supporting Havertz. Our best side imo; Mendy; Azpilicueta, Silva, Rudiger; James, Kante, Jorginho, Chilwell; Mount, Werner; Havertz Lukaku was a signing on par with Kepa. Completely unnecessary and we blatantly overpaid by at least 50%. Instead of signing Kepa we could have picked almost any other GK in Europe. In the case of Lukaku we had three players who could play in his position more efficiently (Havertz, Werner, Abraham). But we have suffered from an attacking pov during TTs full tenure. At no stage have we looked fluent in attack - rather over-laboured and cumbersome, lacking real penetration and speed in our attacks.
  4. Squad Status: 2021/22 Season

    Perhaps only look beyond this summer. Almost definitely the following will be gone; Rudiger, Azpilicueta, Christensen, Saul. Kante, Jorginho, Alonso, Barkley and Silva are entering the last 12 months of their deals. That’s a potential 6 starters who’s future are up in the air. We are definitely in for a defensive rebuild and I’d sell one of Kante/Jorginho while prolonging the other. Personally I’d keep Kante and sell Jorginho. We are looking for (minimum): 1 RWB/RB, 1 LWB/LB, 2 CBs, 1 CM When it comes to our attacking players I’m not sure where to start. We do not have a striker (still after €155m spent), we do not have a consistent attacking mid (still four prospects in Pulisic, CHO, Mount and Havertz). I feel we will have to sign at least one striker and one attacking mid on top of restructuring the defense. Despite us spending a truck load of money lately we are still 6-7 signings away. It’s depressing.
  5. I agree with you. Tuchel showed signs of strange decision making towards the tail end of last season where we dropped some silly points. That seems to be standard now. I also do not buy this fatigue bs. Look at minutes played and compare to other top teams. Our top players are not playing more minutes compared to other top players at City or Liverpool. Tuchel likes to rotate. He does it a lot. Sometimes his selection is a head scratcher. He often drops points in games we shouldn’t. Last season we won against top teams, this season we are not. At Chelsea you can quickly go from hero to zero. I think he’s learning that now.
  6. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    I get the argument that we have played more. But ppl need to remember that we are going to the club WC so there’s not an awful lot of other slots to push our games to. However, even if we have played more we still have a vastly superior squad depth to most team in this league. We’ve been in a bad place since end of November with some bad signs showing I’m the beginning of November. I’m not sure TT is rotating the squad in the best possible way. So far we have five players who have played 2000 mins + - Mendy, Rudiger, Alonso, Azpilicueta and Jorginho. Compare that to Man C and Liverpool* and I’m not buying the “our players are asked to do something unreasonable” talk. Sounds like poor excuses to me. * Man C also has five players with 2000+, Liverpool has six. We don’t have any attacking player with 2000+ mins whereas these two teams have.
  7. 90 points has been your yardstick. Let's see you defend that view now eh? This is not, and has never been, a 90 points team. It wasn't when we sacked Lampard and it still isn't after Tuchel invested another EUR 120m in the squad. I do not need to go back and read posts. Plenty of posters (not only you) claimed this team should get 90 points easily. That is a very ridiculous claim and instead of hiding now own it man. It's not a Lampard apology, it's called realism. The performance of the team is on a very clear downward slope. First point on the agenda is to stop it. That is very hard to do. If TT doesn't manage to do it soon we may very well struggle to reach 70 points this season. Would be interesting to hear your apology then.
  8. I know a lot will disagree, but go back to what many thought 12 months ago and compare to where we are now. I have always maintained that our players are nowhere as good as some seem to think. Droy has been banging on that this team should do 90 points on routine. Nonsense. Any manager who gets 90 points out of this group is a bloody genius. We had a new manager bounce that was a lot longer than normal because the flow was so good. But once that started to wear off we are back to old sins. Personally I think this is the start of the end for Tuchel. Once a manager gets into this position at Chelsea there is only one outcome. We have seen this time and time again. This is no different. Tuchel will be gone within 12 months 100% (most likely a lot sooner than that).
  9. Chelsea's forward issues

    Except then for the OPs point - City and Liverpool. So you really haven’t answered the conundrum at all.
  10. Chelsea's forward issues

    Of course, There were plenty of us who stated that at the time. Tammy has always scored goals wherever he has played. You don’t treat assets like him the way Tuchel did.
  11. Squad Status: 2021/22 Season

    Make that a 72 point season…
  12. Ha ha can you imagine Lukaku out on the wing trying to dribble past his defender? No, me neither. It was painful to see Torres try that but at least he worked hard for the team. Lukaku doesn't even do that. Come to think about it, apart from pointing a lot and being Belgian every time a journalist is close by, what does he actually do?
  13. Lukaku should never have been signed. I say GO. But no one will sign him so a pointless exercise. The only option is to make it work somehow. Just like we did with Torres. I think we should play with Havertz as our striker. He can play. Lukaku our S2. It’s an expensive back-up but he isn’t the world class striker we all want and never was. I don’t think he has the potential to turn this around either.
  14. Squad Status: 2021/22 Season

    I think we sorely lack a credible central midfielder that can score and create. Been our problem since Fabregas left… we also need to rebuild our defense. Rudiger likely to leave, ditto Azpilicueta. Who knows what Christensens plans are and Sarr is not likely to be a first choice option. Then we have our attackers. Pulisic, Lukaku, Werner, Ziyech and Havertz all have question marks regarding their consistency. In patches they can be good but I’m yet to see anyone of them perform over a season or even a long stretch of games. City and Liverpool have set the bar high. We are still quite some distance away and at the moment on par for a 74 point season. 16 points from what some think this team should see as par and only 8 points more than what Lampard achieved in 2019/20 and 7 points more than last season with arguably a lot stronger team (and money spent).
  15. Well one can argue whether he’s a star or not. But if he was, no way would Man U have let him leave to Inter. Also, who has replaced him at Inter. Edin Dzeko. We’ve been taken to the cleaners on this one I’m afraid. It’s game like today where a Drogba would carry the team on his shoulders. Where was Lukaku today? **** as usual as soon as we face half decent opposition. I hoped I was wrong on him when he signed but my god he is no better than when he left Man U.