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  1. IF ONLY,,a chara whimsical forum for 2022

    If only Eddie Mac and Brian Mears hadn’t fallen out over a ‘company car’ after securing promotion back to the old 1st Division (1977) with the most exciting group of youngsters I’ve seen in Chelsea blue…..
  2. Gary was indeed a lovely bloke. He helped me and a mate gain access to the pre-season training camp in LA - on the USA tour when we played the newly-arrived Beckham’s LA Galaxy We had gate-crashed the team hotel and found Gary in the lobby with the newly-signed Malouda. We asked Gary if he could help and he willingly went and asked Kenyon who granted permission. The next day we watched the training and got to say hello to players and Mourinho during drinks breaks. Gary made two old Chelsea geezers very happy that day.
  3. Got me juices flowing now…. Away to the Spuds (80s I think). Their keeper was Walker who was dating/married to a Page 3 model at the time. During a lull I shouted out “ Oi Walker I’ve had your missus” (I know it wouldn’t be PC now). After a short pause of childish giggles, a voice some 20 yards away piped up “So have I”, followed by another straight after. Within a few seconds there were a thousand or so all shouting out the same.!! To his credit Walker turned to us with grin and a wink as if to say “Yeah but look who’s taking her home tonight!”
  4. Being served Mars bars and Golden Wonder crisps on the old ‘specials’ (dedicated trains laid on by the club for those that never experienced them). The Mars bars and crisps were the only choices as they were soon told what to do with the Panda Pops!! The tuck shop was run by Gary Staker who decades later became the Player Liaison Officer and Translator when all the Italian players arrived…..!!
  5. Watching Chelsea Viewpoints..changed?

    Late 70s and 80s aggro fuelled a lot of the local rivalries and Sp*rs we’re an obvious target for our rabidly racist element. More distant teams eg: Liverp**l and Manure were targeted more out of envy as I remember it. And shameful as it seems now I think many begrudgingly admired the former as our only persistently successful team in Europe. That all changed of course as we became genuine contenders ourselves and the envy was reversed. I’d argue the hatred for Liverp**l is now at least as strong (for me even more so) than for any others. And I put that down to the many battles we’ve had on the pitch over the last 15 years and the dismantling of the myth - by their own disgusting behaviour - of them being just cheeky, witty football darlings.
  6. Watching Chelsea Viewpoints..changed?

    All good points Chara. And brings us neatly back on topic. Something that has never changed for me in 45+ years of following Chels is also something younger fans cannot grasp…. And that is that my main preoccupation every season is just to get to ‘safety’ with 40 points!! Comes from all those years of yoyo-ing between the old first and second divisions (strangely still amongst my favourite times!). Younger fellow fans always accuse me of a lack of ambition given the quality squads we’ve had over the last 20 years, but I can honestly say I only really relax once that 40 point mark has been reached.
  7. Watching Chelsea Viewpoints..changed?

    His debut was actually at Ewood Park. Remember not really knowing what to expect but when he came on you knew straight away this going to be something we’d probably not seen before (fans who saw Charlie Cooke might disagree?). He brought the sun out on an otherwise damp night in Blackburn. Remains in my top 5 Chels players ever since.
  8. Khobar's Legacy

    As I watched it on MOTD I was thinking exactly that and remembered Hazard’s even better version from same position at the same end against the scum in the Carabao Cup - 2018…… Doubt they even thought it the best goal that day let alone in history!!