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  1. Rip Amy Winehouse

    All those people mindlessly murdererd in Norway yesterday and this woman, who's been killing herself for years, will be spoken about longer because of her 'talent' and her age. what about the 15-25 year olds massacred on that island, all of those were talented in their own way - a sign of the times we live in
  2. throwing it away again!

  3. John Terry

    Still think JT is a legend and couldn't care less if he had the captains armband or not, like I said earlier in this thread he will still lead England better than rio does next to him with an armband on. Have to say though, I couldn't help but laugh yesterday when he was having his leg bandaged and a gooner in the pub shouted 'its about time they tied his c*ck down'. Haha
  4. John Terry

    Right at the bottom there are links to a story with todays date saying JT's going to be given compassionate leave for the FA Cup game on valentines weekend so he can go to Dubai to see the family, but to be honest there probably would have been a chance he would have at least started on the bench vs Cardiff anyway so seems like they're reading a lot into it.
  5. John Terry

    John Terry is a natural leader, armband or no armband. The other 3 main options (Rio, Gerrard or Rooney) aren't exactly role models for reasons stated so many times in this thread, but if they need a bit of material on their arm to up their game and realise that communication is needed on a football pitch then so be it. John Terry will still be the same strong, determined and 'give it your all' centre back that he's always been, shagging someones wife or not.
  6. John Terry

    I agree with you, however I dont think he is going to go. In a way I feel as though he has stained his image a bit with this saga, no matter what everyone is saying about him not needing to reiterate his future it just doesnt fit with me; the same ones saying this are saying that this topic is a waste of time but this topic wouldnt be going so far if weeks ago he had just said 'I want to stay'. In a way I'd prefer he left then he got a pay rise, and I've idolised JT for years. The best scenario for me would be to see him stay and either get a new deal on the same wage, just to extend the length, or stay on the same contract. Like I say, to give him a payrise would set a bad precedent imo.
  7. John Terry

    One of the papers yesterday, can't remember which one, suggested a good reason for the silence on this issue. They said that, were JT to leave, neither JT nor Abramovich would want to seem responsible; JT because he didn't want to lose his status amongst the fans and Abramovich for similar reasons, as well as not wanting to look as though he is selling the heart of our club. Suggested it was a bit of a stalemate between the two as to who would be blamed should he depart, if JT comes out and says he wants to leave then he gets the blame, if Abramovich accepts an offer without us hearing that JT wants to leave then RA gets the blame.
  8. John Terry

    Yep its Samsung, great announcement. Think they put JT in the picture for good measure. When I saw the small picture of Ancelotti holding a shirt with someone I thought it was a new signing for a second. Thanks Chelsea.
  9. John Terry

    Lol I thought that, I'm 18 too, still got my away kit from years back with Vialli on the back in my cupboard ;) needless to say it doesnt fit anymore! Fair enough not supporting when he was here (in a way) but to have never of heard of him is strange
  10. John Terry

    The problem I have with JT getting a big pay rise isn't in comparism to the wages that Deco or Sheva get, it's that he is this so called 'Mr Chelsea' and shouldn't need a pay rise to pick us over Man City. I agree with some other posters who have said he's burnt his bridges; I absoloutely love JT and he's been an idol to me for years, he's almost exactly 10 years older than me (bar one day :) I'm 6th december, he's 5th) and I've always thought about how much he has done in comparism to me in them 10 years! I've always seen him as a Maldini type who would never leave. I understand the fans who say he shouldn't have to reiterate his future but I think he does. To me he has put himself in the situation where he looks like he's either going to leave for the money, in which case he's lost my respect; or he is holding out for a bigger contract, in which case he's lost my respect! Upon the first bid Chelsea said that he wasn't for sale, JT should have then come out and said 'it wouldnt matter if I was for sale because I dont want to leave' and it would have stopped all of this. He reads the papers and will know that this is the case and that his silence is making the stories carry on so why not speak out. There's every reason for him to have a press conference but I can't find one valid, respectful, reason not to.
  11. John Terry

    Haha, and a long term contract for John Terry in which he takes a paycut to signal his love for the club ;)
  12. John Terry

    City have ended their interest in Eto'o, looks like the ITK that bloke was on about is slowly losing his record...
  13. New Kits

    Got mine from Sports Direct yesterday, large mens short sleeved for £35 not bad at all considering its brand new, get shirt printing for about £10 from a small sports store in the town I live in and its all good! Not sure who to get though, I'm thinking Essien or Di Santo :)
  14. Didier Drogba

    He had just got injured and gone off the pitch, he came back on and was still limping slightly I just assumed the look on his face as he was walking off was because whatever was injured was hurting. Surely if it was just a defensive change and not influenced by injury Anelka would have gone off...
  15. Didier Drogba

    I agree with his outburst and that it seemed to show commitment, but going off injured and then running on the field and battling off all those people? Injured or not Didier mate? If he showed that much strength on the pitch he wouldnt go down all the time