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  1. Media / Press

    Thanks I seemed to remember it as bomb. Still hell of a read, well researched. And Banned in Saudi for the longest time. He names names their and thing which is a heresy for All Saudis is ....You can't critisize King Faisal... Well Holden did..
  2. Media / Press

    Aah the House of Saud. Less said the better. After the £65 billion deal for Typhoon jets I do think Saudis are our best friends. After all these jets are only going to be used against Poor Yemenis which is a Hallmark of the recent two Governments; Wars : far far away. The anti Russian Propoganda continues, unfortunately for UK or Europe this is a just a Media war and nothing else. English being an International language will carry it's message across the globe. With due respect to the seriously ill people what did the Double spy think that he can pass the KGB (?) employees list to the UK intelligence and and live his life in peace? Yes he served 13 years in prison for that but who knows what else he has been doing here in UK. Anyway The House of Saud, the Original one. Is one of the Bettee Reads I have come across. Richard Holden one. Somehow the Author was mysteriously killed in an explosion shortly after it's publication. Funny that huh?
  3. Media / Press

    So for any impressionable children and young Adults present here let me just remind you, That when dealing with the quagmire that Jamie Carragher was faced with the First Line of Action is Always the Middle/ Two fingers salute. Spitting is the 3rd or fourth Action after exchange of colourful and tricky profanity and the Faux siding the car. ...
  4. Media / Press

    Well considering Jamie is a former Liverpudlian, it is safe to say that the the Girl was lucky that she wasnt embalmed by any other human excrement. For that alone I thank Jamie for staying within the confines of human decency as he just Spat on the poor girl.
  5. Media / Press

    :) Yeah careful now, I may just spit in your general direction..
  6. Media / Press

    2. Isn't that reason Good enough? ;) I mean that he played for pool. Btw today we needed our Late amigo Khobar here. He would set Cara straight.
  7. Media / Press

    Well that's quite what I heard. Doesn't change the fact or the act as it were. Yes it is quite low on the Violence scale. Agreed. I am sure he found himself cornered and that was the only way to went his frustration; he lashed out. Spat at this disgusting Manc person, who was trying to get a laugh since he saw this Liverpool legend. A sort of story to. Tell his mates. Pretty sure if Carragher was to see him with a smile he would have taken a selfie together a told his mates what a great guy Jamie is. I don't know Mr Droy, I guess that's not how I expect grownups to behave. Mind you the spitting habit pretty much cost Diouf his career.
  8. Media / Press

    No. So Now we are Defending Carragher for Spitting on A "Heckler"? If it was JT I wouldnt be defending him either. I don't care if it was Lamapard it is one of the most disgusting habits. So spitting is Ok when a "Lad" does it on the Opposition fan? Like when their fans were throwing piss at our disabled fans at the Bridge iirc? These disabled fans shouldn't have been chanting or getting excited about their team playing. They had it coming. Mark mentioned.Diouf, I.give you Totti. Oh the media went crazy over the despicable act. And many more. Carragher, a pundit now, spits at an oppo fan because he said 2-1 lad? And we are condoning that now and becoming his apologists? Well I guess England has become a kinder, Gentler, and more Understanding country since I left.
  9. Media / Press

    I always thought they werent as Golden as we thought they were. Sure we can we can judge them based on the PL performances but how the hell do most other international teams play Leagues and still manage that? Germany, Italy, France, Spain etc. We can intellectualize it and say, its because they play similar formations and easily integrate into the system; I say a "Golden Generation" players should be intelligent enough to Integrate into whatever formation is played. Or whom he is playing alonside. It's Just About the so called Golden Generation Not Wanting to Play; Or the New Term Going Around : Grit! We had none of that. Rooney scores a couple and "We have found him"...Jesus really Score 5 against a Depleted German side and Hallelujah Footballs Coming Home! The lavish Partying at unreasonable times, pissing and fighting, is what an English Football Collective was all about. Absolutely devoid of any Professionalism.
  10. Media / Press

    They didn't Buy the Title that's the problem. Only we ever did/do. by and by Conte obliged by returning the compliments lavishing praise on ManC and etc. Platitudes and puffery from both. Tomorrow we have a good chance of winning contrary to popular believe. And pretty sure Guardiola knows that. If we had managed to beat United; this would have been rated as the Match of the Season. But now this stands as a match between a Brilliant attacking team and a broken tired Chelsea. I am betting on a Win or a draw.
  11. Media / Press

    I swear I deleted that comment. Right after typing it in. Apologies it wasn't meant as a sexist joke, just a pointless glib remark. I wont argue this one. As per De Gaulle..... You are so right its insane. Without the silly Lampshade/pyramidal tache.
  12. Media / Press

    lol; we can't even a goal for being cleverly onside at times. Completely legal beating the offside trap....except for Chelsea FC ( with all the illegal Russian money) ( not Arsenal with all the Legal Russian money)
  13. Media / Press

    Petr hasn't exactly performed as expected at Arsenal. However massively let down by an Arsenal defence. He has already saved their behind considering the gaps they leave and marking they fail to make. Having said all that, neither has our young and pretty Courtois. Everybody is a winner here.
  14. Following Chelsea's Loans Grabbing the tackle, that's a tackle best suited to experts young man.
  15. Olivier Giroud Departs

    A cut price Forward who would struggle to get into a strong Chelsea side. As desperate as Arsenal are they pretty much bit our hand for this one; no controversies no arguments. May be he will prove me wrong but he needs the ball at his feet whereas we expect him to get some balls as well. Not excited about this one, pretty sure it is another Board signing.