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  1. John Terry

    JT to be charged by the FA with using 'abusive and insulting behaviour towards QPR defender Anton Ferdinand'...........the farce continues.
  2. Ashley Cole

    If SAF can't stop Ferdinand using Twitter then I doubt any club could successfully tell their players to stay off it.
  3. I'm looking forward to having as much fun with AVB at Spurs as I did when Rafa was at Liverpool. Two deluded individuals.
  4. John Terry

    One headline this morning "The Hounding of Anton" The vultures are circling............I really have a bad feeling about this.
  5. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    So Clarkey parts company with Liverpool. Only one Chelsea man left there now :( www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2155478
  6. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Really really REALLY upset about Brendan Rodgers going to Liverpool......
  7. Prepare for the s*** to hit the fan bigtime...............JT is in and Rio is OUT. The press will go ballistic but what a brave call by Roy Hodgson. No more Mr. Nice Guy.
  8. Ashley Cole

    Nearly choked over my cornflakes, metaphorically speaking, after reading this:- Daily Mail article
  9. Non Chelsea: Domestic Cup Competitions

    Could have been worse (but not much)......SSG could have scored the winner. You can never rely on Everton to do you a favour :(
  10. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    That made me literally LOL........................!
  11. I know! That's what I mean, thinking the unthinkable! Benitez at Chelsea................it goes against nature :-((((((
  12. I SO agree.....................obviously it has been very frustrating and disappointing to put it mildly for Chelsea fans to watch Torres this season but it has actually grieved me to see a once great player struggling to perform. It has been horrible and I can only hope that with a couple of goals under his belt, albeit against Leicester but that doesn't matter, and someone in place who is 'managing' him a whole lot better than AVB ever did, that his career at Chelsea is now on the up, and if please God it is, we are in a for a treat. I have never slagged Torres off and I never would. I was beyond ecstatic when we signed him and I'm not about to change my mind now, and I just hope and pray we keep him. It would have been easy for him to completely give up but he's still worked hard and played for the team and his number of assists has underlined this. I actually found myself considering the merits of Benitez coming to Chelsea just to get Torres playing. How worrying is that....................?!
  13. Eh? Sorry, none of that makes any sense............and how did Sturridge NOT score there!
  14. + 1 It's always been Chelsea first, second and third for me anyway. Cue media indignation at 'snub' to SSG. Just hope he doesn't score tonight :(
  15. Couldn't care less! The England Manager resigning on a matter of principle.....respect to him.
  16. John Terry

    A second 'supportive' piece from Martin Samuel as well www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football On the other hand there's also Rio 'launching a passionate defence of his younger brother' ........quite nauseating.
  17. John Terry

    Incandescent doesn't even come near describing my feelings over this debacle. I don't know what's worse, JT being stripped of the England Captaincy or every mediocre irrelevant nonentity who's ever played professional football giving us the benefit of their opinion. They're like vultures hovering over a dead lion. What a pity Fabio Capello hasn't got the b*lls to tell the FA that he picks the England Captain and if they don't like it they can make him resign.
  18. John Terry

    I was going to mention Gerrard's case as well but couldn't be bothered! He that can do no wrong.......even when he does. I can't believe that Jose Mourinho, Marcel Desailly and Carlo Ancelotti would be willing to act as character witnesses for JT if they thought he was a racist, not to mention all his black team mates playing under him. But maybe I'm just naive. My only concern at the moment is that John Terry is treated as innocent until proven guilty and that the so called case against him is being brought for the right reasons and the first of those is definitely not happening and I have serious doubts about the other.
  19. John Terry

    LOL! And to think I once wrote a nice letter to him when he did a very appreciative piece on Franco many moons ago. Even he couldn't find a negative thing to say about the great man. Shame on me though!
  20. John Terry

    What a refreshing and timely piece by the brilliant Martin Samuel. I can imagine that Patrick Collins has worked himself into a real righteous state if he's read it. Was Harry Redknapp expected to stand down before his ongoing trial? No of course not. And the fact that JT is England Captain and somehow that makes him a special case is irrelevant. Either everyone accepts the legal premise of Innocent until Proven Guilty or we might as well all pack up and go home. I don't even know how he's expected to have a fair trial with all that's being written and said. As with so much these days, this is all about self-righteous grandstanding hypocrisy and what better fall guy than JT?
  21. Playing like him at the moment too... ...no, that's very unfair. Yes, ideally we should indeed always support every player, although I might have to make an exception as far as Salomon Kalou is concerned :(
  22. Rip Amy Winehouse

    We all have choices in life and sadly Amy's have led to this very sad day which I think everyone knew would happen sooner rather than later. No amount of love and support from those close to you can change anything if you yourself don't want to change. Every sympathy to her parents and family.
  23. He will have a hard act to follow.............still miss you ricci :( But another great signing! As for Torres............it's complete madness of course, 50 million for christ's sake! But then if Andy Carroll is worth 35 million......... I was so excited last night I couldn't sleep, how sad is that? I just can't believe he's going to be playing for us. Absolutely ESPLENDIDO!!! (I wonder what is going through little Joe's mind? :()
  24. John Terry

    I've been overdosing on your Stupid Pills!!!
  25. John Terry

    OK M and Z, you've had a good laugh at my expense...............enough now.