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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Coady is pedestrian at best, he needs to play with other central defenders who have pace. Everton have another snail in Tarkovski (spelling??). His qualities may off-set some of his lack of pace, but he’ll be in trouble there, as will Frank. Looking at what I saw up there on Saturday, Frank’s got his hands full in keeping them up. Not sure he’s going to see the season out himself though.
  2. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    Man City doing their best to look like us (irony in use). Just shows how difficult it can be - and they get a penalty, just like us.
  3. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    Back in the saddle again and looking forward to a new season. We've got a real battle on our hands this season grab a top four spot. Those two Nth London teams look as thought they may well have the players for a serious run at it. I'd be happier going to Everton with a Michael Essien type midfielder and a proper centre-forward to run their centre-halves ragged. However, with what we do have it's the wide areas where I believe we have strength and they have weakness. Had a tough few weeks and could do with a break and some joy, that a Chelsea win brings.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    One of the highest average wage bills in Europe - they pay top money
  5. Media / Press

    I heard that he goes part way through the season. Rumoured replacement is Howard Webb, who’ll have a handover period where Riley remains to ‘soften’ the process. Mark Halsey was being interviewed, he came up with the above. Safe to say that Halsey is no fan of Riley.
  6. Used Safari and it worked like a dream. Better than last season. I could do the home and away ST's in the one application - well one application for each of the two ST's I pay for. Took no longer that 15-20 minutes. Did the pay by instalment plans.
  7. Khobar's Legacy

    Thanks for the info. I'd not go near a newspaper, especially the one named. However given you'd taken the effort to inform me of where, I read it. Claims and unnamed sources say 2800 and supposedly those were the ones that they scanned, so probably part correct anyways in the original assumption that they ran with an article with numbers that were not verifiable. I'd not use editorial choice, substitute bias for choice is nearer reality.
  8. New Stadium Plans

    There is a PL ‘Rule’ that away fans should always have a pitch side section within their allocation. Newcastle played the safety card, stating that they couldn’t do this and provide adequate segregation safety in their 50k+ capacity stadium - Personally I call it and the decision made in their favour nonsense. Even a very light object thrown from the height you are at in the away section there would pose a really serious injury risk. But the PL swallowed it. Would we get the same latitude given? The only other ground where there’s not a pitch side section in the away allocation is Old Trafford where you are 20-30 yards back and above nothing in particular apart from access to and part of the disabled fans viewing area
  9. Khobar's Legacy

    ‘Just 2800’ says The Guardian. I wonder how they came to that figure? Did a spokesperson for the forgers come forward with the information? Did the seekers of truth and justice from Merseyside, garner each and every forged ticket and spend sleepless hours counting - “1,2,3,4………………oh bugg*r the doorbell’s gone, Doris answer that……….., damn-it lost count 1,2,3,4…………..” Perhaps the gendarmerie confiscated them all and gave The Guardian the figure? Or perhaps did a rag with a distinct left-wing bias, just make up a number to help ‘justify’ the actions of a very much left-wing biased support? Bottom line is their supporters have been doing the same thing for years and years. Talk to any Chelsea Head Stewards and they’ll tell you the dangerous behaviours of their supporters, rushing turnstiles, using last year’s tickets to try to get entry and then when challenged and distracting stewards others pile in, going below the turnstile. Of all the clubs in the world who ought to truly know better, it’s them. But they cannot stop themselves, it’s now in their DNA. Plus they now know that they’ve bullied the British media into a position where no one dares speak against them.
  10. Au revoir to the best owner a fan could have ever wished for. Unprecedented success over an 18/19 year period, with seemingly no other wish than for ‘his club’ to be successful. Not only the obvious success for the mens team, but also the ladies team and our world-class academy. It’s a hard act to follow, welcome to our club and over to you Todd & Co. My suspicion is that we’ll get worse before we get better and genuinely challenge for PL titles again, but it will be very interesting to see how the new owners go about their business. Marquee signing time, to announce their arrival??
  11. Khobar's Legacy

    Matches his gob And The bestest supporters in the world have vacated the building - wonderful scenes
  12. From what I’ve read in this thread there’s a consensus that Guardiola and Klopp have been successful at their respective clubs. The common denominators for both seem to be both had a clear vision of how they wanted to play and operate, they both took time to actually implement the systems and actually win something and I suspect both get a large input into who comes into their playing staff. That sort of model tends to work when forming most ‘teams’, whether sporting or business, assuming you choose the right person in charge and the latter is the key question. TT for me, has earned the right to be given time and the tools to be able to give challenging the current top-two a good go. It’s up to the new owners to give him authority to get his choice of players in, perhaps an area that previous coaches/managers did not always get their own way.
  13. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    A few here have mentioned or eluded to progressive midfielders. We functioned best with the two wing-back and Kovacic, the latter being exactly that. In my simple football world, we need two or three midfielders who’s first thought is to pass or move the ball forwards. I’ve watched Gallagher closely and he ticks that box, it’s whether he’s good enough for a top four side that the key question?
  14. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    Well, that’s a season that in the end withered away. Attended every league game this season and watched as we went from genuine contenders for the title to a best of the rest, when the rest had loads of issues themselves. Plenty of reasons for the demise of our form, not least the two wing-backs getting injured. The last months, since the sanctions have been difficult, as have the team been generally difficult to watch. Lots of change going to happen in the next two months and I hope we can rise again and compete against the top two, although I believe that third will be the best we can do for a season of two.
  15. Andreas Christensen

    A personal story about AC as witnessed by myself a few seasons ago - Away to Burnley. He’d not been selected in the squad and the unused players and non-essential staff members used to sit in a small square of seat that were sectioned-off with low level solid wooden panels. These were in the middle of the away section and we were sat right next to them, separated by about 9ft. He hardly had an interest in the game, spending all his time chatting to one of the Burnley players, who’d also not been selected. It struck me that this was a fella who might not actually enjoy football. If he’s told TT on more than one occasion that he’s not ready to play, and it would appear from comments made by TT that’s the case then I’d suggest he’s in it for the easiest time and the most money. Not traits I’d want from any single professional footballer. Not surprising for me that’s he missed loads of games since his talks with other clubs have stated.