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  1. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    We have to use Wild Park to park the car, nearest spot to the ground where you don't run the risk of a ticket. By the time we'd walked back there after the game and driven the few miles from there back to the A27/A23 roundabout, the team buses had got to that same place. That meant following the final whistle blowing and them leaving the ground wouldn't have been much more than 25 minutes maximum. No post match niceties, they would have struggled to run through the shower and get a change of gear.
  2. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Brighton have played Burns at left-back (I think, certainly in one of the full-back roles) a good bit too. From watching him in the flesh, he looks quick enough. Lukaku is the issue in my view. There’s not a lot to be positive about when reviewing the last three performances. Also the team buses were unusually quickly away from the ground last night. We left soon after the game finished with the car parked 30minutes away (nearest parking available! Don’t you love these modern easily accessible out of town grounds!!). 10 minutes in to the drive home on the A27 and just getting onto the A23 we drive past the team coaches/buses. They must have been almost straight into the changing rooms, out of their match day kit into tracksuits and in the coach.
  3. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    He wasn’t good at all last night. Although trying to outstrength Burns, who’s mountainous wasn’t very bright.
  4. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    If you go back in the thread, you’ll see I was referring to the game at Home 😀
  5. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    I like him, he’s recycles the ball as well as anyone. He will also receive and be available for any player when they need him and takes huge amounts of responsibility. He’s also got a good around the corner through ball, when he can get high enough up the pitch. Bissouma is a very good all round midfielder and one who we ought to pay interest in - if the current ‘cloud’ he has hanging over him dissipates.
  6. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Think you need to review the comments in the last sentence - it’s hardly an ‘insult’. He has very little pace and cannot do what someone like Kovacic can do when being pressed. If you look at the home game against Brighton, all Brighton did was to put Bissouma (spelling?) on top of Jorginho and that outlet and out ball disappeared. More teams will pick up on this and attempt the same. He has many attributes also, but there will be teams against who he will be less effective against - last night’s opponent is one of them.
  7. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    On Jorginho, I’m a fan but can also see his limitations - Spurs on Sunday is his game, not against this very mobile and quick passing Brighton side. Very similar to the reason why TT didn’t pick him against Man City away. Kante did a lot of his running tonight and that effected Kante’s influence going forward - the last 10 minutes aside when we pressed on. On Mount, a poor season thus far - he’s set his own standards and hasn’t lived up to them generally this season.
  8. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Just back and I can say that there were a fair fees fans who’ve turned and jeered him off when he was substituted. He was as poor tonight as he was on Saturday. TT didn’t help himself by not starting Kovacic and starting Jorginho. You need runners and play who can get away from their press, sadly not Jorginho. We’ve lost fluidity and pace, pace, width and attacking threat came from the two injured wing-backs. Fluidity lost when playing Lukaku who from what I’ve witnessed cannot link play. He makes lots of runs to get in behind when the central defenders or midfielders get the ball in our half. However we don’t play that ball at all now and most sides don’t leave enough space in behind for that ball to get played into. Very neat, clever well coached side are Brighton.
  9. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    Watching that yesterday, and having slept on it - I think our best team beats theirs. Our best team doesn’t include the record signing! Not only did he not manage to win one header, he lost all the physical battles to and expended more focus on the silly De-Bruyne greeting. I reckon the fans there yesterday spent more effort and emotional involvement than our record signing did during the game. Unfortunately for us our best team includes the two injured wing-backs. I thought it was a massive overspend at the time the deal was happening and it would seem so based on what’s occurring on the pitch. Difficult one to deal with now though without a massive commercial loss.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    He did well, however Droy’s comments below as regards his attacking forays are accurate. Yesterday’s game was played generally at half the pace and intensity of a PL game and the lad got cramp at 70mins or so and you could see the senior players giving him a break from then on. Promise but not ready to be thrown to the wolves just yet. On transfers, I’d be supprised if we do any permanent deals - a loan perhaps at LWB. Maybe a centre-back if there’s news that one of those that will be out of contract, is going to leave.
  11. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    I also suspect he’s ‘challenging’ his team. Basically telling his team that our professional players are better professional footballers then they are. He’s going for a reaction. I listened to the whole interview on the radio in the way home from the bridge and thought he’s gone “s**t or bust” with his lot there. He might get a better tune out of them for a while, but that lot have done for Poch, Jose and Nuno already - my view is he won’t last more than 18 months there. 3-0 we’d have had the tie won, 2-0 makes the next goal really important as regards who makes the final. We need to be on the front foot, as they look a shambles defensively - any PL defence that says that they missed Eric Dier isn’t very good at all 😂 Funny moment when their fans were singing something fairly derogatory about Lukaku’s brain fart moment - seemingly oblivious to Kane putting in about a 50% shift all season thus far, since his move didn’t happen.
  12. Official: Chelsea Sign Thiago Silva

    Nice to see some positive news. He is as good as I’ve seen at Chelsea defensively, makes defending look almost effortless. Even his passing is sublime, each pass is hit at just the right pace. Plus that ‘see you later’ moment on Sunday oozed class.
  13. Well, he’s done well for the best part the 135 minutes against Villa and Brighton. Acid test tomorrow, was pretty anonymous against them for the 45 minutes we had 11 on the pitch against them earlier in the season. Will be exactly the right time to him to demonstrate to TT and us where his heart is.
  14. No matter what the context or the subject matter of said interview, when you’re a professional footballer (and quite a bit in general life also) the best and smartest thing to say is absolutely nothing at all. Players receive teaching to do so in interview scenarios - hence the standard commentary you hear interview after interview that pretty much tells you nothing - ‘take each game, one at a time’, ‘continue to work hard’ etc, etc. One of the reasons I wasn’t overjoyed at him signing again for us is that he has generally had far too much to say for himself, nothings changed and Tuchel is 100% right by saying it’s not helpful. Do your talking on the pitch Mr Lukaku, that’s the best place for it.
  15. You remember buying luke warm tea or bovril from the tea-hut at the back of The Shed and also that 'lovely' warm feeling at the back of your ankle when lads didn't/couldn't/or couldn't be bothered to make it back to the bogs in that same wonderful stand. You're semi-old if you can remember just rocking up, paying your money at the turnstile and getting into any game you fancied.