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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    As good as Dybala is/can be he's too much of a throwback player that excels in a position that rarely exists in modern football. His injury history in the last couple of years is also a significant concern, especially when you consider the cost point in which he'd come in at.
  2. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Didn't mind Drinkwater to be honest with you, always thought he was a tidy player that could've been useful had circumstances panned out a bit differently. Obviously he's had a bit of a tough time of it for various reasons, hopefully he's able to find a club and get back to enjoying a bit of football again.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Of course, it's a pretty unlikely move. Just explaining how it could possibly work if he did of course join.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    We could revert to more of a 352 type of system instead and play three CM's if desired. This would remedy the disjointed and limited attacking midfield/wing options we have, while opens the door to play say both Havertz and Lukaku upfront together. Something that would suit them both. Also creates a more natural opening for Gallagher as well. Makes even more sense if we're able to get another holding midfielder type in to help anchor the midfield. There's ways around it to accomodate Eriksen if desired, may just mean others miss out or become more expendable.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    The goal isn't just to secure numbers but also improve the team in the hopes of closing the gap between ourselves and Liverpool/Man City. Outside of Gallagher there's not an option within the ranks that is likely going to improve us in any real significant way. Looking at more Premier League options and such I have no issue with. There's certainly a few players out there that would be very useful to have on the books, of course the biggest issue here is the price for most of them. In some cases we could potentially make two signings from elsewhere for the price of one similarly rated Premier League option. End of the day we need to be making the right type of signings to propel us forward irrespective of where they come from.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Which is exactly why Tuchel and Lukaku have to find common ground to get the best out of the situation, but also why some need to wrap their head around the fact he ain't gonna be going anywhere unless something absolutely wild happens.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah, I didn't because it's a ridiculous notion to begin with that'll never happen. We're not going to pay out the remaining 4 years on his deal, not an absolute hope in hell. That's essentially writing off £150m when you also take into account the transfer fee we paid and aren't going to be recouping any of.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Dybala is currently the highest earner in Serie A at £220k per week and that's a contract Juventus aren't renewing because of the cost, with the next highest being Dusan Vlahovic at around £215k per week. In fact Juve have the top 4 highest earners in Serie A for this past season, with Koulibaly, Brozovic and Lautaro Martinez all coming in at around the £180k mark. Even without a loan free involved there's no way a Serie A club can afford Lukaku as it stands. Looking elsewhere and in La Liga it's basically Real Madrid and Barcelona who have earners over £200k per week, neither of those sides are going to take him. Bayern are basically the only side in the Bundesliga with players over that same £200k per week amount, in fact they told all 10 of the top 10 highest earner spots. Only Reus and Emre Can are the two non-Bayern players inside the top 15. Hard to see why they'd want him at this point in time. Leaving Ligue 1, or should I just say PSG, as the only other destination that could afford to take up such a deal. Again, is he the type of player they really want though, let alone start ahead of any of Neymar, Mbappe or Messi in attack. And we sure as **** ain't gonna cut such a deal for another Premier League side, if that would even be possible to begin with.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    This isn't the early era under Roman where we subsidised contracts for the likes of Veron or Crespo while they went and spent years playing elsewhere. Even in the event that we were to do something that crazy Lukaku still earns around £325k per week, if we use the £125k per week figure you've put forward for another team to pay him we're still on the hook for £200k per week for the next 4 years. That would essentially still leave him as our third highest earner (as it stands currently) and he wouldn't even be at the club. That's absolutely not happening in a million years. I can appreciate the optimism but that just ain't gonna happen, let alone to the sort of clubs you've mentioned.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Wouldn't be disappointed either, I do think he's a tidy player overall. That said, I believe Man City have been linked with him for around £50m mark do we'd have competition.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think if we're going to this is the time to do it. We're not really going to get a better opportunity to just clean house and build something fresh. It's not as if we're close to Man City or Liverpool right now as is, and the competition for the two other remaining top four spots is only going to become fiercer if Spurs back Conte, Man Utd get their **** together, and with Newcastle soon to be in the mix themselves (although maybe not next season). While I don't see this being a one summer transformation we can at least get some of the core pieces together now.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    We're not going to spend £100m on Rice so I really wouldn't get too wrapped up into that. In saying that, much like the shallow talent pool of strikers out there right now in the game, there's also an equally shallow talent pool of defensive/holding midfielders. Rice is literally one of the best options out there that's not already at an elite club and would be obtainable. Otherwise you're looking at the likes of Ndidi, Bissouma, Kalvin Phillips, Ruben Neves and Soucek as the remaining type of options, not all of which fit our criteria of need from the position. So it's hard to see him not command a big fee with West Ham holding all the cards. As for Lukaku, you do realise for him to leave, irrespective if he's told to go or requests to do so himself, that there needs to be a buyer right? What club/s are out there that can both realistically pay both a transfer fee and his wages? Inter are strapped and can't afford to bring him back. I doubt he'd join AC Milan or that they could afford him anyways. Juve don't need him. So that basically rules out a return to Serie A. La Liga isn't much different either, neither Madrid or Barca are in need. Atletico Madrid can't afford him. Bayern have only spend £50+ on two players in their history, and still have Lewa contracted for another season. None of the usual Premier League sides need him, which virtually leaves Newcastle by default because of their deep pockets. Then PSG is arguably the only other candidate who could afford a deal and may need another forward depending on what happens with Icardi. So we're looking at two sides in the world of football right now as possible destinations. Far from easily moveable. There's literally zero chance we write off his contract that still has 4 years remaining on it. Maybe if there was 12 or 18 months left, it'd be a bit more feasible, but not with the length it still as right now. I know you don't like or rate Lukaku one little bit but you shouldn't let it cloud the situation either, there's far more chance he stays than is sold and that's something that just needs to be accepted.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    You mean arguably the best defender in La Liga over the last 2-3 seasons?
  14. Bitter sweet feeling really. Glad it's drawing a close though and we'll be able to get back to functioning as normal.