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  1. West Ham 3 Chelsea 2

    Surprised no Romelu..... Guess they are being cautious.
  2. I wonder if he'll play there in Wednesday
  3. I made that comment on 13 September and he's barely played since..... Harry Hindsight and all that He needs games, and he isn't going to get them here.
  4. New Kits

    Ten more years
  5. West Ham 3 Chelsea 2

    I am not disputing it didn't happen. I am not saying we played well. What I am disputing is the notion that all WH have to do is repeat what Watford did and we will "fall over ourselves" One poor performance with our best 3 CM all missing doesn't mean it WILL happen again.
  6. West Ham 3 Chelsea 2

    No, but you did say: Any team worth their salt with a manager with any understanding whatsoever is going to press us like a heretical martyr and wait for us to fall over ourselves trying to play intricate one touch passes on the edge of our box It is saying we are terrible, without saying it. Put our proper CMs back in the team, and the passing out from the back "problem" goes away. Last night may well have been awful...... tomorrow is a new day.
  7. It certainly seems that way. If he doesn't play at Brentford, and play well, I can see that being it. (maybe he will play in Russia?)
  8. New Kits

    Should? From a fans and environmental perspective, absolutely. I presume though, Nike signed a long year deal, and pay Chelsea a lot of money, on the basis of providing 3 kits a season. To politely ask them to halve the number of kits they are due to produce, would mean, I expect, handing half the money back
  9. West Ham 3 Chelsea 2

    I was out last night, but I heard it was pretty poor. It was one game. Without Jorginho, Kante, Kovacic. We're top We're not terrible.
  10. West Ham 3 Chelsea 2

    Jorginho and Kante back would be nice, with Rom up top.
  11. West Ham 3 Chelsea 2

  12. I can see him coming on as a sub in a dead rubber situation. I can't see him starting for us again in the PL.
  13. Interesting quote below from 2nd September 2021: Good move to get him in on loan in order to assess whether his dramatic drop in form is due to mental reasons, fatigue or that he just needed a change of scenery or a new manager who's beliefs in him matches his own. No doubt a fantastic addition if he can return to his old form. If not, no major risk taken and back he goes to A Madrid next summer. We desperately needed a fourth midfielder and now we have it. Not sure anyone insisted we had signed one of the best CMs in World Football, either........certainly not on these 5 pages. Edit - FWIW I think he looks like exactly the sort of player who just isn't suited to the PL. Hopefully he'll be sent back in January
  14. Watford 1 Chelsea 2

    In the last 3 or 4 weeks, we have been without, for various reasons and different lengths of time: James, Chilwell, Kante, Kovacic, Mount, Havertz, Lukaku, Werner, Pulisic and now Chalobah Just as well we have a big squad.
  15. Watford 1 Chelsea 2

    I just had to check.... We've won 10/14 games And we've had a load of injuries Some of you most be so disappointed