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  1. The only positive about this, is that it seems like he will be gone by the time pre season starts. Nothing worse than having a player around the training ground who'd rather be elsewhere
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    he's still outscoring his peers, which says something. If you're playing for the best team, of course, by definition, you will have more chances to score. But it's chicken and egg.......he's part of that good team
  3. we had one in Emenalo whenever we lost a game, he was the one people pointed the finger at.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    It nearly happened with Crespo in 2005 had we beaten Liverpool. It happened, with disastrous consequences, for Real Madrid with Morientes in 2003 and for Barcelona with Coutinho a couple of years back.
  5. Serious question; what do you think they could have done? They could have posted a War and Peace size article on TOCWS but it wouldn't have stopped the questions aimed at TT pre and post match
  6. I heard this a few times and I am not really sure what the beef is. Managers are required by the PL to do interviews before and after games, and hence it was unavoidable Tuchel was bombarded with questions. I remember one of the idiots on MOTD (Shearer or Linekar) saying how unfair it was that he has to answer these questions........I was watching thinking, well it's your journalists asking him the questions! they could have asked any number of football related questions, but they chose to ask about war / sanctions etc, then say how unfair it all is! If she needs a shoulder to cry on.........
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    yes, he stopped trying. Which is criminal. You can talk about lack of service etc, which is fine, but if you aren't getting the service you want, you can still run about and make a nuisance of yourself at the absolute least. Such a shame because just before the interview came out, he came on at Villa Park on boxing day and turned the game around. He played exactly like we all hoped he would. Then he gave up
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    In an entirely different league, one in which Milan have just won the title with 2 CFs who are my age. Lukaku had the same struggles here as he had at United. If the argument is that Sterling only scores a load of goals because City are so good, then it makes you wonder how Grealish only managed 6. Or Mahrez "only" 63 in 4 seasons (a lot lower per season than 110 in 5) So, to be happy, we are looking for someone who has scored a tonne of goals for a poor team........... Good luck with that.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    The same people bemoaning the lack of goals from our forwards are turning their nose up at a guy who has bagged 110 in the last five seasons Work that out? I can't.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I guess that makes de Bruyne a Chelsea reject?
  11. The war monger himself
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    No. Where did I say that? I was challenging your implication that we make a habit of signing old players
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    London boy, don't forget
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    For 35m Absolute no brainer if that fee is right
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    What mould? The only old signing we have made recently has been Silva and he has been bloody brilliant