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  1. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    Because of his pretty face I suppose! Never said anything interesting in his life. As for the performance, it was average at best, but when it comes to playing poorly and yet still winning and playing well and losing I know which I prefer. Especially at that s***hole that is Goodison Park, with the fans trying to referee the game for the officials as usual. Koulibaly was very good, Thiago was again ridiculous (in a great way), Sterling showed some nice touches and Cucurella looks a real quality signing, even after a short spell on the pitch. The Spuds are next, and hopefully some of the underperformers up their game a tenfold to defeat Antonio and Co. COME ON YOU BLUES!
  2. Non Chelsea: Domestic Cup Competitions

    Damn good rant. I bet those overpaid pen pushers (press to you and me) will turn a blind eye to all this, it seems nobody is allowed to criticize those bin dipping muppets without them taking umbrage even to the most minute of criticisms.
  3. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    I hate this fixture. They always seem to turn it on against us at their place. We need to put Frank under pressure straight away and get off to a winning start (sorry Frank), and it will be interesting to see what sort of team TT puts out.
  4. Excellent signing. Will give us pace , and, more importantly, better end proct in goals and assists. Now let's get a centre half or two.
  5. Media / Press

    An oxygen thief and a useless striker, especially for us! And to think we pay our licence money to listen to his drivel. Talk about stealing a living.
  6. Richarlison is crap IMO. Everton is his true level. Only turns up when he fancies it, and bottles it in away games against the likes of Southampton. Leave him where he is, or let a mid-table outfit waste their money on that donkey. What's he actually ever done? Even Lukaku is better than him as far as I'm concerned. 1 good game in 10 does not make Richarlison a good player, he'd be an even bigger waste of money than Pogba.
  7. Khobar's Legacy

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm sure De Gea wasn't even at Man Utd in 2006, it must have been someone else in goal that afternoon. I agree though that Riccy was a class centre half, the best partner JT ever had.
  8. He's just simply another Anthony Martial, massively overrated and doesn't look like he even wants to be on the pitch most of the time, and as for the diving, my phone once rang and I went to pick it up (it was next to the TV), I did a fart and Richarlison went down! Buying players who always score against is not a good idea, the likes of Fleck, Sutton, Torres, Salah are classic examples.
  9. Media / Press

    I couldn't care about Bournville Darke's team, he couldn't pick his nose! If there was a "Worst commentator" award, he would definately be in the top 3. A real sour grapes article is also in the Mirror, written by that pillock Brian Reade, who always puts a Scouse angle on everything. He was whining why rival supporters wanted City to win the title instead of his beloved Reds. We wanted City to win because his mob are so arrogant and self entitled, end of.
  10. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    Forest & Huddersfield in the final
  11. Media / Press

    If Brian Clough was still alive, he'd have thumped the moron and handed him to the police.
  12. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 (5 - 6 on penalties)

    Jammy, lucky bin dipping *****! Hope City win the PL and Real Madrid smash them in the UCL. Felt sorry for Dave and Mount, if Dave's penalty went in we might have won it, loved it when that tosser Mane missed. Next season will be a challenge, but TT I still the man for me. Rudiger will be very tough to replace, Chriteansen is no great loss, and we desperately need a prolific striker up front.
  13. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Is he? Either way I hate the fat Donald Duck!
  14. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    They are overrated and some of their players (Tavarez, Holding, Xakah, Gabt=riel and Pepe) are just bloody useless. The peformance yesterday ( if you can call that a performance) was a joke, and I hope it continues, just to shut their deluded fans like Piers Morgan, Alan Davies, James Corden and hacks like Amy Lawrence and Matt Scott. I wouldn't touch any of their players with a barge pole.
  15. Media / Press

    Frank is class. If people want to slaughter our ex players, they should do it to nonentities like Craig Burley or Tony Cascarino, who are just bitter and jealous of us. I don't believe Frank said those things either, you should all know by now that 99% of the stuff that comes out are just cock and bull stories made up by the media, especially the red top tabloids.