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  1. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Agree totally. Between Covid cases, injuries (since October) and the schedule, the last three months have been a hard slog. Combine that with the knowledge that this squad seem to enjoy a mid-season slump at the best of times and it's not too surprising that we've struggled. And if you look at the injury issues, when was the last time Tuchel was able to field his strongest XI? The injuries to Chilwell and Reece have obviously been real blows for us, but even before that, we'd lost Werner, Lukaku, Kante and Kovacic at points. Assuming that this was our intended First XI when all are fit, it's been a long time since it was possible: Mendy Trev Thiago Rudi Reece Kante Jorgi Chilwell Havertz Lukaku Mount The attack does worry me though. The players are clearly not building relationships, taking responsibility for burying their chances or really doing enough to force mistakes. This is not a new issue either. They just don't make good decisions in and around the opposition penalty area. I think we need to upgrade on at least two of our attackers this summer. Ziyech's Morata-like reaction to his goal sort of summed him up for me. Though I have to say, I didn't mind him telling Lukaku where to stick himself after he got moaned at. Romelu is clearly a problem. For a left-footed CF, he seems to really go with that run down the right channel forcing himself onto his weaker foot whilst running away from goal. I'm also getting the impression that the other players don't like him and are almost making sure he doesn't see the ball. Which is a bit concerning too. I think they'll all benefit from a few days off - I want to see plenty of beach photos on social media pages. Then hopefully we can address the CWC with a bit more energy and vigour before the big business of sorting the squad out moves into gear for the summer
  2. I stopped reading Football365 about 15 years ago because of the endless digs they made about/at us and because I could never read an article or report that gave me analysis rather than barely-veiled hatred of us. Tedious website, run by very tedious people. Not worth anyone's time.
  3. He may have caused that rift himself with his brainless comments to Sky Italia a few weeks ago to be fair.
  4. The big difference I see with Werner compared to players like Morata/Torres/Higuain/Lukaku is that I never doubt Werner is trying. He doesn't hide, he works and tries to make an impact. Doesn't treat his problems like they're anyone else's fault. So he's easy to get behind in that sense. He's also played well and chipped in with goals whenever I've seen him this season. I also think that regardless of some poor misses (that he would expect to have scored and should have done), he's been very unlucky at key times - like the poor VAR call at Anfield and the one against Southampton the other week. In-form players often have that luck go their way. Werner I can actually see turning things around, maybe not to be the exact player we thought we were buying, but to still be a very effective and good player for Chelsea. And I hope his luck does turn, because he'd have earned it. Lukaku I genuinely don't think has those qualities about him. I said to friends when the interview happened that we would find out very quickly if he's a Drogba or a Morata once he was back in the team. I think we've found out already. And in addition to his own shortcomings, it was interesting that not only do the senior players not trust him and decreed he should be left out against Liverpool, but also that Tuchel felt safe making that public knowledge. Makes me think the whole dressing room might have been sending him a very clear message.
  5. Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Ah - hadn't realised that! Happy to see Silva rested for such a game, but I think Pulisic is better served by sticking around and trying to make an impact with every minute he gets. Internationals can wait tbh.
  6. Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Surprised we aren't being arm-twisted into playing every three days in that as well! Definitely much-needed for our squad. Give them all a few days off in the sunshine or something like that. The schedule has been pretty brutal for us since November.
  7. Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Looking at the CFC official website, we have a two-week break between this one and the Plymouth game on Sat 5 Feb?
  8. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    I think we'll be alrite. Though I'd leave Lukaku outside by the burger van. Wouldn't mind if we set up with four at the back again either: Kepa Azpi Thiago Rudi Alonso Kante Jorgi Pulisic Mount Werner Havertz
  9. Media / Press

    About time.
  10. Now definitely a good time to get out though - that squad are all getting old at the same time and it doesn't look like they are producing replacements of the same quality. He might just look at the exit door and go "yeh, now is a good moment" Plus no doubt Everton pay really well. They must do given their last three coaches have been Marco Silva (who they chased hard), Carlo and the Interim
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Spot on. There's a reason recovery is 'One Day At A Time' whether you've been sober for 10 days or 10 years. A few years ago, I went to an event that Alan Brazil was at though and judging by what I saw, he probably views anyone that doesn't sit and drink heavily as boring. My Dad was with me and looked at him and said to me something like "He's a walking heart attack. Hard to imagine that he was a professional sportsman isn't it"
  12. Khobar's Legacy

    Or just got a red pen and drew on the 'T' line
  13. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 1 (0 - 3 on aggregate)

    Fingers crossed. It would be lovely to beat them three time inside 3 weeks wouldn't it.
  14. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 1 (0 - 3 on aggregate)

    I think the big thing is just for us to score. Get one goal and they have to score four to win. We've just got to score a goal and ideally not go behind really early to put pressure on ourselves. Guessing they'll start fast, so if we see the first 15-20 mins out without conceding, we'll then have a big chance to impose ourselves and finish the job off. If we concede early, we'll have given them hope. To be honest, this tie should be done. We had enough chances to win 4-0 last week. Hopefully we'll be composed and show a bit more of a clinical edge when we're in front of goal.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    True. They're also really not a great side at the moment. I honestly can't think of any players beyond Frenkie that I would see as a "oh yeh, he'd improve us straight away" signing if we went for any of their squad. That's what concerns me about Dest. He may be a good player, but I don't see him coming in and immediately improving us, more a longer-term buy that needs work. And tbh, I don't want us signing players that they, Madrid or Juve want rid of given their current conditions - I want the ones they want to keep.