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Club Shed FAQ

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Here's some answers to questions we've recently been asked about Club Shed. Hope it helps. If you have any more questions, please post in the "Ideas and Questions" topic.

What is Club Shed?

It is an attempt to start a community of Chelsea fans who want to make a difference to the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge by meeting and sharing ideas.

What are the Club's aims?

It takes the three objectives from the Return to the Shed Campaign (RTTSC) and adds a fourth. these are:-

  • Get behind the team

  • Sit with like-minded fellow fans

  • Enjoy your day out a bit more

  • Build a community of fans to share ideas to continue to boost the atmosphere at the Bridge

How has it come about?

The RTTSC made decent strides last season, but we still need to do more. The Shed 50 trial was a great success with many more fans wanting to be a part of the next event and those involved feeling that they had contributed something to what was a great day. This is a combination of the two initiatives and is an honest attempt to take things to the next level. The concept has been discussed by all members of the Atmosphere working group and will be launched to coincide with the advent of ST holders in the Shed End for 2007/08.

What sort of things will the Club try to achieve?

  • Vary the songs we sing and keep them going for most of the match

  • Start new and improved songs, especially for the players

  • Club together to design and buy banners, and bring/use our scarves more

  • Think of "trigger point" chants (e.g. corners)

  • Generate banter between the Shed End and fans in other stands

  • Publicise designated places to meet before and after games (different pubs/bars etc. suit different supporters)

  • Work with the song starters

  • Liaise with the AV guys to utilise the PA system and screens

  • Agree where to relocate to when away fans take up the Shed for domestic Cup ties

  • And anything else that we come up between us!

What does this campaign NOT advocate?

  • Standing is still not allowed, this is not a license to stand in the Shed End and persistent standing may endanger the campaign.

  • A request for unreserved seating.

  • A request for standing or terraced areas.

I have nothing to do with CFCnet. does that matter?

Not at all. This initiative is for ALL Chelsea fans who generally attend matches. You will, however, need to register on the site to be able to post on the forums.

But I sit elsewhere in the ground

By all means still join in with the discussions. If Club Shed works, then it could be a model for other parts of the ground. All ideas and constructive comments welcomed, but please don't bother if you just want to moan about how poor the atmosphere has become. Do your bit to help change this. Anyone can moan.

I sit in The Matthew Harding End. What about us?

Fans in the MH end have historically done a great job in getting behind the team. It's just that they need some help. Hopefully fans getting behind the team at both ends will improve atmosphere greatly and involve more fans in all parts of the ground.

Why the Shed End?

Well, it is an extension of the two initiatives we had last season, as previously mentioned. It is felt that the Shed end, with the sheer numbers of new season ticket holders, is the best place to concentrate our efforts in the short term. Attempts to make improvements in other areas of the ground will follow asap.

What does Chelsea Football Club think of this?

The Club are backing this as one of the initiatives put forward by the Atmosphere working group. They will help us with publicity wherever possible, but this is a fan-led initiative.

I think this is a bad idea or not for me

None of this is compulsory. If you are going to sit in the Shed this season and want to do your own thing, then good on you. Just remember that this is an honest attempt by fans to continue to make a difference. We could sit back and do nothing. We think our team deserves better.

I don't want to see anything stage managed or naff

Nor do we! There's a fine line sometimes between contriving an atmosphere and simply helping things along. One of the committee's main objectives is to stay on the right side of the line. Whatever we try will bear this in mind.

I'm interested. What do I have to do to join?

Simply register an interest in the Club Shed Members Area and enter your details (you will have to register on CFCnet to do this). It will cost you nothing. Keep looking out for articles and information and participate in the Club Shed forum. Most of all, get involved with the various initiatives, especially on a matchday.

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