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Anyone watching the Italy/Germany game? Interesting seeing Thiago Motta play for Italy. Chiellini looks pretty handy at left back.

Yeah and Klose who is in terrible form in the last 2 years for bayern with his usual goal for Germany.

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Put aside the France game. We played a bunch of youngsters who were, IMO, simply not up to it. The rest is an almost endless list of problems......

I'd also add that we always seem to have managers who want to play certain systems and don't want to consider the personnel at their disposal. I mean, any other country with two CMs as good as Lampard or Gerrard would have tried playing three in the middle (those two with a holding player behind them) to best utilise their talents.

Do we do that? Not a chance. We've done everything but that (except choosing one over the other) and everyone sits there scratching their heads.

That, added to the points Sciatika made (especially about the stupid expectations) pretty much sums it up.

Oh, and we can't take penalties....

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Bloody Uefa,again.

So the bigger teams get screwed again and could lose out financially. Will the FA recoup their loses by obtaining a grant/loan/pay-off? IMO, this spells trouble for the England National Team, because our wonderful FA in their wisdom, will simply organise more 'Meaningless Friendly Internationals' to recoup some of their money.

What is it with anything bloody european, be it the laws of the land, working practices or sport, that everyone or everything has to equal? Life isn't fair, never has been and never will be, so why do they insist on trying to marginalize everything, just to make the inferior/less well off, feel better about themselves?


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Hope Torres finds the net today. He'll return to London with much more confidence. Brace would be great.

Agree.... Torres starts on the bench though.

G Iker Casillas

D Joan Capdevila

D Sergio Ramos

D Álvaro Arbeloa

D Gerard Piqué

M Xavi

M Xabi Alonso

M Andrés Iniesta

M Jesús Navas

M Sergio Busquets

F David Villa


G Pepe Reina

D Carlos Marchena

D Andoni Iraola

M Santi Cazorla

M David Silva

F Fernando Torres

F Fernando Llorente

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29'-Czech 1 - Spain 0 Plazil scores a nice 30+ yard goal

Spain moving the ball well (per usual), can't break down Czech, not much happening for Spain

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