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Richard Mr.C

I'm new here & need advice.

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Hi Everyone,

First I'll introduce myself. My name is Richard West. My DJ name is Mr.C (for Chelsea), formerly of the pop group The Shamen (Remember Ebeneezer Goode, L.S.I, Move any mountain etc)?

I've just joined this forum & I'm not sure of my way around just yet & need some advice.

I've been true blue for the best part of 40 years & I've now lived in LA for the last 5 years, but still get to go to at least 8 or more games per season as I DJ around the world & make it back often.

Anyway, I'm a big part of the Los Angeles Blues & want to make a post about a Carlsberg competition that's going on here in the USA. I tried posting in the main forum a couple of hours ago, asking for you lot to help us Chelsea fans in LA to win a load of booze (2 kegs) & other goodies for the beginning of the season, but the post doesn't seem to have been posted.

Would anyone around here know why the post I made earlier isn't visible in the main forum?



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Probably because there are very few moderators available (I'm on holiday in South Africa with limited access to internet), and because you have to reach a certain number of posts before yours will become visible automatically. Topics always have to be approved first though.

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