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Liam w

My copycat version of The 5th Stand's predictor

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Liam w   

Hi all fellow blues, the admin team/mods on here has very graciously given me permission to start a new competition on this beautiful forum.

As some of you are probably aware Chelsea 5th stand run a competition they call the predictor. I shamelessly want to rip it off and run a similar competition  on here, each week starting from our match against palace as the season opener I will open a new page and I invite everyone to put their predictions. to play along with my whims all you need to do is make a comment on each page I open as to what you predict will be:

  • The final score (after 90 mins)
  • The minute of the first goal
  • The first goal scorer

Each category will be worth 5 points and if you get all 3 correct your score will be doubled. As we are the CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE then all Champions league points will be doubled!

All predictions are to be made 30 minutes before scheduled kick off.

I will run this competition and collate all data using Excel at some point after end of each match and between the next match I will give the winner of the match (and probably the top 10) and everybody's scores for the season.

To keep it fair and so you don't all see how badly I'm doing I will not take part and if this proves to be a popular game this coming season then next season I will personally fund a reasonably cheap Chelsea related prize to the winner.

The rules will be put up the top of each page I have opened.

If anyone has any suggestions to improve the game or has any other general feedback than comment on here before the start of the season. There will be no rule changes once the season commences.

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2 hours ago, Liam w said:


Brilliant work 👍

Incidentally, and based on last season;

The final score (after 90 mins) = 

 1-0 without Haaland - 4-0 with.

The minute of the first goal =

September without Haaland - minute 1 with. 

The first goal scorer = 

Jorginho (penalty) without Haaland. Haaland with. 

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