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  1. 4 points
    Sky only wanting to talk about the Sterling non penalty but not the red he should have had and the nonsense penalty they got.
  2. 4 points
    You read “automatic starter” based on starts. That’s because, well, the manager started him. When I write “automatic starter” I mean that from a universal POV, his reputation and performances combined. An awful lot seem to have forgotten Mounts performances from say his first 10 games and what many pundits were saying. A lot of people were very surprised he started so much. Performances in the beginning certainly didn’t warrant it, leading to a lot of Chelsea fans screaming about nepotism and that he only played because of Frank. My point is that Frank gave James, Mount and Abraham a lot more chances than a foreign manager ever would. But I’m done with this. There will be fans who can see what Frank did to the academy players. Then there will be fans who take the route saying ridiculous things like “he was good enough so he’d always shine through under any manager”. Which obviously is pure garbage.
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    Here we go again. You just can't resist an opportunity to show off. Don't you ever get tired of this nonsensical sermonising? People are free to have an opinion on anything football. You express more opinions than any other member of this forum. Anyone who does not agree with you suddenly becomes a hater.
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    I am not a superstitious person, but I am not taking any chances on this one. I have come here for the first time in 6 years (too long by the way) just to do one thing. So, here it is: I posted the below song on this forum before the semi-final vs Barca, the FA cup final vs Liverpool and ultimately the final vs BM in 2012. Let's go guys, we can do this!
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    Whatever the final outcome we should all be grateful for TT getting us where Chelsea stand at this point...A Final,,the top competition semi and a position in the EPL that looked impossible earlier in the season. This is Glory time and whatever opinions anyone voices ref RM they are a Top Club not a filler as in the early rounds.
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    So true Jane...I know for a fact not every Liverpool fan is a hooligan or a hypocritical w.....I was lucky enough to meet him in a pub when I lived in N Wales.
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  9. 3 points
    Lampard was averaging 1.526 PPG and under TT it is 2.071 an improvement of roughly 36%. TT has already matched Lampard's PL tally (14 games versus 19 games). It was the last few where the wheels came off for Frank. I would hope we will get a bare minimum of 8 or 9 points from the remaining 5 games. A 9 point improvement in half season equates to 18 points over a full one. That is a colossal difference. Frank did get to the cup final. Let's hope TT can go one better. Losing to the worst Arsenal PL team in history was disappointing (albeit we weren't helped by the officials) CL........ pointless to compare group stages, as TT hasn't managed any for us, but this year's was the easiest group I have ever seen us have. To defeat Atletico and Porto over 4 games, conceding 1 goal (a wordlie at that) is remarkable, seeing as under Frank, the best team we had beaten was West Ham. I love Frank as much as the next man, but the turnaround since his departure just shows how much we were underachieving.
  10. 3 points
    No, Droy takes the contrarian position regardless. Surely you've noted that by now?
  11. 2 points
    We have now lost 3/4 fa cup finals to inferior teams. You can talk managers, team selection, refereeing decisions..... We just don't have enough cock and balls. Players to get us over the line. Stand up and be counted when needed . We have lots of talented players but zero what it means to win corrupt cup finals.
  12. 2 points
    Sadly for me, I did the opposite, I was lying on my living room floor shouting ‘YEEEES, BENJAMIIIIIN!!! GET IN!’. Made it hurt more and I should know better, because all season I’ve barely celebrated a goal because of VAR, but it being the last minute in the FA Cup final, I couldn’t control myself. Onside or offside, VAR has ruined football. The offside rule wasn’t put in place to determine if an attacking players shoulder is a millimetre offside, it’s there to stop goal hanging and lazy strikers. Sad really.
  13. 2 points
    We were extremely extremely poor. Tuchel's decision to start Werner and Ziyech together was strange, his reluctance to fix his mistakes at half time was even worse. The players need to take a look at themselves, they didn't know what an FA Cup Final is, and didn't learn what it was until it was too late. The manager's decision making was just as bad as the players today. From start to finish it was such a poor performance, if we do this again that'll be top 4 gone and a runners up medal in the CL too.
  14. 2 points
    Quite agree - I didn’t manage to get to the old Wembley, but have managed several at the new one, and the sense of occasion is a bit … well … flat. 30 years ago, I lived in Acton and remember seeing the team fly in on a chopper from Selsdon Park nr Croydon, then could hear the cheer from my back garden when a goal went in. Magic.
  15. 2 points
    Good post. I feel much the same, though I'm more optimistic and think we will win our 4 remaining matches against teams from some small, obscure towns further up your country :)
  16. 2 points
    Jorginho compounds his error by not chasing back immediately. Waited until Kepa palmed it out. He'd been poor up until that already, losing possession twice in our half. After that he was cowardly with his passing. Shirked the risk/reward forward pass too many times in favour of giving it to a teammate in a similar position. He has too many games like this each season which is why he has his critics.
  17. 2 points
    My inner 10 year old just appeared when I read number 11! 😂😂
  18. 2 points
    An almost miraculous event has occurred , not only have we managed to get into the Champions League final but we are probably the only club in the World that City have any fear of playing. That said , we are likely to get all the big boys play this one , The DeBruynes , Mahrez and Silvas who have yet to play together against us iirc . It will be difficult , it'll be on BT so expect a four hour love in about Pep beforehand and commentary from Noel Gallagher throughout so we're up against it from the start . WE can , however do this , they don't like our speed so I expect the usual collective fouling on Pulisic and Werner so lets hope for a competent ref who hasn't just got a new seaside house . C'mon . let's make this a night to remember !
  19. 2 points
    No. They're rubbish.
  20. 2 points
    I have given reasons to answer "why not" in multiple posts above. A. I dont see him as a generational talent. B. Given "A", I can't see how 30-40% of revenue should be spent on him. C. We are bloated in forwards position. We have Mount, Werner, Kai, Pulisic, Ziyech, CHO, Tammy. Those are 7 very good options. Getting a 150m+ player would mean that he becomes undroppable, hence leading to a lot of squad disharmony. D. I simply dont like it when teams are built around one person. Such a transfer would make it inevitable that our whole squad and play style would revolve around Haaland. E. Dont want to become another PSG where they are hopelessly top heavy. Our mid options are 30 year old Kante, 29 year old jorginho, our defense has the options of 31 year old azpi, 36 year old silva, 28 year old Rudiger. In coming years, we will need 4-5 world class signings to replace them, no point of getting sub-par options in those positions while having 500m worth of forwards.
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  22. 2 points
    Yeah I got carried away. My bad.
  23. 2 points
    To get in our youth team you have to be a bloody good player. Let alone the first team bench
  24. 2 points
    "The only place in London to watch the champions league"
  25. 2 points
    getting to the ball half a second earlier could have been important if he was unsure how close people were to him. His contributions deserve the goal and dont deserve the light mockery here
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  27. 2 points
    Can't we just use the Sarri thread for these neverending boring debates dominated by the same loud voices and arguments each time?
  28. 2 points
    Fook me - A Goal Tubes in the wireless must be on the blink, 2 or 3 minute delay on the commentary. This forum is more Is faster than the wireless today. Keep it up chaps
  29. 2 points
    This. Not a bad miss, but a great save.
  30. 2 points
    6 goals and an assist in 1022 PL minutes. A goal every 170 minutes without taking a penalty, or a goal contribution every 146 minutes Last year, 15 goals and 3 assists in 2221. A goal every 148 minutes without taking a penalty, or a goal contribution every 123 minutes. Both very good records. Dont understand what he has to do to get more game time. Not like anyone else is banging them in
  31. 2 points
    Well, he is in the sense of a old little and large No.10 role (like John Spencer) or a false 9. However, for me he is more of a Pedro type hybrid player where he can play anywhere along the line and is at his best when he has a big striker to play with to do all the donkey work. For me, I am ok with Timo. Is he banging them in like I thought he would? No. Are his misses worrying me? Yes. However, he does do a lot of things right and he keeps plugging away. That to me means a lot as most players going into hiding when they have had such a hard time. If he can just get his barings a bit then he will be fine. However, even if he doesn't, he is still serviceable like he is now. Furthermore, his stats aren't as bad once you put his assists next to his name. In 3190 mins of football he has 11 goals and 12 assists which means direct interaction with a goal every 123 minutes. That isn't bad going for a player new to the league who is struggling a bit.
  32. 2 points
    Hmm negative tactics ? Three at the back ? Hard to watch ? All we need is for TT to sacrifice 4th place trying to win the cups and we can have another lynching and run him out of town ignoring anything good he brought.
  33. 2 points
    Dave at wingback ? Super negative from tuchel honestly shocking decision in my opinion most probably win 3-0 with Dave setting them all up now 😂
  34. 2 points
    Nothing wrong with what Jorginho said, as excited as us fans were to see Lamps come to manage us, many fans had the same point of view. Lamps started off great and made the best out of what he had in his first season, but once he had to make critical decisions as less the underdog but more the silverware chaser he started to get things wrong; most likely because it was just too soon for him in his career to deal with high pressure and critical decisions at vital points in a game, and overall during the season. Experience is often underrated, we were spoilt with a young manager like Jose who even though had won the CL wasn't exactly vastly experienced when he came to us, but someone like AVB showed us what happens most of the time when the step up is too soon, I'm sure if Lamps goes on to manage a few mid-table teams, maybe even a relegation battling teams, he will be successful and find his way back to Chelsea one day. We've seen Gerrard have success similar to what Lamps had at Derby, pretty much all positive situations, the real test is when a manager goes through a difficult patch and probably over 90% of managers fail their first difficult patch; which is why it wouldn't surprise me if Gerrard stays with Rangers and keeps it cushy for a little longer. Lamps was incredibly brave to take the job, but personally as much as it was great to see him back I think if he'd come to us in 2025 we'd possibly have found a manager for the next 5-10+ years. Jorginho just gave his opinion and as a professional his insight should be welcomed, he didn't say Lamps was a bad manager in any way, but more so that he experienced difficult situations too early in his career; I'd say that's bang on. Hopefully we see Lamps back here one day and he leads us to silverware, and goes on to become not just a legend as a footballer and personality at the club, but also a manager. Until then, he has much to learn and hopefully he does it asap and earns another crack at the job.
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    Interesting - credible at least. (looked more like a hundred from what I saw, but a lot were passers by taking photos. Secretly I think everyone wants it. If anyone on this site doesn't it would be me, I hardly watch anything but my club. But clearly a lot of people want to spend 7 nights a week, at home or in the pub, watching high quality football. Oh it certainly will be. Different pockets perhaps. We are talking the same UEFA, aren't we? Not sure anyone really thought about it. It was one of those whims that the media and some fans took too. Like the bizarre rationale to insult the US flag by kneeling which nobody ever thought to explain. Or Brexit. Which was really a complaint about a couple of things (mostly inequality and specifically how there were no decent jobs around for ordinary folk now) - things which no media or politician ever spoke about - which got attached to something that media and politicians did speak about even if it wasn't really relevant. The ESL revolt was about people telling big guys they weren't going to listen to the arguments. 3 guesses as to what sparked that off.
  36. 2 points
    It’s the big one tonight, win at chitty game over 5pts ahead , lose or draw it’s down to the wire. Good luck ladies.
  37. 2 points
    I had the same response it was euphoric , like winning the Champions League again , I jumped up and punched the sky , lol , silly old fart.
  38. 2 points
    This is pretty much me, but a bit younger :-) My father's father started going after he was injured in the Battle of Somme, and started following Chelsea after being discharged from hospital back in London. My father grew up in Oval and started going as a child and bunked off school to watch us play Dynamo Moscow in 1945. When I got into football, my father gave me the choice. Support who you like, but if you follow Chelsea I will take you to games. so in 1991 I got my first season ticket, aged 10, and I haven't relinquished it since. If things continue down this road, with a ESL replacing the PL (they simply cannot operate in parallel long term) that will be it for me. Over 100 years of the family going to SB will be over through the clubs actions. It's all terribly sad.
  39. 2 points
    I've only had a couple of minutes to knock this up but if I get the gig I can improve it;
  40. 2 points
    Whilst we strive to win the Champions League and strive some more to get into the Champions League qualifying positions we can enjoy the distinct possibility that we won't be in either for much longer. Massive , greedy , own goal . Spurs and Arsenal , big six. I am as against this as I would be if Roman decided to burn down the Bridge . If nothing happens it's just given West Ham and Brighton that added extra incentive to beat us when we are so near to our goals this year. The big European sides have always been jealous of the Premier League and this kills it dead whilst making the idiot who runs Juventus more money . Sometimes I truly despair at this club .
  41. 2 points
    Mount is easily our Player of the Season and should probably win the PFA's Young Player of the Year.
  42. 2 points
    I know he was bought as a striker, but TT plays so fluid up front that I don't see Werner as a striker, he's just one of 6 guys up front who create chaos in the opponents, create chances and are absolutely on fire. Who cares who scores, if we win every game 1-0 with a performance like today I couldn't care less if the tealady from the opposition banged in an own goal. cracking performance,
  43. 2 points
    People **** on Werner for not scoring, but his performance today is a prime example of why he continues to get minutes. His pace is an excellent asset and he works tirelessly for the team. Yes, he does mess up the basic things a lot, but as long as he's getting assists, making positive contributions to the press and providing an outlet for outballs from the rest of the team, I'm more than happy for him to continue starting. Feeling strangely confident about our prospects for silverware - a far departure from my sentiments earlier this season. LETS GOO
  44. 2 points
    Problem with RobertoftheGiz is he made his views perfectly clear from day one. Top 4 or Tuchel will be gone. Nothing else matters, not even getting to the FA cup final and the semi final if the Champions league. I dont have the heart to tell him we are absolutely, no doubt about it, 100% going to finish in the top 4 and win at least one of those trophies. UTC!!!!!
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    I don’t think we’re going to get top 4, we’ve been in this position for the last couple of seasons and got away with it and scraped in, but I think we’ve pushed our luck and this is the time we’ll miss out. We shouldn’t be in this position, we should have had it wrapped up, but our players are clearly distracted by the CL final already. I don’t think we’ll beat Leicester on Tuesday, which gifts it to Liverpool, but even if we do win, I’m not convinced we’ll beat Villa on the last day, with the CL final a week later. Our form has dropped off massively and I cannot see where goals are coming from at all, not even a single one. How are we SO bad at finishing? Why are we so happy to pass sideways and backwards rather than looking for a killer pass? I don’t get it!
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  48. 1 point
    NO, NOT THE TIME FOR RESTING OR ROTATIONS, start the strongest team and get in front, we have opened up a gap between us and fifth, Fulham are desperate for 3 points and remember the games coming after this.
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    Yes, that, but that’s not all been because of racism in football. I’m also referring more to the outcry and potential punishments being spoken about for these teams. I haven’t seen a club be threatened to be kicked out of a tournament for racism from fans or players. I'm just suggesting, if we had this much passion for other issues in our game, maybe it would be in a better place right now.