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  1. Can't you guys wait until the end of the season? We ain't gonna know anything until then at the least
  2. Torres scored 33 goals in all competitions in his first season with Liverpool. He never will live up to that season. He still has the tools to be a good player, he just needs to sort his head out. A move to a club that plays to his strengths would do him good
  3. That would be so stupid. It all went tits up when that started happening. The manager has to be involved in the transfers If you want the best manager in football at your club, you have to let him build his own team
  4. He isn't very consistent. I don't know if I would trust him to score or play well in a cup final game. Apart from Arsenal I think he's only scored against the weaker teams. I'm not sure how many games he's had against top teams though. I still think he should move on unless he is happy to be second/third choice and fight for his place, unless he improves by a mile of course.
  5. Why would Jose bother with rafa? Rafa failed with inter after Jose left and is hated by Chelsea fans and not doing so good with us. Sounds like he wants to come back whilst seeing who else in the PL wants him. To say Jose is not coming back with no facts to back it up is stupid. Everyone has their theories but no one can be sure. It's all guess work for now
  6. He is still bit useless. If he put a bit more effort in like he did in second half he would probably be twice as good. He is a much better player when he plays with aggression
  7. Media / Press

    Rio escapes punishment again. Absolute joke
  8. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    United fans have the shortest memory. They still moan that we won the league because we beat them with a Drogba offside goal. Completly forgetting their goal was handball anyway.
  9. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    It's nice that united fans get a reminder of what it's like to not get decisions go their way. Rio is such a mug. Anyway, hoping to see beckham playing in the CL again tonight
  10. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Arsenal are poor! The Munich match should be a laugh if they play like this.
  11. £50 million. Should be getting 30+ a season I still think he should go. Hopefully someone makes an offer