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  1. Chelsea 2 Atletico Madrid 0 (3 - 0 on aggregate)

    Made Atletico look very ordinary over both legs. The solidity TT has brought is very reminiscent of early Abramovich era Chelsea, we are so hard to play against. This team has a very Chelsea feel to it again in that respect. Bodes well! Our squad is ridiculous if we get everyone firing.
  2. Chelsea 2 Atletico Madrid 0 (3 - 0 on aggregate)

    Celebrations from the lads in the stand there!
  3. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    Didn't want to say this mid match because he's scored a few against us recently - Trent has become pants and James well ahead of him for England I reckon
  4. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    Looked like he was scared to play the ball because of VAR
  5. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    Get Pulisic on for the ball over the top, they are going to go for it and push up. Would consider Kovacic too but both CM's playing well
  6. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    Ziyech needs to come off
  7. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    Tank tops required for next seasons kit
  8. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    Mount has been looking on it so far, really improving under Tuchel
  9. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    Late change of ref Pawson replaced by Atkinson........
  10. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    Tuchel said he wasn't in a recent squad so that he could deal with a family issue, so it is likely there is something going on outside of football.
  11. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 0

    Is Havertz injured. I'm quite alarmed that I haven't even registered his absence when the last few squads have been announced, kind of sums up his chelsea career to date.
  12. Barnsley 0 Chelsea 1

    Ziyech and Van de Beek both struggling since their moves from Ajax. I know Frankie de Jong and De Ligt both struggled after their moves too, haven't really followed how they have got on since. Looked like a real lack of effort from Ziyech tonight, all we have seen him do is that inswinger from the right
  13. Barnsley 0 Chelsea 1

    Rudiger looked half tempted to tuck that in the bottom corner
  14. Barnsley 0 Chelsea 1

    Lovely weighted ball from Billy set that up