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  1. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    F*** me, everyone one of those were surely written by a PR person.
  2. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    We are definitely a bit wimpy these days. Since Sarri we have definitely resembled Wenger's Arse in a lot of ways. Lots of lightweight players, who want to play pretty football and put up as much resistance as a wet paper bag when the pressure is on. The 8/11 loss rate in finals is pretty shocking; even if I was kind of aware of it. As for the squad, we really need to bulk it up a bit in regards to its physical size. I was saying the other day, all our CM's are funsized. Why are we virtually the only top side in Europe with no physically imposing CM? Then there is the forward line, which is also lightweight. Ok, Kai and Tammy are 6'2/3, but they're built like bean stalks. Giroud is really the only one built like you would want a No.9 in the PL and he is off as it is in the Summer. There is quite a bit of potential in the squad but we need to sort out how wimpy we are. I reckon if you weighed our first 18 we would have to be in the bottom quarter of the league.
  3. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    Yeah, we need a CF and a CM who is more athletic and can score goals. Not just the forward line we need to be looking at.
  4. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    This is also true. For me, we just need to loan him out now. I cannot be having him as a GK2; especially with Mendy out for 4-6 weeks next year owing to the ACoN.
  5. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    The problem with these type of goals are that the are wonder strikes if they go in or wonder saves if the GK saves them. Problem with Kepa is not just his size (which is a major, major issue) but also his footwork and anticipation. If you look at these goals his is planted until the strike is hit and then only moves. Being his size, he needs to move in anticipation as he isn't getting to clean strikes into the corner because he has t-rex arms. Another bad habit he has, which is completely inexcusable for a top flight GK is his swinging of his arms back behind him before he attempts a save. I think he may have done a bit of work on this as he isn't doing it to such a degree. However, if you look at yesterday he does do it slightly which is again another reason he doesn't get his hand to things and/or he is just behind the ball so it goes through his hand if he gets one to it. In my opinion, Mendy gets a hand to the goal yesterday. However, Jorgi should have done a lot better before it came in.
  6. New Kits

    I hate wearing new kits on final day. Why not just play in that seasons kit.
  7. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1 Those are from just a quick check, the above are from the past two months and he do not include City/Le Arse. Sarri was on record as saying he gets nervous.
  8. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    It is a bit of a reoccurring theme that he gets injured/ill before/during games then seems to be ok within a week.
  9. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    Yeah, but no point in those passes if they all go sideways. There is an analysis of the goal against Arsenal going around by Hoddle where he, fairly rightly, puts the blame on Zouma for passing Jogi into trouble.
  10. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    Problem is all the teams the Dippers are playing are on the beach, relegation is no longer an issue and so is a top half finish. They do have to be favourites imo.
  11. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    Personally, I will cancel my trip if in is an in and out job.
  12. New Kits

    Can Nike just put out one kit that doesn't look like a crack head designed it? Apart from their first year and the Cup one off they did, they've all been awful.
  13. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    No, was going to ask you the same thing.
  14. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    Ever since Conte switched to a back 3 it has been our best formation by a long chalk as it suits the majority of the squad. However, every time we play it people complain that we don't score enough goals, but forget that when we switch to a back 4 we end up defending like the keystone cops. I get why people don't like a 3atb, but at the same time, I prefer to not see us running about without a clue of how to defend when facing a counter attack.
  15. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    I'll just look at our track record of playing a back 4 since 2016.