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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well I value technical ability highly, Lukaku's first touch is woeful and I am never impressed with just looking at goal scoring stats in isolation as context needs to be given. If you do that you can end up with Batsh*t's, Kezman's and Piatek's. Kun may not be the player he was but if we just want a player in the box to finish off chances he is a lot safer of a play as you can relegate him to CF2 after 6-12 months. Lukaku you're committing to him for 4 years+. Additionally, last time Lukaku was seen in the PL where he was told to play with his back to goal he looked very average at best. Whenever I have seen him since there has been no suggestion this has changed (Benavento isn't a good barometer) as he still goes disappearing when the quality of competition steps up. As for my suggestion of SMS, it was just that, a suggestion. I wasn't saying lets go blow £70m+ on him while I also said 'a player like' him so it didn't even have to be him as I would want him at a reduced rate as he may struggle with the leagues pace. Furthermore, I was thinking of him/that type of player as a CM3/4 thus not an automatic first name on the team sheet. The idea was to get a threat from midfield when we control the play as outside of Jorgi's pens we have virtually no goal threat from that area. Additionally, we are also very small in stature and lightweight (particularly when Kante isn't playing.) Just out of interest as you seem like a massive Lukaku fan, with in-depth knowledge of how he has performed in games for Inter. What qualities has he improved since being in Italy? Any examples (bar black and white stats) of stand out games where you can support this?
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Better than signing Lukaku for £110m and on £250k+ a week.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Does anyone know how the club can get hold of an R2D2? If we can get hold of one we can get Jane to record a holographic message to tell Messi he is our only hope against Lukaku.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Laporte has since come and said it is impossible. Said they made a €487m loss last year and expect a €500m loss this coming year.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    FFP never really existed for those that were willing to put it through courts (Man City) it was just a cartel system to keep the big clubs safe. Anyway, it got 'relaxed' so they can do what they want at the moment.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    They are owned by a Trillionaire family, €100m a year to them is peanuts. To put it into context if they are only worth £1tn (it is more but using this for arguments sake) then Messi's yearly cost to them is 0.001% of their wealth. That is equivalent to 50p for someone who earns £50k a year.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah, I think he will, the fecker is 34 and PSG are going for broke this Summer with their transfers. If he came to the PL, he would want Pep as protection. Really can't see us doing this.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Think it is too far gone for Barca, they cannot put out an official announcement like that six weeks after his contract expired if they thought they could get it done. I mean every league starts up next week, he is going to be super expensive with his wages so any club that signs in are going to want him in asap. Additionally, there are a lot of rumours that a significant proportion of Barca's sponsorship income is directly tied to Messi, if true, then no way they announce anything official until they're 100%.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    PSG have got to be his destination, can't see him rocking up at City now.
  11. Media / Press

    Awful news, my condolences to the Ballack family.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Grealish I don't rate at that sort of category either, just because City are doing it doesn't mean we have to. Personally, I was kind of revealing in the insanity of that deal until this nonsense sprung up. Bundesliga is superior to Italy these days if anyone watches the games. The bottom half of Serie A is particularly ropey these days. I'll agree that maybe defensively they're on par but the Bundesliga have quicker players as a general rule. Not forgetting anything, as I say later, if the right quality isn't available then don't buy. Far too many people are writing off the goal scoring abilities of last seasons signings too soon, as leeway needs to be given to players for their first year; especially when it was one that was being held during a pandemic. Going out and spending top dollar on third choice/2nd rate options is the type of thinking that gave us 2017 and Kepa. Massive upgrade is debatable. TT is talking about a CF who can play with his back to goal, when Jose asked him to do that at Utd, that is when the wheels fell off for him. As I said before, he will score against the bottom to mid ranked teams at a fair rate but for the sort of outlay and commitment he requires it doesn't make sense as he has proven time and again that he goes missing in the biggest games. This wasn't just at Utd, but also for Belgium and Inter. If you think Lukaku is a top notch player then I am not sure what else I can say. When someone says that, I expect world class and sadly he isn't.
  13. Chelsea 1 Villarreal 1 (6 - 5 on penalties)

    I missed out by one point on the level they sold out on. When they went to the travel package stage I called the box office and explained I already had flights and hotels booked and (I thought) they hinted to me any unsold ones would go back on sale to ST holders as I was really loath to use the club package. So, I waited and missed out completely as they went back to UEFA instead. If I had known that I would've just paid for the club package and not have taken the return flight and gone to the hotel instead.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    1) For a €130m I would want the player to be capable of being in the discussion of Ballon d'Or 2) The German league is a better league than Serie A these days. 3a) Håland would have struggles adapting to the league like any young player. However, he has the potential to improve/adapt at his age. Additionally he didn't have any problems brushing off Dias when they played City so I am not sure he isn't up for it physically. His biggest problem would be trying to find space. 3b) I have said all along, if we cannot get players if sufficient quality then do not go out and blow silly money on other options. If Håland isn't available (or someone top notch) then roll with what we have as otherwise your asking for trouble. On a side note, if people are using the arguement 'well he'll score more than Werner' and basing this from his first season in English football, then I don't really know what to say as thinking that is worth £100m+ is slightly mind-boggling to me.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Last post on this from me on the Lukaku transfer but I am pretty dismayed by it. Lukaku is not the sort of striker in my opinion that we should be going for as; 1) He isn't technical enough nor does he score at a rate like Messi/CR7/Lewa/Håland which I would expect from a CF that is costing €130m. Furthermore, he also doesn't have the scoring rate of Kane either and Kane has been doing it in the PL the entire time. 2) He notoriously doesn't turn up in big games. I get that currently we struggle to score again even low ranked sides but if you're buying someone for €130m you kind of want him to turn up in big games as well and not disappear. 3) He hasn't actually improved, from what I have seen, in Italy. Instead he is just playing against lower quality teams which he is exploiting. His touch is still the same as you remember it from his previous PL days. This is also reflected in how he hasn't done much for Inter in the CL whilst there. 4) At his price, you're pretty much all in on him for at least three years. Thus, if he goes back to his Utd form we're pretty stuffed (I think this is likely when he has to play PL football.) 5) He is an old 28 year old. He has been playing men's football since he was 16. There are a lot of yards in his legs already. Personally my prediction for him is a 'meh' signing at best (as I do conceded he will likely score against the low ranked sides) or a complete disaster as I really don't see anything from his time in Italy to suggest he has improved significantly. I get his stats are good but this really isn't a great indicator with the state of Serie A these days which I would rank at around Portuguese level football and being Spanish and German football (I probably even slightly edge French football above it.)