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  1. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    No way we’re winning it now.
  2. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Absolute bottle jobs the lot of them.
  3. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    Season is in serious danger of imploding.
  4. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 1

    This will be an exact copy of the Arsenal game now.
  5. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    So angry. These lot are utter trash and yet they’ve done the double over us. Unacceptable.
  6. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 1

    For all the good we’ve seen recently, this has been awful awful stuff.
  7. Yes two big saves early doors! He had a great game.
  8. Hand on my heart I didn’t expect this end to the season! But by god will I take it! Sensational performance tonight (and last week for that matter). You know that we all had that thought that with all those chances we didn’t take was gonna cost us but they soaked up everything Madrid had to offer and still pushed on. Kante-will hold my hands up and thought we should maybe have cashed in but my god what a player he is. Very happy tonight!
  9. European Super League

    WOW. Fair play. We’ll still be hated regardless of this but it was the right decision.
  10. European Super League

    This is getting ridiculous now.
  11. European Super League

    They’ll just set up their own streaming service ala Disney+, go it alone and pull all the revenue from that as well.
  12. European Super League

    I do appreciate the sentiment of those who decide to go but only money will be the reason that any of this stops or not.
  13. European Super League

    Slightly different circumstances but I know where you’re going with it. Listen, good luck to you. I think maybe half my issue with my indifference to all this is that my passion for Chelsea and football has waned over the last year (certainly)/18 months and this is just another thing caught up in all of it. Like I care, but I don’t care because it doesn’t impact my life directly, as much as I love this club. Things will go on regardless.
  14. European Super League

    Will they though? I expect a lot of posturing will be/is being done but to say people would completely wipe their hands of Chelsea? I can’t see it myself.