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  1. Media / Press Apparently, ITV got hold of the footage. I particularly like the high-lighted bit about JT's crime. Front page,again.
  2. Khobar's Legacy

    I hate to say it, but Liverpool are playing some good football lately, but will they continue the trend of dropping points against the lower clubs( which has been their weakness). They still have to play Utd, Arsenal and us though, which I can see being 2 wins and a draw/lose against us. Got a bet with a mate at work that they don't finish in the top 4.
  3. Media / Press

    Guilty or not, the media love a witch hunt without disclosing all the facts and details. Lets hang the guy out to dry and then apologise later, if needs be.
  4. Chelsea 2 Tottenham 0 (Capital Cup Final 2015)

    I've been thinking the same thing too. Zouma for me, because of his size and strength compared to the others.
  5. Media / Press

    And only the Sunday Mirror seems to be running a story with regards to the nasty elbow near the end of that game. Retrospective punishment???
  6. Media / Press

    I particularly like the quip at 9 mins/ish about 'Institutionalized Power' with regards of R Madrid and Barca. The same could also have been said of the Duopoly of Man Utd and Arsenal before Jose came here.
  7. Media / Press

    At least with the 'Red Top' papers, you understand where they are coming from. The Daily Mail, which was once known as Maggies Comic, because of their support for Maggie Thatcher, now seems no better than the rags which can be bought in the states with stories of " I married an Alien" or " I married my dog and we want to have pups."
  8. Media / Press Part of it here from Sunday Supplement.
  9. Media / Press

    Campaign or not, it doesn't excuse the sheer incompetency of the ref's or FA. It makes them no better than FIFA who are self officiating and led by a corrupt idiot. As for Matic's reaction, I would have made the red card worth it by smacking the guy into orbit.
  10. Chelsea 1 Burnley 1

    Gone are the days when Speedie or Doug the Thug would take out a player who had a go at Nevin. As for today, a convincing win would be nice.
  11. Media / Press

    Having been on the receiving end of a possible race hate claim by my neighbour, towards myself and my family, the police, do indeed take things to the top of the pile. My wife was questioned under caution but released without charge as there was no ****ing evidence. As there was none to start with. But the police treat all these cases of Guilty as charged unless you can prove otherwise. 11 bloody years this has been going on but we can't do sweet FA. Do I hate my neighbour because of the colour of her skin,NO. I just think she's a pain in the ar5e. And that's because I treat everyone as an individual. The press however, will tarnish all Chelsea fans as the same mindless morons who drag the club through the mud.
  12. Media / Press

    I imagine that the club feel that they have to be seen to be doing something, because if they don't, then there's every possibility that the media will target the club for not apologising. As is mentioned above, PR.
  13. Media / Press

    Anyone remember this advert from 1986; It's from The Guardian newspaper and very apt after the metro clip. People see what they want to see and interpret the rest without knowing the full facts. Yes, those on the train aren't the type of fans the club needs and I'm not condoning what they sang at all, but as I've said before, a trial by media is not the way to go.
  14. Media / Press

    I do wonder, as a Chelsea fan, just how stupid people can be. Having stood in The Shed since the early ‘80’s, it's clear the club has done a massive amount of work to improve, a tarnished image. Unfortunately, ignorance breeds ignorance. In the Daily Mail, Martin Samuel mentions the ‘Tribalism’ of football, which is clear for all to see. But this isn’t confined to the terraces only. Just switch on the tv and watch the BBC,ITV,BT Sports, Sky or listen to Radio 5 or Talk sport, and you will hear that ‘Tribalism’ from the so called experts/pundits/ex-players. They fuel that hatred to the viewers/listeners. Where is the impartiality? Even the newspapers, who I think are probably worse, allow certain individuals to print stories that all too inflammatory, just to create a response. But if you employ ‘Hacks’ purely for sensationalism, rather than substance, you are creating an atmosphere that is both abusive and divisive. What ever happened to the art of creative writing and linguistic skills? As members of society, we all have a duty to report such incidents to the authorities, but the media needs to take it’s fair share of responsibility too. And it can start by not picking and choosing, who are the victims of football and who are the purveyors of all that is wrong with football. Diving/cheating is not the soul property of one club or player, but the media do have a knack of, shall we say, blatantly ignoring some clubs or players? But maybe Fifa/Uefa/FA ( though I’m not holding my breath with any of them ) need to, for once and for all, to give the officials the power they need to control the game from the pitch. As a rugby player myself, you know where I’m coming from. Respect needs to be given and received on the pitch, not just a hollow attempt. The shaking of hands, banners etc, is all for publicity. They mean nothing and because of this, the players/supporters and the media will continue to inflame this stagnant situation. I hope that Chelsea ban those idiots who are guilty. But a trial by media is not the way to do it.
  15. Media / Press

    Anyone would think that there's an election looming? DM with an not so hidden agenda? As for the QPR piece from The Guardian, absolutely spot on.
  16. Media / Press

    Let the trial by media begin. Every man and his dog with an axe to grind, are having their say. Ban the club,points deducted,blah,blah,blah. Nothing that the club does will be enough for some.
  17. Media / Press

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. As in the film Crash ( 2004 ) you only have to scratch the surface for people to show their true colours. And sadly, ignorance breeds ignorance.
  18. Paris Saint-Germain 1 Chelsea 1

    Criticising Jose' tactics for cup games is one thing, but you can't ignore the fact that he is an habitual winner. And that's the reason why is wanted by so many clubs.
  19. Non Chelsea: Domestic Cup Competitions

    So Van Gaal has only been warned about his comments after the 1st game against Cambridge. Now there's a surprise?
  20. Paris Saint-Germain 1 Chelsea 1

    Attacking is the best form of defence,but not in a 2 legged competition. Jose being Jose, played it solid and tight. But for me, Zouma has to play in the 2nd leg.
  21. Media / Press

    Just when you think that it couldn't get any worse, the media are in a frenzy about this. I hope they are all named and shamed. If the club and police are serious about this, they should use the CCTV that are on the tubes. What a bunch of retards.
  22. Paris Saint-Germain 1 Chelsea 1

    No surprise with our line-up. Need an away goal though, as I can see PSG scoring at our place.
  23. Media / Press

    The DM has a picture of Rooney, who has been sent Crashing to the Floor, in last nights game. But I like this piece of tripe; There was still time for Rooney to score, his penalty coming after Stuckmann dashed from goal to floor him rather recklessly. There were subsequent suggestions of a dive but that was something of a side issue. But on the plus side, take a bow Matt Le Tiss, who called it for what it was on Twitter.
  24. Non Chelsea: Domestic Cup Competitions

    Jeez Louise!!!!!! Rooney, that was a shocking dive, absolutely shocking. If the media don't slay him for that, the same way Costa got it, I'll be livid. The keepers legs weren't even close.
  25. Khobar's Legacy

    The Pope is getting his Lip-Balm ready................