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  1. 1 hour ago, The_Ghost said:

    No but you clearly indicated that Droy wasn’t wrong which then must mean that you think one, or both, of the following is true;

    1. We weren’t linked with Aguero for a lengthy period of time

    2. You think it would have taken a genius to pick Aguero over Torres


    What is it with you? No, it doesn't mean either of your ridiculous contrivances. You're wasting time - yours and mine. Now get over it, and move on, for goodness sake .

  2. 50 minutes ago, The_Ghost said:

    Give over. We were linked, it probably was discussed here at the time, many wanted him badly and it was BEFORE we signed Torres.

    We're always 'linked' in the press though, aren't we? To pretty much anyone who takes the media's fancy for a headline. And those headlines are always played out on these forums, whether they have any substance, or none. To me, the only thing that matters is who we actually sign.


    You’re wrong, accept it. 

    He's not really.

  3. 2 hours ago, Blue_In_Every_Way said:

    If we are going based on the blatantly obvious, then I would say it seems fair to say SFL fell out with Marina, wasn't allowed to clear out certain members of the dressing room and looked to be in a difficult job.

    It's fan fantasy though, isn't it? Nobody here knows if Frank fell out with Marina. Nobody.

    He was sacked, and that's that. 

    2 hours ago, Blue_In_Every_Way said:

    And, by the way, Tuchel's doing great, isn't he?

    Which has nothing to do with Frank. And yes, since you asked, Tuchel isn't doing too bad.

    2 hours ago, Blue_In_Every_Way said:

    and rumours out there that the club actually didn't want him! They went after Ragnick instead. Explains the nice and short contract they gave Tuchel.

    Of course, it doesn't 'explain' anything. Guess what (if you haven't worked this out already), the media don't know anymore than you or I do. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Blue_In_Every_Way said:

    Not sure what is the sense behind tearing CHO apart like that publicly is all about....

    OFFS, he didn't 'tear him apart', he answered an effing question. If he's going to be offended by that, then he needs to grow up. Surely anyone who actually watched the game would understand why CHO was taken off? No? Must be me then....

  5. 1 hour ago, Rob B said:

    TT said post-match that neither were injured and both were tactical.  

    Just back to this for  sec - I don't think that he did say that (about both players). He certainly said it about CHO, but I can't find where he said it about TA. If you have a link, that would be helpful. Cheers.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Rob B said:

    And I think by nowadays standards of Manager/Player relationship, subbing someone 25/30 minutes after you brought them on, when they have been your best player for the last 6 games, when you need a goal is baffling. 

    Except that he looked way off the pace, and pretty disinterested tbh. What he did for 'the last 6 games' is irrelevant if he's not showing it in this one - which is the one we were trying to win (I think). And he wasn't. Yes, we needed a goal, but based on what CHO was giving, it surely didn't look like it was going to come from him.

    2 minutes ago, Rob B said:

    Furthermore, when the replacement is Ziyech, who does as little running as I’ve seen on a football pitch since Ozil, and then to criticise his attitude afterwards is harsh. 

    Ziyech's performance (not for the first time) was awful, but it has zero to do with CHO. And even less to do with what the coach said about CHO post game. 


  7. 11 minutes ago, Rob B said:

    And I wouldn’t have a problem with him hooking CHO in isolation normally, but even a half-arsed Hudson-Odoi is more effective & threatening than Werner or Alonso??

    Not based on what he gave the team in this game. Which was very little. Imo, he looked disinterested.

    11 minutes ago, Rob B said:

     Subbing Tammy and CHO when we needed goals was madness,

    According to what I've read, Tammy was injured and wanted to come off. As for CHO: see above.

    And he certainly didn't 'slate' CHO in the media. He simply answered a direct question, honestly. Shame on him!

  8. 4 minutes ago, chara said:

    I only know what I have read about TT but nothing written about him gives any indication that he would accept a "directive" from the board or anyone regarding his picking of a team.

    This, again! :).

    The  'the board told him to do it' excuse is as old as the hills on here. It's dragged out by people whenever a decision doesn't meet their particular position. 

  9. 1 minute ago, GURJ SS said:

    Since Tuchel has come in some players who weren't seeing many minutes have seen more, some players who were written off by fans are playing better and deserving to start. Kepa could very well be another example of Tuchel giving him a boost and Kepa having a fresh start here at the club under a new manager, I'd rather be hopeful of our £70M+ being put to use than writing him off under a new manager.


  10. 16 minutes ago, Mark Kelly said:

    Rumours that Ziyech wants to leave as he doesn't feel wanted by TT .

    Good .

    Biggest waste of money since Shevchenko.

    Has a lovely touch , lazy .

    Shake his hand and wish him well. Won't be missed.

    A tad harsh on Sheva though :).