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  1. Chelsea 2 Real Madrid 0 (3 - 1 on aggregate)

    Tell you what mate they will not want to play us, their fans were probably hoping to play Real
  2. Chelsea 2 Real Madrid 0 (3 - 1 on aggregate)

    Thought it was nice of Havertz to deliberately hit the bar so Werner could get his goal
  3. Chelsea Women

    What a game, the ladies have got to their first ever CL final by beating Bayern 4-1, amazing achievement for Emma Hayes. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Chelsea 2 Fulham 0

    Good win, but if that shot had not been saved at H/T I would gone gone freaking mad at that corrupt tosser of a ref, as someone already mentioned he was going to blow his whistle and then changed his mind.
  5. Chelsea 2 Fulham 0

    That is the most frustrating part of our performance, our lack of ability to win a tackle.
  6. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    I would have bitten your arm off to come away from this game with a 1-1 result, reading the posts it seems quite the opposite. Our young side has come such a long way in a very short time and I for one cannot believe we are 90 minutes from another CL final. Sure the second leg is not going to be cakewalk but to be in this tie in a CL semi final is a fantastic achievement.
  7. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    My only gripe with this team selection is not including James instead of Azpi, the way Fredericks toasted him in the Spam match makes me worry as someone mentioned Hazard will leave Azpi stuck in treacle.
  8. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    Always loved the Toons
  9. Crystal Palace 1 Chelsea 4

    He is right about South Korea Jane :) That particular individual has done this many times, today was a joke!
  10. Crystal Palace 1 Chelsea 4

    I actually think Spam winning is not too bad for us, it closes the gap on Leicester to 2 points and instead of fighting it out for one CL spot, two CL spots are now in within reach and we still have to play both of them.
  11. Chelsea 2 West Bromwich Albion 5

    It had to happen, this is Chelsea we all know how it goes. Momentum, clean sheets and then the dreaded international break, coupled with the early kick and playing side that needs a miracle. We are indeed the Santa Claus of struggling clubs. Shrug it off and start again, always the Chelsea way.
  12. Chelsea Women

    Should have said over 2 legs,
  13. Chelsea Women

    Absolutely brilliant performance for the women, first time they have beaten Wolfsburg as well.
  14. Chelsea 2 Atletico Madrid 0 (3 - 0 on aggregate)

    For the first time in a very long time I feel we have a team that will not be bullied or pushed around, love it!!!!!