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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    No problem with Drogba as third choice. No problem with Bamford as third choice. No problem with either or both of them playing depending on circumstance. ... It's that little gap between number 1 and number 2.5 striker that I want a more solid, coherent choice for.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Pretty much. The backup striker spot is pretty much up for 'easy' grabs right now at Chelsea. At least in theory. In practice it may be that in Mourinho's head it's more like: 1. Costa 2. Drogba/Torres 3. A huge number of miscallaneous midfield/wing/support striker players such as Schurrle/Hazard/Fabregas who might make a half-baked striker on a rough day, but are 'proven' overall contributors to a top team. 4. 'Unproven' players like Bamford. Remember, we didn't win anything last season - I don't think Mourinho is going to be too lenient on unproven until we get a trophy or two - he isn't the type to go two years without a trophy (which I'm glad for!)
  3. That description reminds me of a certain ivorian sitting on the bench.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    If we're going to pay him, he might as well do something. If Mourinho didn't rate him AT ALL we'd loan him at a cut-wage I imagine to save a few bucks. Besides, aside from being an atrocious finisher - I mean seriously downright terrible, what the hell happened there?!? - he is still a middle-to-upper tier overall football player. I suspect that him not having been loaned out somewhere for his last year (a la Sheva), or plain frozen out a la Malouda, and instead still being used in favor of some younger players fans are desperate to see being given a go, has a lot to do with his ability as a footballer compared to them, and less to do with luck or wages bias than people cry out. It's just it's so easy to not notice his easily-substitute-level ability to fit into the team's overall play on when he does something outrageously bad up front once every few weeks. Still, he really does need to hang up those strikers boots and find another hobby at this point.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Probably for a reason. I am not convinced Lukaku is superior to Torres. He might be a better goal-scorer with more potential than Torres, but working with that requires that he be prepared to compete for his place. Torres, in fact, most likely fits the style of this Chelsea squad in a far better way than Lukaku would.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Torres isn't actually that bad a player, even now, all round. It's strange to say - considering how disappointing it is to watch him - but his overall skillset is most probably still top-tier-ish. It's more that he's not a reliable goal-scorer, which is important for a striker, and that he seems to have gotten into a cycle of 'trying too hard to impress and making bad decisions on the pitch'. He is, in my opinion, an overall far better player than Lukaku (at the moment) for example - though Lukaku is a better scorer of goals, and might still improve notably. His mentality is third-choice-level though, which is exactly where I'd have him. The problem is I'm not sure I'd have Drogba as second choice. Which means we have a bit of a gap between Costa and his backups and that is the problem.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Probably a few clauses in there too. Anyway, not too bothered.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    To be honest, that is the only reason I am dissapointed - his HG status. Other than that: 1. Does he fit the game we play, and/or compliment the forwards? I'm not convinced he does - I'm not sure Jose is either. 2. Does he have the mentality to fight for a spot with Costa, or settle for second fiddle for one year? Doesn't seem like it. 3. Am I very, very sure we can get a better player than him at good financial return if we really wanted? Yes, emphatically and easily yes. The unhappiness primarily comes in seeing another fairly exciting youth product go unused, but really it's not such a bad loss.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well, that was pretty much what I thought would happen with Lukaku. Like I said, the only thing that effectively changed between last year and this year was that his competition increased in competence. Costa > Eto'o Drogba > Ba Torres missing with his chest and the ball moving > Torres missing with his feet with no goalkeeper There was no basis for him making a new, different decision except sentimentality, a sudden massive rise of confidence or the club giving him ridiculous assurances. Wasn't likely to happen.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Perhaps. But then isn't this pretty much the same situation as last year? Eto'o - the presumed first choice-ish striker Mourinho brought in. Torres - The equal-first, second choice-ish striker we can't get rid of. Ba - The third choice striker who may be preferred to Torres on occasion but is not around to play very often. Lukaku - The young striker that is either seen as better than Torres (second choice) and unwilling to play that role, or seen worse than Torres and unwilling to be third choice. And in either case chose to go. Now we have: Costa - the presumed first choice striker Mourinho brought in. Torres - the rotation option with the first choice striker, who's there to play games the first choice isn't able (admittedly less often because Costa is younger than Eto'o, but likely still a fair bit with a heavy schedule) Drogba - the second/third choice striker who, even if seen as better than Torres, is probably not there to play very often. Lukaku - The young striker that is either seen as better than Torres (second choice) and unwilling to play that role, or seen worse than Torres and unwilling to be third choice and, in either case (if he has the same decision making as last year) will be gone. The point is, if things stay the way they are, I wouldn't be surprised if you saw roughhhhhly a similar distribution of appearances (including Lukaku going), with the slight improvement of a better - more consistently starting - first choice. If Lukaku stays that would change this, of course, but that would require him to make a different decision he has made every year so far. I would be the first to celebrate if he did. I mean last year Lukaku likely saw Eto'o, Torres and Ba in front of him and was very aware that Eto'o was old, Torres was crap, and Ba was unreliable - and yet he lacked the confidence he could break through. This year he faces a superior competition of Costa, Torres and Drogba - all of whom, bar Torres, are better/more formidable names than last year. Let's hope he has the confidence and determination to make a different decision but I am not expecting it.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'd take Lukaku as second choice in a second. He's ours, he's got his Drogba back, and frankly I don't see him breaking the team on the odd days Costa cannot play. And if he really IS so terrible we have drogs waiting to pick up the pieces until Lukaku gets back on his feet. He's as much a risk as anyone, but the up side is much bigger than the downside. Tis all.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    To be fair, he hasn't been sitting on the bench and collecting his paycheck. He's been playing quite a lot. The fact that he hasn't been playing up to standard is a different issue. If the club failed to get anyone who could consistently play instead of him week in, week out, that's either the club's fault or he isn't 'as bad to the team as everyone cries out'. Granted, I do think it's a little bit more of the 'club's fault' as they could have probably found someone better. What I find myself debating is whether the fact that he isn't top tier make him 'not good enough for anywhere near this level'. I just find it so, so hard to believe that a man who was a pretty decent forward and has not been convincingly replaced as 'sorta-kinda-first/second-choice' and still is picked for the Spanish national team, is 'not good enough' for any place in good team's squad. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not Torres apologist. He needs to go simply because he has begun to break even the most supportive fan with his insanely inconsistent performances and, quite simply, we - and likely his teammates, have lost the faith. But is he notably worse than Ba - who some people were quite willing to keep around as third choice? Is he notably worse, day in and day out, than 36 year old Drogba? I'm not convinced he is. There is something wrong with him, but just cannot seem to convince myself come to the conclusion that he has become a second-tier spanish league player like some suggest. But, I guess, in the end the question isn't a hypothetical like my curiosity made it. The question is, in practice, should we keep him around if we get even the tiniest, near-profitless chance to rid of him? I like the man, to some extent, but the answer is unequivocally no. Edit: Just watched some Galatasaray highlights. I don't care if it is youtube, or a poor league, I will never say Drogba at any age is comparable to Torres again. Forgive me, forum.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Just curious. If Torres suddenly agreed to drop all his wages and clauses tomorrow, in exchange for being a guaranteed second choice when Costa wasn't needed/wanted, who here'd take the deal?