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  1. Fulham 1 - 3 Chelsea

    so difficult to know what's next for this season: a Liverpool-ManCity race for the title? or a race that includes Chelsea SCORING goals and playing with some fluidity regardless of what the opposition does. CL is just a burden CFC don't need at this moment.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Has Josh been eating real food and gaining mass lately? Talented player. Rodgers probably keeping an eye on him.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    There's no telling how good Fredy will be in the Premier League but the price is good for an all-around center midfielder who is a starter for Colombia, has proven skill and athleticism, etc. Zero complaints from me and I've watched Fredy for more than a few matches for Colombia, Inter, and Porto. Seems to me Fredy needs a new manager; no attitude problems with Fredy IMO. Chelsea still need a Matic even if they finalise this transfer.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    something to be happy about. I already liked Fredy Guarin, so if this is finalized before January begins, it's a nice start to January. Need one more CM after this one.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    When they get some good center midfielders in the 1st team and a RB, begin playing quick and accurate with passing and movement there will be something positive to say.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    good post. I agree on the overall message you have here in that summertime alone will not be time enough for Chelsea to plug all the holes. As soon as last summer's window closed, I was looking forward to ManUtd and Chelsea falling out of the top 4. Chelsea are already behind in the goal building a balanced squad--have been since Makelele and even more since Ballack departed. Sell Luiz and bring two solid center midfielders, give Bertrand playtime, Azpi to RB. Torres still needs to leave, but IDK when that will happen. deBruyne can be loaned... but the question is: will Chelsea get their S**T SORTED OUT by the time Kevin and/or Lukaku come back? The Blues continue their reputation as laughing stock of the rich clubs under Mourinho? tick-tock.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Any of the players you (both) have mentioned are worthy squad players IMO, although I can't say about Mulumbu yet (haven't watched him much). I think you're on the right track for January because none of the players in top European squads nor World Cup squads will come to Chelsea in January. Three years (since Ballack) waiting for a couple of quality centre midfielders to join Chelsea and it could all fall off the tracks if Ramires gets injured. Question is, how many quality center midfielders can Chelsea get in two windows (January and summer)? Also, it's a World Cup year--when many players become over-valued. CFC are behind schedule unless some CM reserve players also come into the 1st team. I see Mikel and Lampard leaving soon. Ramires is the only experienced center midfielder, Oscar an alternate, Essien??, and van Ginkel.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't see Chelsea getting one of those star center midfielders in January. What does any promise of playing time in a World Cup year from Chelsea Football Club mean to a player who is already a starter in another European squad? Seems Frank Lampard gets a start forever even though he is incapable of playing is an all-around center midfielder. Maybe Roy could do Chelsea a favour and tell Frank he's not going to Brazil(?). I don't know what the politics are behind the scenes, but it stinks. Even Witsel should not hastily transfer to Chelsea from Zenit. If Roy takes Frank to Brazil and plays him against a quick, aggressive side the guy will get eaten alive. It's much less-intense in the Premier League every week. Don't understand why he's out there, starting--as I'm sure some here have been repeating. If you told me today that January would bring a player like Pogba along with Rakitic, Mata leaves and Lampard is not longer a starter (except in cup matches maybe), I would take that deal in a second. Afterward, the only question is about Ivanovic starting at RB.
  9. Non Chelsea: International Football

    If I ever had any children (which, I probably won't due to injury and deformity), I would prefer having a laboratory in my house or backyard AND live within 12 city blocks of athletic facilities, esp. a proper football pitch. For all of my family and friends, but especially to encourage my children to take an active interest in exploring & doing things. Most children that live without abusive family members, with encouraging parents who take control are only missing some opportunities to use a variety of tools, learn more about the natural world, technology, or sport/athletics due to lack of money or local infrastructure & education. It helps greatly for children and teens to have a place to do something, some tools, a means to acquire skills. A lot of people don't have this in their community and many parents have very few skills to impart.
  10. Non Chelsea: International Football

    Belgium and France is worth mentioning in the context of your topic, but... The French have something historic and cultural that the English do not. The German national team is still comprised of only about 20% call-ups who are offspring of immigrants The Spanish have maybe a few immigrants, and the Italians... maybe 3 out the recent call-ups. If you want to compare Germany and England, do it as Arsene Wenger has done: compare the total number of participants in youth football and club football. This stems from culture in Germany (the family unit) and government/local investment in football. Culture, diet, infrastructure, coaching... I think Continental Europe may always have an advantage unless someone can unify LEAD the English both from the management level and from the bureaucratic level (government and English FA). NOT IMPOSSIBLE, but requires something that has not yet emerged. I hear a lot of talk about bureaucratic vision of England's footballing future and sport/athletics in general, but what do you do about the CULTURE and the quality of coaching and guided training? And the culture at home? These seemingly intractable problems sound familiar to me and, for the record, I will readily acknowledge at any moment that the USA too often looks hopeless across large swathes of its population. From a historic perspective, I think I know where this comes from and a lot of it stems from collectivism vs. individualism, religion, education quality, geography, and perhaps monoculture/monolingualism. The solution for the USA and England is, IMO, that a dramatic shift in values, ideology and overall culture must occur during the 21st century. At present, a large percentage both countries are still too nostaligic, chauvinistic and influenced by history and success--or the spoils of the past. There is hope though; hope in change.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    where is the "club-bashing?" something about ineptitude, slow attacks, and zero pentration? if that qualifies as "club-bashing," I might be someone you want to ignore.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hi again. I've been on another forum but not as active nor interested in talking up possible center midfielder targets. Funny enough, someone else mentioned Morgan Schneiderlin the other day, in the other forum. Everyone is fixated on Axel Witsel. I've no problem with that idea. Probably would be nice to get a solid, top European centre midfielder (who will be costly) and maybe one underrated player similar to Diame (there you go, I mentioned him again). I can't say I'm hung-up on one particular player to acquire; would just be nice to see Chelsea get two healthy, athletic, skilled center midfielders who can battle against any club's lineup--Diame just happens to still be that kind of player. Giannelli Imbula looks pretty good, but he's apparently more expensive and clearly less-experienced at the top level compared to someone like Diame. whatever the case, I think Chelsea NEED 2 players who are experienced already at the top level, not guys who need to grow into the the Premier League over 3 seasons; already got one of those last summer: vanGinkel. As for the fullback... IDK, Luke Shaw is fine. Wallace will be good enough to contend for time when he comes back. I suppose the choices may be something like this: 1. to give Luiz a backup/alternate starter role at RB (and not give Ivanovic time there), buy Shaw for now. then decide what to do with Cole/Bertrand. 2. sell luiz and buy the best RB chelsea can get, buy Shaw later (I don't know who the best RB target is) 3. Start Azpi, Kalas as backup, let Bertrand, Cole alternate more regularly on the left, wait and see what can be done by summer 2014 or until Wallace can come. perhaps sell Luiz in order to fund transfer of a better CB or those two centre midfielders. __ I suppose I've made a reasonable argument to avoid spending money on a fullback here, so maybe two centre midfielders and splash the cash for that next Chelsea striker (eyes glaze-over). good luck on the striker; just get some good centre midfielders FFS. In any scenario, my assumption is that Chelsea do NOT want to spend more time with Lampard in CM, nor Ivanovic at RB. I know that people have been criticizing Ashley Cole lately, but I'm not sure if Cole has had undisclosed injury problems and both he and Ramires have been babysitting Lampard, so I will reserve judgment on Cole for a later date. Unlike some other Chelsea fans, I don't regard Luiz nor Mata as untouchable for transfers out. if they can get more money in for our needs, let them go. Willian is more the kind of small playermaker that I like personally; Mata is dispossessed too easily and that will never change.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    sign TWO centre midfielders and one RB or LB. Luiz can play fullback (backup), or be sold; forget him as CM. Omeruo and Kalas can be backup defenders for now. centre mid and fullback are the ones needed badly right now. Chelsea can run through 5 more overpriced centre forwards and still get low production from them because if the team doesn't have people who can pass and move quickly from centre mid and the fullback positions, Chelsea will perpetually be a lethargic, inept team with zero penetration.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Chelsea "not set up to play with a prolific goalscorer?" only there to pull defenders out of position? don't whip balls into the box? guess that makes things a little simpler for the opposition. so, I'm guessing we should continue to see Chelsea play slow football in 2nd gear and none of the strikers will get 20 goals. No plan B, no change of tempo on attacks? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  15. Transfer Talk Topic agreed.