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About Me

Supporter since the late 60s and been a CPO since the late 90s. Favourite players are probably predictable - Hutch, Nevin, Zola, SFL, Azpi.

I am now retired. Formerly, I worked as a software developer on ultra-low latency software. I did this from leaving college for nearly forty years :-( In my field, I am quite well known, but it is a mercifully small field.

My main out of work interest apart from Chelsea is music. Its what my first degree was in. In my spare time, I play classical guitar and write music. I have done about 7 albums but just for my family and friends. I also listen to other peoples stuff. I have very eclectic tastes. Yes - Budgie - Alison Moyet - Dire Straits - Arcana - Debussy - Zimmer - Ane Brun - Leonard Cohen - Flesh Quartet - Nina Simone - Vaughan Williams. I listen to neo-classical, jazz, prog and heavy rock, punk, metal, new wave, new romantics, ska, classical, EBM and ambient and love them all.

I am very interested in history particularly late medieval (1100-1500-ish). I have been writing a book on the history of the area I live in off-and-on for some years. Its mostly based on primary material such as maps, court rolls, company minutes and so is fantastically time-consuming. I am currently (2020) doing the fourth year of a history degree and have become increasingly interested in classics and political history.  I am writing my dissertation on Dependence and Independence in the Ancient Greek Polis.

I like films but not so much TV. My favourite films include classics like Bladerunner, Hardware but also enjoyed Whip it, Spy Game, Possession, Avatar, Unstoppable. I have a "library" of about 4-500 DVDs and growing.

In recent times, I have become more interested in the visual arts. My partner is an artist. Some would say I have very traditional tastes. My favourite painters are Waterhouse, Leighton and the painters in the PRB but I also like impressionists, Degas, Munch, medieval illuminated manuscripts, Claude and Turner, da Vinci drawings. I prefer Hepworth to Moore. Rodin is, as they say, "slammin'".

Read a lot of books - mainly detective fiction esp. Scandinavian (Larson, Mankell) and non-fiction mainly history.

Cooking. I make bread every Sunday. There's nothing like the smell of baking on a lazy Sunday morning with another Chelsea win the day before.